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“Interracial Threesomes 4”: As Good as Ever
By: Val Williams - 06/16/2017
You always know what you're going to get from a Blacked movie - huge cocks, tiny blonde girls struggling to envelop them, and lots of great interracial fucking.
Bad Girls in the House: Five Awesome Babysitter Movies
By: Val Williams - 06/15/2017
OMG the babysitter! Seriously, you have a crush on your babysitter when you're a kid, and then you grow up and get to start hiring hot chicks to take care of your own offspring...
“Be My Bitch Boy”: Sure Thing, Lady
By: Val Williams - 06/15/2017
I don't know many guys who would turn down a handjob if being tied up were a condition, except for some domly doms with ego issues, but these scenes make it even more appealing.
Trans-Substantial: Five of Our Hottest TS Movies
By: Val Williams - 06/13/2017
Out of the taboo shadows and in the limelight these days, these lovely, lusty ladies are ready to dominate, be dominated, fuck and be fucked, suck and get sucked, and all of it in amazing high-def - transsexuals are here to stay!
“Tales from the Edge – Hotwife Bound 2
By: Val williams - 06/12/2017
Some of the tales in "Tales from the Edge - Hotwife Bound 2" are edgier than others, although none of them really approaches anything you'd call terribly edgy. As fetish porn goes, this is pretty approachable, and the stars are hot.
We All Need To Find Where Tits R Us is Located And Go Immediately
By: Seneca Sextus - 06/08/2017
So what about when you want to hold, fondle and play with a nice pair of tits? Where do you go? For those services, the ladies in this featured title, Tits R Us have you covered.
Suburban Fuckery: Five Great Horny Housewife Titles
By: Val Williams - 06/08/2017
Ah, the underappreciated housewife - America's prime source of untapped sexual energy. These volcanoes of lust are scattered in households all across the nation, waiting to erupt with torrents of juicy wife goodness.
Family Affairs: Five Great Family Roleplaying Titles
By: Val Williams - 06/08/2017
The family that fucks together is stuck together - stuck together with cum and sweat and bonds of lust, that is. Family roleplay is huge right now, and these titles are the most popular and highest rated ones we have
Short Skirts and Lollipops: Six Great Schoolgirl Movies
By: Val Williams - 06/08/2017
Nothing attracts attention like a sexy little girl in a schoolgirl outfit - that corruptible innocence, the besmirchable purity, the sense of unlimited vistas of virginity just waiting to be can any man resist?
Transcendent: 7 Great Transsexual Titles
By: Val Williams - 06/07/2017
Have we mentioned how much we love trans porn? We really do. Some of the most interesting intellectual and genre-defying work in the industry is being done in trans porn, and you're missing out if you aren't checking in on this amazing category.