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Classic 70s Pornstars List: Must-See Porn at GameLink

Classic 70s Pornstars -- The seventies was porn's golden age, and no decade was more exciting for porn and porn fans. The women on our list were the golden girls of that golden age, porn's first real celebrities. They and many others, all of whom you can get to know better in our Classics section, paved the way for Amber Lynn, Nina Hartley, Jenna Jameson, and all the others who came after them.

Linda Lovelace

1. Linda Lovelace
No list of classic porn stars could be complete without Linda Lovelace, the original blowjob queen and the first superstar of porn. Her talent made her the first household name for an industry that had never really seen the light of day before her appearance in Deep Throat.

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2. Seka
Porn's original blonde bombshell, Seka made Swedish Erotica the industry standard for exotic erotica. Her stylish European look was a stark contrast to the wholesome down-home girls that dominated the industry in the seventies.

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Kay Parker

3. Kay Parker
The original MILF, Kay Parker brought a mature beauty and sophistication to porn that no-one had ever achieved, as well as a rare acting talent. Her roles in Taboo and Barbara Broadcast broke new ground and allowed porn to stretch its wings in a way that was all too rare, both then and now.

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Desiree Cousteau

4. Desiree Cousteau
This busty, bouncy naïf floated through most of her movies with a fluttery innocence that made her affinity for debauchery even more titillating. It didn't hurt that Desiree had a spectacularly natural curvy body and one of porn's cutest faces.

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Bambi Woods (courtesy of IAFD)

5. Bambi Woods
In spite of the fact that she only appeared in three movies, Bambi Woods is one of the best-known porn stars of all time. Debbie Does Dallas remains almost synonymous with porn and continues to be fresh for new generations of fans, and Bambi, in spite of the fact that she retired into total anonymity after the second sequel, remains a legend.

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Annette Haven

6. Annette Haven
Annette Haven
made a name for herself in the porn business as a principled feminist who refused to do scenes that included bondage, violence or money shots. A brunette with pinup model looks, she was a regal presence, beautiful but aloof, and she was often cast as either an angelic virgin or a rapacious tigress. She was a legitimate actress as well, appearing in and serving as a consultant for mainstream movies.

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Marilyn Chambers

7. Marilyn Chambers
Marilyn Chambers
was beautiful, elegant and, for a while, her name on a movie almost guaranteed that it was going to be art instead of smut; even in the days when good acting was at least a goal in adult film, she was a standout as an actress as well as a sexual performer. She was the original girl-next-door in porn, her face already familiar to millions from the Ivory Snow soap box, and one of the true icons of the Golden Age of adult film. She has made more than one comeback, appearing in hardcore movies as recently as 2001.

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Annie Sprinkle

8. Annie Sprinkle
An enthusiastic girl who would do just about anything, Annie Sprinkle was one of porn's kinkiest stars, even in a time when anything went in the industry. She developed a reputation as a joyfully perverted performer, and her combination of girlish enthusiasm and a lush, curvy body rocketed her to stardom in both mainstream porn and the kinkier, darker movies that catered to the truly pervy.

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Juliet Anderson

9. Juliet Anderson
If Kay Parker was porn's mom, Juliet Anderson was its dirty aunt, starring in quite a few of porn's great movies; she was that legendary woman whose sex drive not only kicked into high gear at 35, it turned on the afterburners and went orbital. With her distinctive short blonde hair and a spectacular body that always surprised you when the business suit came off, she always played a responsible, pragmatic older woman who reveled in sex without being desperate. She was maturity personified, calm and appreciative without being jaded or cynical. She loved her sex, and she got what she wanted. The character she created, Aunt Peg, only gave a name to the archetype she embodied.

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Vanessa Del Rio

10. Vanessa Del Rio
The first and still the best, the original Latina porn queen, Vanessa Del Rio was almost a cartoon of Latin sexuality -- dark, smoldering, olive skinned, with a wild mane of cascading raven hair, with an unbelievable fantasy of a 42-24-32 body, Vanessa was an embodiment of lust. Not just willing, not just eager, Del Rio reveled in the porn business, setting the standard for onscreen debauchery and spectacular decadence for years to come, and not just for Latinas.

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