In this world of endless sorrow and sadistic sex acts will she make it out of this place alive or will she be just another junkie with a pipe dream? Read More

Studio: Vivid Alt.

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Director Kimberly Kane brings to the screen a dark story of addiction, hope, degradation and ambition –- the story of a young Nashville songwriter trapped in a world of drugs and prostitution but reaching for the stars. Audrey Hollander shines as a troubled young girl trying to escape a vicious cycle of sorrow and sadistic sex. Can she escape, or will she be just another broken dreamer? Find out in Morphine, also starring Ashley Blue, Faith Leon, Jada Fire, April Flores, Smoking Mary Jane and Kimberly Kane herself.

DVD Features:
  • "The Sugar Shack Confessional" Featurette
  • Audio Commentary
  • Photo Gallery
  • Trailers

Runtime (Stream, Download): 117 minutes

Studio: Vivid Alt.

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Professional Reviews
- May 30, 2008
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It's hard to know where to start with Morphine, although not because of any uncertainty about the quality. Morphine isn't far short of porn genius -- beautifully shot, gorgeously edited, with a great cast and great music; everything in it is as good as it could be. There are some things -- very few -- that are not in it that could have made it better. Getting them out of the way right now: a slightly more cohesive narrative and a little better sense of who the characters are. In every other respect, though, Morphine is a brilliant piece of work; if you look at it as not so much a story as a snapshot of a story. The mood and atmosphere are vivid and hyperreal, with music, editing, lighting and everything else coming together to make a movie that is edgy enough to be credibly "alt" but still sexy enough to be good porn....

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