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Ashlynn Brooke Interview:
A Exclusive

by P. Weasels
February 2008

Ashlynn Brooke at the 2008 Adult Entertainment ExpoOklahoma-born Ashlynn Brooke is one of porn's quickest-rising stars. Ashlynn's goal was to become a success in porn, and she's had her eye on the prize since before she even made her first film. Now, an exclusive contract with New Sensations/Digital Sin under her belt, this 5'2" all-natural blonde is talking the porn world by storm: we caught her in a calm moment and asked her about life in the fast lane.

GameLink: Hi Ashlynn!

Ashlynn Brooke: How are you?

GameLink: I'm doing well, except, you know -- I'm at work and all. But time will heal that. how are you today?

Ashlynn Brooke: Haha! Ahhh, work’s good for you! I'm good. Just doin’ stuff around the house.

GameLink: Did you have to work today at all?

Ashlynn Brooke: Nope... I'm off until Tuesday. :-)

GameLink: What have you got going on Tuesday?

Ashlynn Brooke: I have a photo shoot for Steven Hicks

GameLink: You don't have a day job, do you?

Ashlynn Brooke: No... my career is my career. Love it!

GameLink: Good for you. Yeah, I think I would, too.

Ashlynn Brooke topless in jeansAshlynn Brooke: It’s great!

GameLink: What's the greatest thing about it?

Ashlynn Brooke: So many things, obviously the freedom to express yourself sexually, traveling, meeting new people and fans....

Ashlynn Brooke: Altogether it’s a dream career. For me anyway!

GameLink: I think it would be for most people, especially with a good contract like yours. You didn't spend much time in the business before you got noticed and snapped up, did you?

Ashlynn Brooke: No. I would say it was a good 6 months before. But the contract is what I wanted from day one... so I consider myself blessed in that sense.

GameLink: So when you started working in adult, you had a pretty clear goal in mind.

Ashlynn Brooke: Sure! This was a huge career change and step for me. I wanted to be sure I did all the right things to ensure a long, healthy, successful career.

GameLink: So what was it a change from -- what were you doing before?

Ashlynn Brooke: I ran a used car lot for 3 years. Big diff!!

GameLink: Yeah, I can see how porn would be much better than that.

Ashlynn Brooke: Much!

GameLink: I've never done either one, but I’m pretty sure I'd like porn better.

Ashlynn Brooke: I liked what I did before but…wasn't really where I wanted to be.

GameLink: Is what you're doing now an intermediate step? Do you have a further goal in mind?

Ashlynn Brooke: I wouldn't say intermediate, but yes I do have other plans in mind. Plans that will take time and grow with the changing of the industry. But this is sort of the foundation! The all important seed...

GameLink: If it's not too complex a question, how do you think the industry is changing, and how will that affect the stars and performers?

Ashlynn Brooke: The industry is becoming a bit more accepted. Both society and businessmen and women are taking more of an interest. From cable TV, internet, and Blockbuster selling our movies, people are slowly but surely realizing how vast Adult already is and how profitable it can be. With all that said, there are so many avenues to take, lots of ways to kind of make a crossover into mainstream. We'll never fully be mainstream. But some of it very well can be.

Ashlynn Brooke and Jenna Haze at the 2008 Adult Entertainment ExpoGameLink: There are a lot of stars who are getting into crossover work -- there's an AVN award for it now. How would you like to make a crossover mark?

GameLink: If you could take any path you want, what would it be?

Ashlynn Brooke: Honestly, I think I like the TV idea. TV is also becoming more internet-driven. I want to have a company that provides quality content for both of those. And of course I like doing mainstream stuff. But I'd like to stay involved with adult for as long as possible.

GameLink: Yeah, me too.

Ashlynn Brooke: :-)

GameLink: It's been a good friend to me for a long time now.

GameLink: Okay, tell me some things about you: let's get some basics out of the way. Obviously, we know your name already. How old are you, and when did you start working in porn?

