Naked Truth

“Family Discount”: Slippery Steps
By: Val Williams - 04/16/2019
Family can be difficult - especially when you find them getting ready to give you a very intimate fantasy massage when you cash in your gift certificate!
Babysitter in Trouble: “Busting the Babysitter #3”
By: Val Williams - 04/16/2019
Even the best babysitter needs watching - and if you can install hidden cameras to catche them stealing, watching porn, or masturbating, so much the better!
“Interracial Threesomes 7”: Black & Black & White
By: val williams - 04/05/2019
Interracial threesomes with the tiniest, whitest girls stuffed with the biggest, blackest cocks - Blacked brings you the finest of black & white threeways!
Happy Birthday to Who? To Porn Stars, That's Who
By: Val Williams - 04/04/2019
You love them, you fap to them, you want to be their best friends: the best way to start getting to know them is to say Happy Birthday!
Christiana Cinn: Cinnful and Sweet
By: Val Williams - 04/03/2019
If you missed our blockbuster interview with Christiana Cinn, don't worry - we did too! But fortunately, we have a LOT of her movies, so you can still see the girl herself.
I Want to Climb on the Transsexual Monkey Bars: “TS Playground #28”
By: Val Williams - 04/03/2019
Imagine a Transsexual Playground, where t-girls with gorgeous tits, beautiful faces, and hard cocks run, play, suck and fuck. Go there in your mind...or watch it here!
Nancy – Playful Sinner: She Knows What She Likes (Hint: It’s Fucking)
By: Val Williams - 04/01/2019
We don't know a lot about Nancy, but when a cute blonde likes fucking this much, what else do you need to know? The Playful Sinner is ready to ride!
Massage for You, Ma’am: Action in the “Booty Parlor” | Naked Truth on Gamelink
By: Val WIlliams - 03/26/2019
A good professional massage can make you relaxed and dreamy for days - but a good unprofessional one can make you beg for more!
Squirt if You Love Me: “He Made My Wife Squirt #3” | Naked Truth on Gamelink
By: Val Williams - 03/26/2019
A wife who can squirt is a thing of beaurty and a joy forever, but you have to get the right man for the job if you want that squirt to really flow!
“MILF Tames Brat 3”: Wisdom of the Ages | Naked Truth on Gamelink
By: Val Williams - 03/26/2019
When a MILF gets a yearning for some young pussy, there's nothing like a sassy little brat to satisfy the hunger - watch as older women take what they want!