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The legendary John Holmes stars as a frustrated pool cleaner. Read More

Studio: Gourmet

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The legendary John Holmes stars as a frustrated pool cleaner, who one dreary afternoon stumbles across a luscious nymphette lounging by her pool, desperately craving his services. Her sexual appetite is non-stop, and after her French maid joins in, the three discover what an afternoon delight is really about. Inside, the action is equally steamy as the buxom DDD-cup doll Lisa DeLeeuw graciously greets her lover and his buddy, who are ready to mercilessly ravage her. The scorching sexations continue as all the players move their erotic interludes into the pool, creating a spectacular water orgy. Many more surprises await you as Jennifer West and her friends star in a truly delightful appetizer of erotic energy!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 59 minutes

Studio: Gourmet


Also Starring:

Jennifer West 

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