Naked Truth

Angela White Interview: In Steamy Detail
By: Val Williams - 06/05/2018
Angela White has an insatiable sexual appretite, and has incredible business acumen, but what is it about her that makes her so enchanting? The Naked Truth get's an exclusive interview with the porn icon herself.
In a Round Hole: 5 of Our Best Pegging Titles
By: Val Williams - 05/18/2018
The new millennium calls for new men, and the new men it calls for are sensitive, open-minded, and ready to take it in the ass, just like the women of the last millennium were. It's your turn now, guys.
Right There in the House: Five of Our Hottest Family Roleplay Movies
By: Val Williams - 05/18/2018
Breaking taboos is always exciting, isn't it? Especially when you've got a hot, willing partner to break the taboo with. Maybe it's your priest, maybe it's your doctor or a boss - or maybe it's someone closer...
Kansas City Royals: Taming the Paris of the Plains
By: Val Williams - 05/18/2018
You'd think baseball players would be a clean-livin' bunch, right? Given how many of them are outspoken Christians, and how many of them are nicknamed "Preacher"
Stormy Weather: Stormy Daniels Aims High
By: Val Williams - 05/18/2018
Let's not get political. You know why? Porn is for everyone. Doesn't matter who you voted for, who you hate, who you think shouldn't have equal rights...wait, yeah, those things do matter.
The Gangbang of Riley Reid: Making Porn Great Again
By: Val Williams - 05/18/2018
Like many words that have lost their power through the efforts of lazy writers at Buzzfeed, the value of "gangbang" has declined.
May the 4th: Grab Your Lightsaber…
By: Val Williams - 05/04/2018
It's been forty-one years since Star Wars first hit the scene, and the train is still rolling with no signs of slowing down.
Big Booty POV: Good Enough for Me
By: Val Williams - 04/16/2018
You know I love Joanna Angel right, but also Burning Angel movies - because they are usually funny and when they're not funny, they're still sexy.
"Mail Order": All That She Wants
By: Val Williams - 03/19/2018
Pure Taboo presents a story about Ryan Driller and his mail order Russian beauty, and a creepy tale of a sexy home invasion in "Blind Surprise".
The Irish Blowjob: You Don’t Want to Know
By: Val Williams - 03/16/2018
I was toying with the idea of dropping into the Urban Dictionary defining the phrase Irish blowjob; like other nods to the people of the ould country, the Irish blowjob would be some special twist on the ordinary hummer