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Two sadistic young blonde Mistresses spend some quality time breaking slave Marco down. Read More

Studio: Lakeview Entertainment

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Two sadistic young blonde Mistresses spend some quality time breaking slave Marco down. First, he is trampled under their high heels while fastened on his back. They take turns kicking him in the balls and face sitting him until he is covered with heel marks and beaten. Miss Lydia fucks him with a strap-on and Mistress Missy sticks a giant dildo in and they whack him with paddles through the ordeal. Next he is fucked with a giant strap-on wielded by Miss Lydia as Mistress Missy dances on top of him. Finally, he is made to jerk off while hung and eats his load from the bottoms of their high heeled shoes.

Mistress Missy joins Miss Lydia in stomping the shit out marco who is bound to the floor on the cross. They have a contest to see who can carve the clearest initials into his skin with their spiked heels as he screams bloody murder beneath. Lots of trample and face sitting plus some good ball busting as he suffers greatly through the whole clip.

The big submissive tried to move away from the stomping but Mistress Missy face sit him. Miss Lydia, being extremely sadistic, took advantage and trampled him hard. He kissed and worshiped the perfect size 6 feet that had done the damage and then they had him turned over the swing and were beating his ass with wooden paddles and leather belts. Miss Lydia had a huge flesh colored strap-on swinging obscenely between Her legs. He was made to suck the cock as Mistress Missy paddled his ass red.

The slave deep throated Miss Lydia’s cock as Mistress Missy spanked him hard with the wooden paddle. Now Miss Lydia stepped in and fucked him from behind as Her partner held his legs between Her perfect thighs and spanked his ass. The big cock fucked him for some time as Miss Lydia, standing tall in Her high heels, leaned in and rotated Her hips. Mistress Missy went behind the now loose slave and jammed a monster black dildo into his well fucked hole as Miss Lydia made him suck his ass juices off Her strap-on.

The slave’s ass was filled with the gigantic black dildo Mistress Missy was using on him. Miss Lydia climbed up on his back and enjoyed the view as Her beautiful partner smiled and enjoyed reaming his hole. This was the biggest cock She had fucked a slave with and She was clearly very excited. She fucked him hard and he orgasmed from the monster cock. Miss Lydia moved behind and resumed fucking him with Her strap-on, now clean from his tongue. She banged him harder and harder and then pulled out as Mistress Missy spanked his ass with the wooden paddle.

The slave had been fucked with a huge strap-on and an even bigger black dildo now he was on his back legs hanging in the chains as Miss Lydia began to fuck his ass with the biggest strap-on in the dungeon. Mistress Missy sat on his face and then stepped up to stand over him. Her little feet danced on his face and then his cock as Miss Lydia buried the monster cock in his hole. His ass gaped around the gigantic baseball bat sized strap-on but Miss Lydia did not stop as Mistress Missy rubbed Her nylon covered size five and a half feet all over him. Finally they had enough and next scene starts as he is strung up by his feet and they are commanding him to jerk off onto his face.

The well fucked and trampled slave was hanging upside down with Miss Lydia and Mistress Missy coaxing him to jerk his load off into his face for their amusement. They abused him verbally and noticed he was fingering his asshole. Miss Lydia said She would help and jammed a three ball dildo down his ass like a plunger. He jerked his cock for them as his ass was drilled out and then ejaculated down on himself. The Ladies moved to his side and he spent quite a bit of time cleaning his load from the bottom of their high heeled shoes.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 57 minutes

Studio: Lakeview Entertainment


Directed By:

Steve Lake 

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Customer Reviews
Marco Gets His Piles Driven! - October 17, 2016
Reviewed By: Hrdblkmstr

Pile Drivers is a very hot femdom strap-on movie from Lakeview Entertainment. It stars two hot young women, Lydia and Missy, and Marco the recipient of the pile to be driven, a serious ass beating that leaves him purple with bruises and a ton of verbal abuse. The movie opens up with Marco laying on his back, strapped spreadeagle to a cross. With Marco locked in place, the ladies proceed to trample him with their 6� stiletto heels. Yeah, it hurts and Marco let�s us know it hurts as he screams and moans throughout the torture. After a bit, one of the ladies removes her shoes and forces Marco to inhale her scent before she body walks him in her stocking clad feet. The other domme continues to stomp and kick Marco�s cock and balls. Pain and pleasure? She then starts to stomp her initials into his belly while the other domme face sits him and busts his pierced nipples. The full force stomping and kicking continues to the end of the first segment. After a quick break, they insert a hole gag into Marco�s mouth so they can use him as a spittoon. He�s lucky, they could be pissing in his mouth! Cut to Marco strapped over a chair with the taller of the two babes strapped and ready to attack his ass. But first she warms him up with a light strapping that progresses to a heavy flogging and paddling. The paddling continues as Slave Marco is forced to suck the dildo that will be going up his ass. Of note, they beat his ass throughout the movie, raising purple marks all over his ass. The tall domme dons a pair of black rubber gloves and wraps a red rubber on the dildo before taking the plunge. Marco takes that fucker with little fanfare. She alternates between plunge fucking and flat out ramming Marco. Either way, he�s taking that cock balls deep! Marco gets a small break as the ladies switch ends so he can clean the rubber cock while getting his ass spanked. Then it�s back to the ass plowing. With a new rubber in place, Marco gets his ass reopened and fucked hard. The ladies know he needs a bigger cock up his ass so they breakout a monster black dong and run it up his booty while cleans his assjuices off the rubber cock fresh from his hole. It takes two hands to wield that heavy monster so she wedges it against her pelvis to gain leverage. Boy does that help her get it in deep and Marco feels every thrust! When she uncorks that black monster you can see from the lubeline how much Marco had up his ass. Wow! Then it�s back to the not much smaller white dildo. Marco is in cockwhore heaven as he gets fucked hard and deep before she uncorks it so they can beat his ass some more. Then they bring out the mulatto man breaker and line it up on Marco�s ripe hole. It proves to be �a cock too far� and he begs for her to take it out. They feed him some spit and toes to take his mind off that monster about to go up his ass! She fuck him hard and painfully deep to the point of him jumping off the cock it hurts so much. His break is short lived as she goes right back up his aching hole while the other domme alternates feeding him her toes and panty clad cunt. Once they are sure his ass has been thoroughly beaten and broken open by cock, Marco is hung by his feet where he will be forced to give himself a cum facial! But nothing comes easy with these two mean bitches as continue to spit and stomp him as he tries to cum in his own mouth. Realizing he needs more anal penetration, they produce a fat set of anal beads on a stick and jam them up his ass and fuck it like a clogged toilet! Needing it rough because his ass is loose, Marco begs for her to jam it in deeper. That does the trick and Marco finally blows his load all over his face and chest. The ladies force feed him his nut using the bottom of their shoes.

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