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AVN Awards 2008: GameLink's Predictions

AVN Awards 2008 -- The nominations are in. On January 12, 2008, at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, porn stars from near and far will gather for the 25th annual AVN Awards. This year there are over 300 nominations in 120 categories for the awards, which will be hosted by Tera Patrick. We can only speculate at which stunning stars will come away with glistening crystal trophies -- and that's exactly what we have done here, selecting some of our favorite categories and predicting the winners, as well as sharing our favorite nominees.

Best New Starlet

Winner: You can't fight City Hall. The Digital Playground juggernaut is your prime source for beautiful, stylish girls, and Shay Jordan is no exception. Her performances in DP's various hi-def productions makes her the prime candidate for the winner of the Best New Starlet award.

Favorite: Casey Parker is our choice for Best New Starlet because of her irrepressible high spirits and infectious smile. Whether or not you believe the official story about her entry into porn, she turns every movie into a delight; other girls have done more movies and work for higher-profile companies, but this little pixie deserves the nod.

Best Male Newcomer

Winner and Favorite: Justice Young is at the forefront of a new generation of reality-porn male stars, with all the spontaneity of the Bangbus-style auteurs but not as much of the macho posturing and offensive jabber. Aside form that, he can sling the sausage. This tattooed and wiry stud is our favorite for Best Male Newcomer.

The Jenna Jameson Crossover Star of the Year

Winner: Stormy Daniels achievements in porn as a director and actress are undeniable, but she's also making inroads into more mainstream work, appearing in monster hits The 40-Year-Old Virgin and its spiritual sequel Knocked Up, as well as playing a stripper on the FX show Dirt. Stormy's paid her dies, and she's both smart and funny as well as being a savvy businesswoman, so she should be irresistible to the AVN voters.

Favorite: Joanna Angel is young, hot, sassy and smart, and she's at the beginning of a what promises to be a successful career as both businesswoman and porn star. She's also written for Spin Magazine as well as contributed a chapter to a book about female pornographers called Naked Ambition; in addition, roles in low-budget horror movies are reputed to be in the works, and a recent article featuring Joanna in the New York Times has cemented her claim to the award.

Director of the Year

Winner: As mentioned before, Stormy Daniels is smart and savvy, and she keeps cranking out movies that approach the quality of mainstream productions. The combination of Stormy's savvy, comic instinct, and writing talent with Wicked's resources keep resulting in good movie after good movie.

Favorite: The intensity of Belladonna's scenes stands out like a bright light, and not even just as a woman directing porn; her instinct for the nasty and eye for performers who will strike sparks when they perform together make her our favorite for the Body of Work Award. She may be extreme, she may be over-the-top, but her movies are always genuine.

Unsung Starlet of the Year

Winner: Faith Leon has been around for a few years now under a couple of different names -- Faith, Tori Taylor, Sarah -- but this year she really got noticed, showing up in sexy high-profile movies from Club Jenna, Ninnworx, Wicked and Teravision. Ironically, the extra-exposure should highlight her earlier obscurity -- we think this is the year that AVN will take another look at Faith.

Favorite: Bumptious, raucous and brassy, Gianna Michaels is one of the most high energy, enthusiastic performers out there. With a body like a high-school sophomore's notebook doodle and a sparklingly joyous demeanor -- if you haven't heard her laugh, you're missing out -- Gianna, with nearly 200 movies under her belt, is due for some honors, and we think if anybody in the business is underrated, it's her.

Transsexual Performer of the Year

Winner: Vaniity is as classy and ladylike as a transsexual porn star can be; she adds a little grace to every movie she's in. She's got legs (and how!) in an industry in which the average transsexual performer is a flash in the pan, and she's won before as a newcomer -- it's time for her to take home another trophy as an industry veteran.

Favorite: Vicki Richter took home the trophy once before as well, but she continues to turn in strong performances every time she shows up on a set. Vicki's convincing cock and pretty face put her at the top of the heap with only a handful (albeit a growing handful) of other T-girls. The field is growing by leaps and bounds, but Vicki is still one of the premiere shemales in the business.

Male Foreign Performer of the Year

Winner: Jazz Duro's presence at major production house Evil Angel is starting to fill the performing-director void left by Rocco Siffredi and Nacho Vidal, both of whom have cut way back on their output this last year. Jazz's constant stream of new talent and relentless fucking of that talent puts him in the forefront of the contenders.

Favorite: Quite aside from his frequent roles as a pimp, Omar Galanti is the pimpinest porn star around. In a Euro-porn world ruled by goofy Eastern Europeans with bad teeth and long-haired prettyboys, Omar is a breath of fresh air. With a sharp sense of style and a sharper sense of humor, Omar isn't afraid to show up in Euro-tranny porn, which is getting more and more popular, and he's not afraid to make fun of himself.

Female Foreign Performer of the Year

Winner: Once almost indistinguishable from Sandra Romain, and tied with her for the lead in the category of "foreign chicks who can and will put pretty much anything in their asses without blinking or maybe even noticing," Melissa Lauren has pulled ahead of the field, showing up in higher and higher-quality productions, and carving out a name in more fetish oriented movies.

Favorite: It's difficult, unless a Katsumi comes along, to pick a Female Foreign Performer of the Year, especially nowadays, when the masses of Eastern European girls with no last name are numerous (and indistinguishable). It takes something special for one to stand out, and for us, this year, that something special was Tarra White, with a sterling body and a face that can look like an innocent sweetheart or one of the great coke-and-money porn stars of the eighties.

Male Performer of the Year

Winner: Manuel Ferrara took home this award in 2005 and 2006, and hasn't slowed down since then; in addition to continuing a heroic performing schedule, Manuel has also turned his hand to directing multiple lines of videos. And even with the quantity of product he's putting out, he keeps the quality up -- Nina Hartley, in our interview this year, named him as one of her favorite people to work with and an example of a man who really loves women.

Favorite: James Deen got his start in alt-porn, and he continues to be a staple of Naughty America-style gonzo, but he has turned into both a serious actor and a mainstay of mainstream porn as well. He never fails to bring an edge to his scenes, putting an intensity into his work that always results in a topnotch scene.

Female Performer of the Year

Winner and Favorite: This one's a hard call, with a strong field to choose from. In the end, we think it goes to Sasha Grey. She brought a good deal of favorable publicity to the industry -- well, as favorable as it gets -- with articulate defenses of her job and her beliefs, and she also appeared in both features and a vast array of gonzo. Barely 18, Sasha is basically a dream come true -- smart, sexy, great body, gorgeous and willing to do, as near as we can tell, absolutely anything to get off.


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