Who's The Boss (Girlsway)

Georgia Jones tarts her new job at Allen Enterprises. Read More

Studio: Girlsway

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Georgia Jones starts her new job at Allen Enterprises. She's working for top executive Sinn Sage, and she is married to the company's owner. Jenna Sativa and Samantha Hayes are in beding. When Jenna's alarm goes off, she panics realizing how late she is for work. When she gets to work, her boss, Shyla Jennings, yells at her. Jenna apologizes but Shyla tells her that this is the last time she's going to tolerate any of this nonsense. Aaliyah Love has been planning for weeks for a company retreat, the time has come for her big day, but soon after a dreaded call ends, Kissa shows up early for the retreat, giving them plenty of time to take an intense lesbian fuck before everyone shows up. The last thing they expect is for Chanell heart to show up. A Girlsway Film.

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Runtime (Stream, Download): 142 minutes

Studio: Girlsway

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Customer Reviews
a must see - November 4, 2018
Reviewed By: fredeast

great movie hot girls and a story to go with it.

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