Eat My Muffin

Bailey Bae's step-mom Tanya Tate is taking a day to bake some delicious blueberry muffins. Read More

Studio: Girlsway

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Bailey Bae's step-mom Tanya Tate is taking a day to bake some delicious blueberry muffins. Bailey's best friend Scarlett Red arrived early, after Bailey's bus was running late. Tanya's nurturing accent, and loving nature make Scarlett swoon with comfort. That is, until Tanya asks about Bailey and the boy she's been seeing. Scarlett blurts out the one thing that Tanya has always dreaded! Bailey couldn't make a boy cum!

Tanya, being the supportive mother she has always been, finds a way to help the girls out. She demonstrates the easiest way to get Bailey's friend off, by modelling a hot blowjob with her soft fingers. Scarlett is a bit embarrassed, but plays along, and soon we see Tanya teaching the innocent friend how to have an amazing orgasm with another woman!

Tanya's expert technique translates easily for Scarlett, and given the chance, Scarlett performs an amazing first attempt at licking Tanya's sweet pussy! Scarlett and Tanya both have some stunning orgasms they never thought were possible. Unfortunately Bailey's bus showed up not long after... What will Tanya do to smooth all this over? Plus more stories that are sure to excite you!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 154 minutes

Studio: Girlsway

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Customer Reviews
Tanya Tate - May 12, 2018
Reviewed By: TheHamster

Movies with Tanya Tate are always simply good!
She is one of the best milf actresses in the business.

Hot Stuff 2. - October 2, 2015
Reviewed By: supporter

This Title is also (like the first one) very hot stuff.
Especially scene 1,2 and 4. Cherrie De Ville in the role of stepmother is the best,- for my taste.

Excellent! - September 22, 2015
Reviewed By: Mac21C

The hottest movie I've watched this year! Keep up the good work!

Wow, would like to eat those Muffins - July 30, 2015
Reviewed By: DocHolliday

Some of the hottest MILFs in business, and Lucky enough 3 scenes with Tanya Tate, - she's gorgeous and that sexy accent!!!
Eat My Muffin should be in Your Collection!

Hot MILF's - July 11, 2015
Reviewed By: mikesam

Two of the hottest MILF's in the business,Cherie Deville and Tanya Tate, plus drop dead gorgeous young girls. Excellently shot as well.

Tanya Tate - June 27, 2015
Reviewed By: DocHolliday

I'm a great fan of Tanya Tate, and her accent? simply perfect since it gives a certain touch to the vids.
3 of 5 scenes with Tanya Tate in this vid is quite good, although a hole vid with this lady would be a true Winner.
The vid is very recomendably.

intense session of lesbian love - June 19, 2015
Reviewed By: max6357

Tanya Tate with her girlfriends and students always is going strong.

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