Joey Silvera's Please #5 - Fireworks! " Sex...A Thru Z "

This time out, Joey sez, "Let's get a little kinky!" Joey says, "Let's call it 'Fireworks' because Read More

Studio: Evil Angel

Series: Joey Silvera's PLEASE

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This time out, Joey sez, "Let's get a little kinky!" Joey says, "Let's call it 'Fireworks' because if we call it 'Wetworks' some of our uptight distributors will start running for cover." And do the sparks ever fly when Sami whips out a surprise for her boy toy-- a strap-on sure turns the tables, and... Ouch! So that's what it's like! Joey's really pushing the envelope in this new installment of Please! Fans of huge natural tits won't be disappointed-- there's two young Lovlies here who could FEED THE WORLD! And as usual you get the great instinctively erotic Silvera camera work and editing, absolutely showering the young ladies with Grrl Worship.
An early scene with the stunning [Tera Patrick], Michaela discovering watersports, stacked Sonja s anal vacation, strap-on action with [Sami Moon] this vid covers the full gamut of Joey s unique approach to pornography. One of the greatest of this award-winning series.

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    Running Time:140 Minutes
  • Runtime (Stream, Download): 140 minutes

    Studio: Evil Angel

    Series: Joey Silvera's PLEASE


    Also Starring:

    Sami Moon  Sammi Moon  Sonja Smith 

    Directed By:

    Joey Silvera 

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      Professional Reviews
      - September 5, 2002
      Reviewed By:

      Joey Silvera is Evil Angel’s resident nutjob. His movies are more than slightly off center and always entertaining. That isn’t to say that he relies entirely on the oddball factor to make his movies successful. He shoots great sex and knows that his audience is still looking for stuff to get off to. For this volume of Please, he has some cute looking girls who will probably give us great scenes. No matter how good these women are, they can’t unseat the main reason to watch this disc. Joey got his mitts on Tera Patrick before she signed a contract and went for slow motions sex scenes. (And before she lost a lot of weight and still looked incredibly curvy.) Watching her early scenes is always fun and having Joey put her through her paces is bound to induce plenty of well-fired loads. ...

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