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Though it would seem that the young heiress has everything one could desire, Sandra finds herself sexually unfulfilled and troubled by dark and ominous dreams. Read More

Studio: VCX

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Scene 1

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Keywords:  MasturbationClassicsNatural BreastsSmall Tits 

Scene 2

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Stars:  Serena  Marilyn Chambers  Keywords:  BrunetteClassicsNatural BreastsOutdoorsSmall TitsLesbian 

Scene 3

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Stars:  Marilyn Chambers  David Morris  Keywords:  BlowjobBrunetteClassicsOutdoors  Pop Shot:  Mouth 

Scene 4

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Keywords:  BrunetteClassicsNatural BreastsSmall Tits  Pop Shot:  FacialMouth 

Scene 5

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Stars:  Jessie St. James  John Leslie  Keywords:  BlondeClassicsBig Ass  Pop Shot:  Mouth 

Scene 6

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Stars:  Jessie St. James  Marilyn Chambers  John Holmes  Keywords:  Big DickBrunetteClassicsBig Ass  Pop Shot:  Stomach 


Marilyn Chambers, the undisputed queen of 1970s erotic cinema, gives the performance of her life in the classic Insatiable. Here she plays Sandra Chase, a beautiful model who inherits a fortune after her parents are killed in an accident. Though it would seem that the young heiress has everything one could desire, Sandra finds herself sexually unfulfilled and troubled by dark and ominous dreams. Sandra accepts the lead role in a motion picture in the hopes of changing the direction of her life. What she encounters, however, are a series of torrid sexual encounters that lead her into a world of unbridled, breath-taking passion. An actress of unparalleled eroticism, Marilyn Chambers is truly insatiable in this late offering from porn's golden age.

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Runtime (Stream, Download): 77 minutes

Studio: VCX

Reviews & Ratings

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Customer Reviews
A Decent Classic - December 16, 2016
Reviewed By: StaGun

This is a decent classic that's a bit overrated. It's got some good sex in it, mainly the last two scenes. Some good anal & DP (still taboo back then). Easter Egg: At 4:30 in, pay attention to the Ivory Soap box in the closet. That's actually Marylin Chamber's face on the box. She was the face of Ivory Soap till they found out how dirty she really was!

A classic for the ages - April 16, 2016
Reviewed By: customer review

This movie is a good example of the golden era of porno when production values used to be on a similar level of Hollywood B movies. It is refreshing to see that there used to be a plot or story, with settings as good as any mainstream flick, with matching ambient music, and performers as gorgeous as Chambers who one would have sworn was a legit movie star who could act, sing, and voila, do all the bed scenes as well as the modern sluts of the 21 century! I was blown away by her blow jobs and the facials she took with gusto in this 70s production. What a lady, what a bombshell of a lady capable of melting any man, or woman in our day.

Professional Reviews
- January 10, 2007
Reviewed By:

'Insatiable' is a classic film, a gem from the days when porn was shot on film and shown in theaters. Budgets weren't on par with Hollywood films, but certainly more generous than are found in many of today's “shot-in-an-afternoon” features. This is a movie with sex, not just a sex movie. Shot on two continents, 'Insatiable' is an object lesson in how porn used to be, and what it could aspire to....

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