Cheerleaders (Innocent High)

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Studio: Innocent High

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Meet the cheerleaders of Innocent High! These girls will give you something to cheer about!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 146 minutes

Studio: Innocent High

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Customer Reviews
One, two screw you; three, four fuck more. - November 16, 2012
Reviewed By: Ursa Major

Innocent High gives us flouncing, pouting cheerleaders, who variously exhibit a curious take on gratitude, lack of confidence, inability to spell, a sub 2.0 grade line and an unconvincing inability to date jocks to a bunch of more or less sculpted teachers whose mission appears to be to keep their students happy, come what may. Grades get quite a few mentions, although the odd director’s voice over comment and traffic noise (!) score low marks. Five girls over two and half hours; good value overall, but a slightly disappointing final act.

Alexa Lynn gives slurpy, chatty head, although has a tendency to talk with her mouth full. Gentle chastisement follows with a long ruler, although it doesn’t do much to temper her shrill stream of wise cracks, which get really distracting when they start to unpack her baggage about black cock and the teacher’s wife. Slightly manic. Pretty bum and pert little tits though. 3★

Bailey Lane loses her improbably large glasses and all her inhibitions at approximately the same moment, to give head from her desk; every sucking sound effect is captured and the move to the teacher’s desk gives her tongue more opportunity to play. His then does a good job on her clit and she comes sweetly. Some good shots of her engorged clit getting pounded and arousing tit wobble to go with it. 5★

Petite Christina Moure’s approach to problem solving for life turns on educating her rather bovine coach on the valid spelling of the concept “dikk”. He catches on quick and she explores polysyllabic ingenuity in meeting life’s challenges over the next twenty-five minutes. Cute cappuccino nipples get a lot of attention and she’s nicely tight. There’s no doubt her spelling comes on and writing on the board in mid thrust is no mean skill. 4★

Jasmine Jolie has to use her considerable talents to persuade her teacher that she should be allowed to stay on the team. A “moment alone” with the pom-poms leads to the invention of a new, tit-jiggling cheer. From here it’s a few short steps to some spectacular gagging and this is the main focus of a lot that follows, although there’s a neat, shared wanking cameo before we reach the final act. JJ is pretty hot and it’s good to see him set her up to come with his tongue, which she finally does noisily enough to explain precisely why she needs to be on that team. 5★

Tatiana Stone is a bit heavy for my taste. 1★

For my money, Jasmine Jolie is the star of the show; it’s worth it for that sequence alone.

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