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Ten slutty anal whores are going to burn up your screen with some of the filthiest, raunchiest anal escapades ever witnessed. Read More

Studio: Mayhem

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Ten slutty anal whores are going to burn up your screen with some of the filthiest, raunchiest anal escapades ever witnessed. Watch all the bunghole banging, cock sucking, ass stretching gapes up close and personal as our cameras get right into this perverted ass party as these anal fuck bitches lap up load after load of hot sticky cum and then spit it into the waiting mouths of their sick little girlfriends. You'll love every twisted minute of it!

DVD Features:
  • Shot In HD
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Digital Stereo Sound
  • Pop Shots
  • Sex Talk
  • Photo Gallery
  • Direct Scene and Action Access
  • Trailers
  • Playable Worldwide

Runtime (Stream, Download): 130 minutes

Studio: Mayhem

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Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
Not Impressed - December 6, 2012
Reviewed By: Mr Mysterio

The video quality of this HD download is good, but the production value is sub-par in my opinion. The camera was just way too close to the action, the way a teenager would film it. Don't see enough of the girls to appreciate their hotness. For the most part its just a cock ramming a pussy. The Cum Swapping was quick and boring. Recommend Sperm Swapper series over this.

Not great, but really good - December 23, 2009
Reviewed By: mofo123

Cum Swapping Anal Whores

Scene 1
Brunette fids blonde friend. Both young and very cute. Blonde starts things off with very nice strip-tease, removing black hoody to expose very sumptuous body. Not an ounce of fat, perfectly small and perky tits and a very nicely shaved pussy. Dude and brunette watch the show. Brunette is first to join in the action by tasting the clitoral delights on display. These girls were clearly going to have a good time. As the dude steps in, the brunette's tongue on blonde pussy is a highlight. The blonde repositions herself to take a cock as the pussy-licking continues. The fucking soon begins, with the dude spitting on the blonde's asshole, dripping down to her pussy. The brunette directs his large cock into the blonde pussy while the girls kiss and fondle each other. Good stuff. More fucking as the brunette willingly takes it in the ass doggy style in a reverse cowboy while the girls eye each other. The blonde takes the cock to taste the ass juice, then quickly returns it for a close-up view of ass-fucking, followed up by perfect SPLAF. MONEY. By the time we get to Phoenix (and the cumshot), we have a cock moving from brunette pussy to blonde mouth for a full load that is very quickly shared mouth-to-mouth. Quadruple transition provides intimate PCSK, up close and personal.

Scene 2
Some sort of smoke-filled dreamy two girl and bean chair scene. Odd. But these girls are all pro -- one blonde and one brunette who seemed to be intent on tasing some cum. It's unlikely they will be disappointed. Both are a "bit" on the chubby side, but only by porn standards. If you ran into either in the grocery store, there would be no complaints. A brief of period of self gratification followed by a joining of forces for the sucking of the cock. Fine if uninspired fucking scenes (reverse cowgirl by brunette is worth seeing) Followed by reverse cowgirl ass fucking the blonde with close interest paid by her blonde friend. I don't think this is anyone's first rodeo... Next is doggy style ass fuck on blonde with the occaisonal tasting by her buddy. The climactic cumshot rips into the blonde mouth in multiple ropes, shared immediately with lots of tongue and kissing. Double and tripe-back with same. Great ending with both having plenty to swallow.

Scene 3
Two smoking hot brunettes and random dude. Neither girl can be over 21. One wears fishnet stocking, the other some sort of knee socks featuring the suits in a deck of cards. No fat is detected. They attack the scene's dude immediately. Sucking and fucking follow. Nobody is ever on their own in this threesome. Lot of girls kissing and fucking at the same time. And sucking. These girls are not strangers... By the time the ass fucking starts, one girl is rubbing the pussy of the other while her ass get jammed. The cumshot takes the dick from an asshole being fucked doggy style to a mouth waiting to taste ass-tasting cum. Multiple shared ropes, shared between two beautiful girls who are into each other. Finish with multiple transitions followed by nice PCSK.

Scene 4
Dude on couch drinking beer opens scene. Yawner. Quick transition to two brunettes doing something. Story line is easily ignored, but there seems to be some sort of deadbeat roommate issue in the air. This roommate's breasts more than offset any other transgressions. The other two parties agree. Shared blow job starts things off well. Standard fucking follows. Then the ass-fucking, complete with pussy-rubbing, makes an appearance. Both girls are wahy into things. SPLAF. Girl getting assful is clearly enjoying the play. Lots of pussy rubbing by brunette #2. Pussy full of fingers and ass full of cock. More SPLAF. We likey a lot. Not a dry cunt in the house. Pussy rubbing, slapping, fingering, and licking while ass gets reamed. Scene ends with double-barreled blow job, then pussy fucking (with pussy lick in background), then pussy-to-mouth cumshot with post-cumshot sucking and cum transfer. Wonderful multiple cum transfer with lots of licking and kissing.

Scene 5
Blonde, hot. Second blonde, hot. Not world-class, but plenty good enough. Some sort of argument about who fucked in someone else's bed. Classic. Somehow they see beyond their differences and make up. Always give a lesbian a second chance. Double-pussy lick, greatly appreciated by the recipient. Pretty standard fucking comes next, highlighted by pussy-rubbing on reverse cowgirl. Rhythm change by cowgirl signifies something beyond bad acting. As does ensuing ass-fucking Girlfriend's hands on pussy while ass fucked evokes too much squirming and squeaing to be fake. Doggy-style ass fucking is a thing of beauty. Cumshot winds up on a plastic plate, not my favorite wrap-up. But both girls lick the plate clean, share the booty, and finish up with lots of kissing and swapping.

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