Young Harlots - In Detention

Watch as filthy troublesome schoolgirls get taught the hard way by their horny teachers. Read More

Studio: Harmony Films

Series: Young Harlots

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Haven’t you always wanted to have absolute control over a passel of young harlots in detention? Us too. It’s probably never going to happen, though, so the next best thing is going to have to do – join renowned director Gazzman as he shows you exactly what the young sluts of your imagination are getting up to in the schoolroom. The girls of St. Virginia’s school for feckless whores are up for anything – fingering exercises n music class, oral – and anal – exams and late-night cram sessions in the teachers’ lounge – among many, many other things. Watch as filthy troublesome schoolgirls get taught the hard way by their horny teachers. These filthy girls suck and fuck to make the A grades, taking hard anal education and deep throated detention!

DVD Features:
  • Outtakes
  • Photo Gallery
  • Cumshot Recap
  • Charley Chase Casting

Runtime (Stream, Download): 143 minutes

Studio: Harmony Films

Series: Young Harlots

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
great uniforms - November 29, 2011
Reviewed By: R2D2

Excellent sex. Lovely outfits and the girls are delightful. A couple of favourites for me in this and the MMMMF scene is brilliant. Lots of varied sex in this it won't dissappoint.

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

Harmonys Young Harlots in Detention features the sexy Regina Ice, Daisy Marie and Jasmine. All the girls want cock and dont care if its anal or DP or a MMMMF 5some with some juicy facials. Daisy Marie seemed to really like her scene because she got fucked by a man with an impressive cock although she didnt do anal she was tied up at one point and squealed with delight at the attention she got. Nice. Most of the scenes are the same though with little variation but the gorgeous girls make up for that apart from one girl which shall remain nameless - she and the scene just didnt do anything for me. The extras consist of trailers, some outtakes like the dangers of balancing while fucking on furniture and a feature solo from Charlie Chase. The real annoyance though is with a relatively new system called Pagview which forces the viewer to call a number or text to release the one scene locked on the disc. Theres no way Im paying another �3 on top of the purchase price just for one scene. I read online that the company responsible hopes it will generate cash everytime the DVD is accessed, I only hope it backfires for them and the scheme is cancelled worldwide. Generally though the DVD was good. I even found one of the teachers plumby English accents to be midly amusing.

- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

This is a high quality addition to the great Young Harlots series with a host of absolutely filthy stunners getting ploughed from every angle in a gorgeous stately home location. Every scene has a hypnotic intensity that draws you in, helped by some dreamy music that doesn't grate in any way. The lovely Regina is first to get a drilling from her music teacher who feels her up while she plays the piano. Pretty soon she is fish hooking his knob and taking his length all the way up her ass reverse cow and doggy style before she takes a load in her mouth and licks up the remains from the piano keys. A pigtailed Brianna Love also takes a deep anal fucking from the French teacher and farts out a whole lot of lube while still looking sexy as hell. 4 teachers in the common room decide to call upon a gorgeous brunette student so they can give her a good gangbanging and the petit brunette shows remarkable skills and stamina. Gorgeous Daisy takes on 2 guys who give her a mild caning and a good fucking, while Jasmine and Annette form a particularly filthy black and white partnership to team up on Tony De Sergio. The finisher is pure hardcore gold as a delectable brunette strips and then shaves her pussy while taking a bath: she leaves the door open and 3 teachers decide that's an open invitation and head in to get some blowjob action which the cute babe duly gives with gusto. Perfection.

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