Ashlynn Brooke: I'm 22 years old and I began porn in September of 2006! I was born and raised in Choctaw, Oklahoma

GameLink: Birthday?

Ashlynn Brooke: August 14, 1985.

GameLink: which makes you a...

Ashlynn Brooke: Leo baby!

GameLink: So in September of 2006 you were 21?

Ashlynn Brooke: Yes sir!

GameLink: That's nice, keep calling me sir.

GameLink: We'll pretend I'm someone respectable.

Ashlynn Brooke: Aww, you are respectable!

GameLink: That's what you think!

Ashlynn Brooke: Well, until I know differently!

GameLink: Ha ha -- I'll do what I can not to disappoint you. So was it good to get out of Oklahoma?

Ashlynn Brooke in short dressAshlynn Brooke: Actually, I miss home terribly! I'm a small-town girl through and through...

GameLink: Do you live in LA full-time, or do you just visit?

Ashlynn Brooke: Full-time!

GameLink: How often do you get to go back home?

Ashlynn Brooke: I try to make it home at least once every couple of months...especially during football season!

GameLink: Do you like the pro game, or mostly college ball?

Ashlynn Brooke: I like pro! Been a Green Bay fan for 17 years... I love love LOVE football! But I'm a huge Sooner fan, so when it comes to them I watch college

GameLink: But of course.

GameLink: Who's going to win the Super Bowl this year?

Ashlynn Brooke: Well I'm not a Pats fan, but I'm mad at the Giants, so this year, I'm just watching! No rooting for me. My boys should be there!! Ah well, I'm still proud!

GameLink: Yeah, I was pretty disappointed that they didn't make it too -- I think a Patriots/Packers Super Bowl would have been awesome.

Ashlynn Brooke: Totally! I would be in heaven!

GameLink: In spite of the fact that the rise of the Packers heralded the downfall of my team, the Niners, I have a warm fuzzy feeling for Brett and the boys.

GameLink: OK, so back to porn for a minute...

Ashlynn Brooke: Lol, okay

GameLink: So you said earlier that working in adult gives you the freedom to express yourself sexually -- elaborate, if you would.

Ashlynn Brooke: Well, sex is the biggest form of human expression. It’s what drives us to do just about everything. Love, finance, hygiene, etc. It means the world to me for someone to watch what I do and say "Hey, she does that openly, and I can relate to this or that" and then to be recognized and thanked for it. Its unbeatable. I love knowing maybe I help someone be more open with themselves. And it turns me on to know they watch and get off!

GameLink: What's the best experience you've ever had with a fan? Talking about how much they like you, or anything else.

Ashlynn Brooke: Well...I like hearing anyone say they enjoy watching me. But my fave is when a couple approaches me and thanks me for helping to improve their sex life! It makes it all worthwhile.

GameLink: That must be pretty great.

Ashlynn Brooke: It really is!

GameLink: So what do fans say they like the most about your performances?

Ashlynn Brooke in thongAshlynn Brooke: I think they really like my level of passion and I think that comes from a genuine love of sex and doin’ what I do.

GameLink: Is that what you like best about your own sex onscreen? Or do you have a different opinion?

Ashlynn Brooke: And yes I like that about it, too. And having a certain chemistry is always a plus. I try to make everyone feel like they're there.

GameLink: Speaking of chemistry, you're currently dating another performer, right?

Ashlynn Brooke: Yes I am:-)

GameLink: The chemistry there must be pretty good.

Ashlynn Brooke: Tremendous, and it comes naturally!

GameLink: It's Tommy Gunn, right?

Ashlynn Brooke: Yip!

GameLink: I spoke to him at the AEE show, and he seemed like a really nice guy.

Ashlynn Brooke: He is a nice guy! We have a great thing goin’!

GameLink: It sounds like it. How do you guys feel about each other performing with other people?

Ashlynn Brooke: It’s all about communication, really. We are both professionals that want each other to enjoy our jobs and not dread them.

