Sister Katherine Chapters 7-13

Katherine has found her place in the Order as one of the many spiritual wives to the priesthood. Read More

Studio: Missionarygirlz

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Katherine has found her place in the Order as one of the many spiritual wives to the priesthood. She obeys them in all things and is committed to serving at the will of her husband. But her duty is not just to serve. She must also act as an instrument of the Order and meet routinely with the men of authority to receive their seed. For as long as she's fertile, his mission is not complete!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 111 minutes

Studio: Missionarygirlz

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Customer Reviews
Seeing the seed - July 18, 2018
Reviewed By: phrawgspon

Here's a famous fantasy well furnished: Young, willing female acolytes are heated by a dedication to mate and to open their passages gladly to male elders of a cult. The girls are eager for each other's smooth, firm flesh and for penetration by their masters - all this during serious, ritualistic couplings that fit the notion.
There are imaginative variations (the row of fixed dildoes that females straddle as punishment is especially uplifting) on this theme. The first-rate lighting and camerawork, enhancing the worshipful ambience, are striking, as are the high production values.
However, conflicting climactic demands are at work. Declamatory written captions make much of the girls being led towards "insemination" by "the Seed-Bearer" (the gray-haired main stud). Well, seed-sprayer more like. This is a porn vid that has to make a buck so its money shots are in plain view - pull out, shoot the spunk on the honey's tush and along her back. Nobody gets knocked-up that way. Insemin-ain't.

Hot - April 28, 2018
Reviewed By: Fatstaxx


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