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Studio: Marc Dorcel

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Let's rev up the engines! Whilst holidaying in Ibiza, a haven for sex adventures, four young girls decide to have one hell of a fun time with as many motorcycle riders as possible. Once the boys get off their metal buddies and on to some more beautiful creatures, they make them roar and soon enough, it's screams of pleasure all around the island! The girls' lips and the guys' enormous cocks become one, the boys' tongues excite the clitorises and adventurous fingers sink into welcoming pussies. Numerous and varied penetrations, heavenly sodomy that all climaxes in violent orgasms.

Studio: Marc Dorcel

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Customer Reviews
- December 30, 2010
Reviewed By: Customer Review

There is a new name to look out for in the form of director Francois Regis. The gallic lensman has crafted a truly excellent, gorgeous and supremely erotic adult film in Road Movix. The story follows an incredibly attactive quartet of females on holiday in Ibiza and looking to let their hair down. While motoring along in their convertible, the local studs follow them on their dirt bikes, pulling wheelies and generally showing off. When one of the guys ends up with knickers in his face, that is all the encouragement they need and later on in the evening they meet the babes at the bar. The brunette babe does a slow dance on the bar and seduces one of the guys before leading him to a storeroom for some fucking. Shy Sharka Blue gets pulled and wants the lights off but the guy turns them back on. Sharka plays the shy role brilliantly, slowly opening up to the guy. The rest of this film follows the exploits of the ladies and the bikers as they fuck by the cliffs, the pool and at their villa. What sets this apart from similar type titles is the touches of surreal humour and technically excellent direction; there is also of course the small matter of having genuinely filthy yet still gorgeous eurobabes to star in your film. Believe me, by the end of this you'll be gagging for holiday romance. This kind of porn would appeal to virtually anyone.

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