Ashlynn Brooke: Working with others isn't an issue for us.

GameLink: If it's not too private, do you see other people in real life, or just each other?

Ashlynn Brooke: Just each other. We live together, we're getting’ pretty cozy.

Ashlynn Brooke and Tommy GunnGameLink: OK, so let's talk about some of the things that make Tommy -- and everybody else -- so happy. I'm going to ask porn questions now.

Ashlynn Brooke: Okie dokie!

GameLink: Tell me about your talents. Let's pretend I am a lonely billionaire. I have a million dollars, and I'll give it to you if you can get me off in five minutes – take your best shot.

Ashlynn Brooke: I'm confident in my three step program -- 1 minute of pussy eating, 2 minutes of intense dick-sucking, 3 minutes of the fuck of your life. And kissing and talking to you dirty in between.

GameLink: That's six minutes, you crazy dame!

Ashlynn Brooke: Oops. I meant to hit the 1 on the BJ part! That's what I get for tryin’ to type fast...

GameLink: I guess by minute five I wouldn't be looking at the timer any more.

GameLink: I've got you all shaken up, haven't I?

Ashlynn Brooke: It’s all the sex talk

GameLink: It's because I'm so manly.

Ashlynn Brooke: Yeah, then there's that.

Ashlynn Brooke: Wink

GameLink: I think it was probably the million dollars. But thank you for playing along.

Ashlynn Brooke: Haha

GameLink: So how did you develop the three-step program?

Ashlynn Brooke: Practice!! Ya know....when You’re young and have to sneak around a lot, you don't always have the time so you make it quick before the parentals get home!

GameLink: It's been a while for me, but I dimly remember those times. I think if I'd had access to a girl like you when I was a teenager, I would only have needed a one-step program.

Ashlynn Brooke: I'm sure you had a method of your own.

GameLink: So if you have time for a full twelve steps, how does the program differ? What do you like to do when you have lots of time?

Ashlynn Brooke sucks nightstickAshlynn Brooke: Lots more foreplay, toys, touching, multiple positions, random parts of the house…

GameLink: Did you learn a lot from watching porn before you got in the business, or are you more self-taught?

Ashlynn Brooke: It’s pretty even. I did watch a lot of porn even before getting in. But there's a certain amount of eroticism you can't teach -- it comes naturally. And I'm very sexual.

GameLink: What's your fondest memory of sex?

Ashlynn Brooke: The first time I was with a was so sexy

GameLink: Who was it?

Ashlynn Brooke: It was my best friend back when we were in high school. She's still my best friend...;-)

GameLink: That's good. I know a lot of girls who had a first time with a girlfriend and then things got weird. If it's not prying, can you tell us a little about what it was like and why it was so great?

Ashlynn Brooke: I like girls, and it’s almost like it was really anticipated to be with a girl and touch her for the first time and taste her...we bought dildos for it and everything. Yummy!

GameLink: That’s sweet.That sounds like it would make a good indie film.

Ashlynn Brooke: Probably!!

GameLink: That could be your path to the mainstream -- get some rising-star lesbian filmmaker to put that on film. Actually, I'm going to go home and write that script, and then I'm going to sell it to John Leslie. I'll give you a cut if he buys it.

Ashlynn Brooke: As long as we get to play ourselves. Lemme know how that goes.

GameLink: Is that girl in the industry too?

Ashlynn Brooke: No

GameLink: That's good. That'll make a better movie. OK, back to business. So: you seem like you're reasonably smart, kind of a thinking girl. I'm going to ask you a hard one.

Ashlynn Brooke: Well, thanks!

GameLink: I think you can handle it.

Ashlynn Brooke: Sure! Let’s hear it.

GameLink: People often say that sex is natural, something to be proud of, that there's no shame in it. However, it often seems like sex is best when it's kind of dirty, when there's an element of the vulgar or furtive to it. You seem pretty squeaky clean, but what you do on screen is very explicit. How do you feel about that? Is it better the more naughty or even nasty it is?

