Perverted Stories #25

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Warning: extremely hardcore 120 minutes. Read More

Studio: JM Productions


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Warning: extremely hardcore 120 minutes. Gaping asshole inside!

Lady Can You Spare a Ride? - They are the nameless people who are blight on our urban society. You see them holding signs at freeway entrances. But they need love too. Watch in terror as Kelsey receives the ride of her life.

Pumpin' Stumpy - This is the tear-jerking story of one woman's strength and courage. Zarina had lost both her arms and legs in a terrible auto accident, but not her lust for sex. We call this poignant story Pumping Stumpy.

Animal Treatment - It was criminal the Dave's neighbor treated his dog. It was downright cruel. But when Dave went to yell at his neighbor he was shocked to discover this was no normal dog. This bitch was different. Nothing like giving the dog a bone.

It Came From The Deep - The young woman was warned not to walk near the jungle lagoon alone at night. It was very dangerous. But could anyone have expected the terrible lust of the strange nocturnal creature that would rise from the depths and perform unspeakable sins upon our innocent victim?

Runtime (Stream, Download): 88 minutes

Studio: JM Productions



Also Starring:

Aspen Brock  Kelsey Heart 

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