Trans Pool Party

Gender X is proud to bring you Trans Pool Party, directed by Jim Powers! Read More

Studio: Gender X

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Gender X is proud to bring you Trans Pool Party, directed by Jim Powers! Come and experience a whole new poolside experience.

DVD Features:
  • Shot In 4K

Runtime (Stream, Download): 94 minutes

Studio: Gender X

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Customer Reviews
love it. - September 7, 2018
Reviewed By: redrod

Natalle is quickly becoming a favorite of mine

What You See is What You Get - August 4, 2018
Reviewed By: Dgchrisj

I so loved this film! Video quality is great. The first half hour sets up the orgy with a lot of talking with some sex mixed in. But the last hour is a pure fuckfest. A lot of partner switching in and around the pool. For the most part, all the performers are close together so there are multiple bangings that you can bounce back and forth between. Casey is hot but Natalie truly is a TGoddess! I wish she was featured more as she is my new favorite star!!!! She is truly the T girl next store. True, she doesn't have big tits, but that is a nice change and they match her slender frame. Love the freckles on her back as she gets pounded from behind. Her cock, though not huge is very proportionate to her body size and oh so suckable. I will be adding to my small Natalie collection. Great cast and great sex, get this and enjoy!

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