Ashlynn Brooke: I think the act of being on camera and showing the world is naughty all on its own and I absolutely love it. I don't think sex has to be nasty to be good. It’s all about different taste. Some like it really really vulgar, but in essence it’s all about loving sex. So if you give it all you got and that's the way you like it, it’s gonna translate well and people are gonna love it.

GameLink: Another aspect of that is this -- you have a very wholesome look and attitude; a lot of people like to see that kind of girl really getting down, getting dirty -- taking a facial, doing anal. Do you think that's healthy, disturbing, fun? How do you feel about the fact that fans want you to go farther and farther?

Ashlynn Brooke naked and bent overAshlynn Brooke: People are always pushing limits -- it’s in our nature. If you see someone doing something and doing it well, you wanna see more. It’s like cooking someone the same dinner for X number of nights in a row, and its soooo tasty, they want another meal from’s a certain hunger. And it’s perfectly healthy.

GameLink: Good answer.

GameLink: OK, so let's talk a little about what you're doing these days. You said you have a photo shoot coming up on Tuesday -- anything else?

Ashlynn Brooke: Oh, this year is filled with cool stuff! I'm finishing up the Ashlynn Goes to College series, which there will be 4 of, and shooting My Plaything this month, which is so exciting...I have a few screenplays of my own I’ll be shooting this year. And some other great movies I'm doing as well.

GameLink: That sounds like it will be great for the fans!

Ashlynn Brooke: I hope so!

GameLink: And something called I Dare 2 Bare, I hear?

Ashlynn Brooke: Yes, and my show I Dare to Bare, which is a 13-episode season so far. And hopefully we can continue!

GameLink: Tell us about that

Ashlynn Brooke: Well, it takes place on the Las Vegas strip -- I ride around in a party bus with my camera crew and look for people to show some skin to earn some spending money. It’s amazing what people will do for the camera, let alone money. Good stuff

GameLink: Yeah, i remember that time somebody offered me a hundred dollars to snort some Pixy Stix. And they didn't even have a camera!

Ashlynn Brooke: See!

GameLink: So what have you gotten people to do? How wild has it gotten?

Ashlynn Brooke: Pretty wild! Lots of nudity, girl on’ll just have to watch and see!

GameLink: Is it just on TV, or will we be seeing that on a DVD?

Ashlynn Brooke: So far just TV...the Vavoom network

GameLink: Where does one find the Vavoom network? Cable, Internet?

Ashlynn Brooke: It’s on Cox, Adelphi and Comcast cable

GameLink: OK. What else should we be looking forward to?

Ashlynn Brooke: Howard Stern possibly, and I may start dancing this year.

GameLink: Make sure you come to San Francisco so we can come see you.

Ashlynn Brooke: I'd love to I've never been

GameLink: We'll be waiting for you. We'll make you some cookies.

Ashlynn Brooke: No! Bake cookies??!! Those are my fave!

GameLink: I have a very narrow range of skills in the kitchen, but cookies fall within that range. Tell Tommy he can have some too if he comes along.

Ashlynn Brooke: He'd like that.

GameLink: OK, back to you -- is there anything I haven't asked you about that you'd like to talk about?

Ashlynn Brooke: Hmmm…well, you've covered a lot, but I'd like to talk some about my website, being that it’s new. It’s just, and there's cool interactive stuff, and we're adding video and a webcam soon..Lots of downloadable pics and movies...some in HD

Ashlynn Brooke spreads her legsGameLink: What's really special about it? I mean, aside from you.

Ashlynn Brooke: I think the amount of downloadable movies and pics...and of course the blog and webcam. I also put personal videos up. Well, I will be soon. I think it makes it more…well, personal.

GameLink: It would, I guess.

GameLink: Well, thanks for taking time to talk to us!

Ashlynn Brooke: No prob -- it was my pleasure!!!

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