Naked Truth

"The Daughter Deal": Commodities Trading in the Family Roleplay Market
By: Val Williams - 02/19/2019
Every daughter, everywhere in the world is the same, and every dad has secret desires that only come out in the most extreme of circumstances!
Sister Brings the Family Heat: "Sis Loves Me #3"
By: Val Williams - 02/19/2019
Every brother loves his sister, and every sister has something her brother wants. It's just a matter of figuring out the right way to get into her panties!
Porn's Executive Privilege: Fapping Material for Our Worst Presidents
By: Val Williams - 02/15/2019
Porn is everywhere - so why shouldn't our Chief Executives watch it? So let's speculate about what kind of porn our terrible presidents would have watched!
Ten Great Winners from the 2019 AVN Awards (Plus Another One!)
By: Val Williams - 02/13/2019
Yes! It's that time of year again, when porn's best and the brightest gather in Las Vegas to celebrate everything that's great - or new, or filthy, or shiny - about the world of adult film.
"Trans School Girls 2": Sex Education with a Little Something Extra
By: Val Williams - 02/13/2019
Trans girls need education just as much any other, so it's good that there's a special school and dedicated teachers - to give them the lessons they need.
"Lipstick Lesbians": Messy...but Soooo Cute
By: Val Williams - 02/08/2019
Lipstick lesbians love nothing more than testing lipstick to destruction - how much pussy-licking does it take to get that lipstick all worn off.
Anal "Russian Hackers": A Backdoor into the System
By: Val WIlliams - 02/05/2019
Anal loving Russian hackers are at odds - double agents, double-crosses, and double blowjobs abound as hot girls fight to bring down a big-dicked criminal!
"Sister Stories": Sisters Are Doin' It for Themselves (and Each Other)
By: Val WIlliams - 01/28/2019
Got a sister who needs a good fucking? Best of luck - the chances are she's got a sister of her own who's taking care of that for her!
"Forbidden Family Affairs 11": So That's How This Happens
By: Val Williams - 01/22/2019
Family play is so wrong, but so right! Check out these four scenes in which brothers and sisters can't keep their hands off each other!
"Screw the Cops": Thank You for Your Servicing, Mister Police Man
By: Val Williams - 01/22/2019
When the cops are out on the streets, sometimes they're serving the community, and sometimes they're servicing them! Check out these hot cop scenes!