The Flight Attendants

Tomorrow Cassie is starting her career as a stewardess. Read More

Studio: Marc Dorcel

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Tomorrow Cassie is starting her career as a stewardess. A little nervous, she tries to unwind by spending the night in a bar with her friend Nikky, who is also a stewardess. But her encounter with a very handsome man goes on until morning… When she opens her eyes, Cassie is already late! She just about makes it to the plane on time, but must deal with reproaches from Mariska, the head stewardess: not the best way to make a good first impression… Even worse, she discovers that the commanding pilot is none other than the stranger she spent the night with!!!!! After recovering from these first blows, Cassie discovers a sex-crazed world, where the depravity of stewardesses is not just a myth…

Runtime (Stream, Download): 123 minutes

Studio: Marc Dorcel

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Customer Reviews
The flight attendants - December 12, 2018
Reviewed By: Voyeur

Nikky has the best scene.

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