The Psychiatrist

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Studio: Pure Taboo

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A twisted tale of the mind. Sheila (Jill Kassidy) has been charged with attempted homicide. When Dr. Powell (Tommy Pistol) asks her questions, she doesn’t respond. She just sits, staring blankly at the wall. When he reminds her why she’s actually there, she gasps in horror. He informs her that she’s looking at some hard time as she’s most probably going to be tried as an adult. What they have to figure out together is if her actions were voluntary or involuntary. When he asks her if she knows the difference, she nods. His diagnosis could get her out of this entirely and when she realizes that he wants to fuck her, she complies with his advances.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 119 minutes

Studio: Pure Taboo

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Customer Reviews
The psychiatrist - August 6, 2018
Reviewed By: Purchaser 100

Magnificent release and so was mine! I hope Pure Taboo makes a sequel for the first scene for sure.

Double feature from manipulative dark side. - May 11, 2018
Reviewed By: Dolo head

The psychiatrist has been chosen to analyze a young girl who was successfully manipulated by her father. The girl is manipulated by the shrink to cooperate. This is plot based coercive sex at its best.

Don't talk to strangers is the 2nd feature. The young girl is duped into sexual slavery by a couple. This is plot based with the girl ravaged repeatedly by the pair. The girl complies to survive. Great sex.

It is not often that pornography has full written plots as these 2 movies have.

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