Naked Truth

“She Likes It Rough”: Hardcore Hardons
By: Val Williams - 08/18/2017
She Likes It Rough is a movie that is self explanitory. Girls get fucked. Hard. Because they like it rough.
“The Three of Us 8”: Two Chicks, One Dick and a Compelling Narrative
By: Val Williams - 08/17/2017
Porn Pros knows what you want – more hot girls, and just enough dick to allow you to see those hot girls getting fucked, but not so much dick that there’s a lot of dick in your way, blocking your view of the hot girls.
“The Italian Tutor” The Language of Lesbian Lust
By: Val Williams - 08/14/2017
I don’t know if “The Italian Tutor” is about an Italian person who tutors or a person who gives Italian lessons, but from what I know of Girlsway productions, it’s not going to be that important.
“Aiden Starr’s My Bisexual Boyfriend”: It’s About Time
By: Val Williams - 08/10/2017
Slowly and carefully, Aiden Starr is doing for bisexuality what Joey Silvera did for transsexuals and strapons - shepherding an underground and sometimes threatening concept into the mainstream.
“I Caught My Daughter Fucking My Boyfriend 3”: You Have to Be Vigilant All the Time
By: Val Williams - 08/10/2017
It shouldn't be hard to guess what happens in "I Caught My Daughter Fucking My Boyfriend 3", but then porn isn't really supposed to be about mystery or nuance.
“Curves for Days 2” It’s Come to This
By: Val Williams - 08/03/2017
Curvy, in this instance, means lots of ass, thighs, tits and soem belly, and if you appreciate a beautiful girl for those parts of her, there’s plenty to appreciate here.
“Indirect Relations”: One Step Farther
By: Val Williams - 08/01/2017
“Family Roleplay” porn, or fauxcest, as we call it to avoid using its real and much more actionable name, is in the boom state right now, with a couple of studios like Girlsway leading the charge.
Recommended for Me: They’ll Probably Work for You Too
By: Val Williams - 08/01/2017
Regardless, it never fails to entertain, and if you haven't checked your own list lately, you should, because you might find some cool stuff. Like, for instance:
“Manuel Ferrara’s Special Dark 2”: More Please
By: Val Williams - 08/01/2017
Manuel Ferrara’s “Special Dark 2” is a welcome addition to the slim set of scenes featuring Manel banging black chicks.
“Video Chat Revenge”: I’ve Been Skyping Wrong All this Time
By: Val Williams - 07/26/2017
Pretty Dirty has been coming up some new interesting plotlines, the latest of which is Video Chat Revenge. Only half of it is about Video Chat Revenge. There’s also some stepcest and some just good old-fashioned fucking.