Lady Boss

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Studio: Girlsway

Series: Lady Boss

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Penny Pax lied to her lesbian boss Vanessa Veracruz. She told her that she’s married to her straight roommate Darcie Dolce so they can both get insurance. When Vanessa shows up to their place unannounced and asks for a tour of the house, she finds it curious that there's no  wedding pictures to be found and no wedding rings on the girls’ hands. When she senses  something is amiss, she calls them out on their lies. When the girls have to prove that they’re lesbians, they certainly live up to the task. Adriana Chechik prepares for her job interview. When she arrives there, Penny Pax and Georgia Jones hammer her with questions. She survives the interview only to find out that there's a corporate orientation on the weekend. When she shows up, she finds Penny and Georgia oiling up their naked bodies. They spot her and invite her in, explaining that they’re a hands-on company and like to try the new products on themselves. When they invite her to take off her clothes, Adriana will do anything to ensure her position at her new job, and with co-workers this hot, no one can really blame her. When April O'Neil shows up to work dressed provocatively, it’s up to her boss, Jenna Sativa, to point out the necessary outfit corrections to her employee. When it’s clear April isn’t getting the message, Jenna questions if she’s dressing like that because she’s seeking her attention. When Jenna tests out her theory and seduces her, she gets the response she expected all along.

Runtime (Stream, Download): 129 minutes

Studio: Girlsway

Series: Lady Boss

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Customer Reviews
It’s the Boss! - April 27, 2018
Reviewed By: Sappho

Another quality release from Girlsway. This one has a great threesome in the open scene. Darcy Dolce, Vanessa Veracruz with the beautiful red head Penny Pax. That scene is the best of the film. Nothing better than watching these three bury themselves in each other�s crotch. Adriana Chechik is another fun lesbian to watch. The cast is outstanding in this film. The HD quality is also very good, as are the camera angles. Great looking ladies, who like eating pussy, as well as ass, filmed in beautiful high definition from all the best angles is what this film gives you. What else do you need? It�s definitely the boss. Can�t wait for volume 2.

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