Naked Truth

“Dad Crush”: So Real It Hurts
By: Val Williams - 10/13/2017
Dad Crush looks like it might almost be real amateur video of slutty daughters finding ways to fuck their stepdads
My Mom’s Tits: Big Dreams for Big Tits
By: Val Williams - 10/10/2017
The naughty step-moms of My Mom's Tits have come together for a fantastic fuck party of mom and daughter play time. Read more on Gamelink's Naked Truth
“Justice League XXX”: Getting a Jump on the Competition
By: Val Williams - 10/04/2017
The Justice League XXX parody is a decent porn Justice League to tide you over until you find out if Aquaman is worth waiting for.
"Anal Cream Pies 2": A Little Extra Hot, Sexy and Naughty
By: Val Williams - 10/04/2017
Luckily, the girls in "Anal Cream Pies 2" are hot and like the kind of sex they're getting, which makes them a little extra naughty.
Sacrosanct: It's a Mystery
By: Val Williams - 10/04/2017
"Sacrosanct" hits a sweet spot between hardcore and erotica, there's plenty of fucking but also lighting, setting and music that feels like art.
"Undercover" by Marc Dorcel Looks like a Killer Movie with Top Performers
By: Val Williams - 10/02/2017
Undercover by Marc Dorcel has the look of an elaborate film and it is definitely worthwhile watching because this film looks fantastic
Babysitter Orgy 2: Kids These Days
By: Val Williams - 09/21/2017
Babysitter Orgy 2: Kids These Days. Look, I don’t mind the babysitter getting up to some shenanigans while the folks are away.
My Killer Girlfriend: True Love Amongst the Corpses FTW
By: Val Williams - 09/21/2017
Joanna's new to the internet dating game, and when her new girlfriend Carmen Caliente shows up, find out they're pretty compatible in real life
“40 Years Old My Wife with No Panties”: A Panty Shortage In France
By: Val Williams - 09/15/2017
“40 Years Old My Wife with No Panties” is the latest in Marc Dorcel‘s series of exposes about French culture, in which various directors have revealed over the last few years that no one has panties.
“Spring Break Fuck Parties 10”: An Orgy for All Seasons
By: Val Williams - 09/12/2017
Spring break movies usually involve a lot more sun and beach and drinking and irresponsible behavior than does “Spring Break Fuck Parties 10”