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It's a full throttle joyride through the American wasteland. Read More

Studio: Vivid

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King Cobra is loud, fast and brutal – the hardest of the hardcore, an apocalyptic epic with equal parts Road Warrior and alt porn extravaganza. Lanny Barbie stars as the leader of a ruthless gang of biker bitches out to visit utter corruption on the deliciously innocent Cream Puff. King Cobra is nonstop sex, rough fucking, orgies and the outlaws on the outer limits of the great American dream – the American wet dream, that is! A nightmarish vision of lust and depravity populated by the hottest girls in the world – Page Morgan, Sasha Grey, Jade Starr, Roxy DeVille, Chapel Waste, Lela Star, and Shannon Kelly do everything you would expect from the roughest, toughest, horniest and most dangerous bunch of bitches you’ve ever seen!

It's a full throttle joyride through the American wasteland, where the bikers are bad and the biker bitches are badder! King Cobra barrels along at breakneck speed with ultra sexy Lanny Barby as the leader of the girlgang who corrupts the not so innocent blonde creampuff (played by the outrageous Page Morgan). This movie will excite you with extra large doses of rough sex, spitting, slapping, swearing, mud, sand, booze, fire breathing, and an authentic biker orgy. King Cobra is about the nomads of the outer limits, and dirty girls on clean machines who are hungry for the taste of sex, and burning rubber!

DVD Features:
  • Shot in HD
  • Photo Gallery
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Bonus Scenes including Six Vivid-Alt Bonus Scenes
  • Chapter Search
  • Positions Room
  • Previews

Runtime (Stream, Download): 54 minutes

Studio: Vivid

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Professional Reviews
- August 7, 2008
Reviewed By:

I'm going to confess right up front that I have no idea what King Cobra is about, and I have little interest in finding out. With as many hot punky girls naked and fucking onscreen, especially the Tank-Girlesque and dangerous-looking Chapel Waste, I really don't need a storyline, which is probably for the best. Vivid directors often take what you might call a laissez-faire attitude toward plot and story, and JACKtheZIPPER is a sort of the poster boy for this movement, but at least he does it on purpose, rather than just a lack talent. At the very beginning of the movie, Page Morgan narrates thus: "Hi,my name is Cream Puff -- at least that's what they call me, anyways. This is the story of how I ran away, lost my virginity, lost my virginity again, ran away again, got kidnapped by bikers and turned into a rowdy biker bitch," and quite frankly I am willing to take her word for it; if she says that's what it's about, that's good enough for me....

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