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Brea Bennett Interview:
A Exclusive

by P. Weasels and Miss Bounce


Brea Bennett in Brea Bennett - My PlaythingPornstar Brea Bennett, a sexy young newcummer, was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule and do an interview by phone with GameLink's own P. Weasels in late August 2007. Brea Bennett, whom you probably already know as the winner of Jenna Jameson's HBO show, Jenna's American Sex Star, is currently steaming up the screen in titles like Screen Dreams and Brea Unfaithful, as well as the hot new interactive title, Digital Sins' My Plaything: Brea Bennett.

P. Weasels: Hi Brea! Thanks so much for doing this interview with me for all your fans at GameLink. I hear there's big some big changes in your life recently...

Brea Bennett: That's right! I am now non-exclusive. I am no longer contracted with Club Jenna, and which is kind of exciting as far as my release for "My Plaything: Brea Bennett," because it's kind of like the first movie out as maybe an exclusive show.

P. Weasels: Yeah. So that sounds like it's pretty big change for you?

Brea Bennett: Yeah.

P. Weasels: How did it come about?

Jenna Jameson and Brea Bennett Brea Bennett: I am going in one direction in my career and the company is going in another, and it's obvious that it's time for a change.

P. Weasels: What do you plan on doing? What kind of things have you got in mind for your new career?

Brea Bennett: I am going to -- I am recovering from an ankle injury right now. I have a cast on; I tore a couple of ligaments in my ankle...

P. Weasels: What happened to you?

Brea Bennett: I'm pretty clumsy and I fell off my bed [laughter] and I crushed my ankle four times.

P. Weasels: Were you doing anything interesting when you fell off or were you just...

Brea Bennett: I was actually was doing some housework, I was making my bed, which is a rare occasion.

P. Weasels: So now you're non-exclusive, is there anything you want to say about things you did with Club Jenna?

Brea Bennett: I mean everybody knows I did my movies and I got a lot of movies that have yet to be released or promoted. So just the usual stuff as someone under contract.

Brea Bennett rides a cockP. Weasels: I mean you kind of jumped right into being a celebrity when you won that American Sex Star thing, right? What questions do people ask you that you just hate answering?

Brea Bennett: No, I don't know if I really hate... I don't know if there are any questions that I hate.

P. Weasels: Anything you get bored of answering?

Brea Bennett: No, I don't think I get bored of anything. People are still getting to know me and who I am. I mean, I am still young in the industry and I think people like to hear, you know if they haven't heard once then they've heard twice, there's nothing to, you know, I am still young in the industry, so I haven't done all that.

P. Weasels: Is there anything that nobody has asked you yet that you wish people would ask?

Brea Bennett: No, well, actually people are pretty open in asking me anything and then... I mean obviously, if I don't want to answer to them I am going to just be like, 'no comment.'

P. Weasels: Sure. Your ankle being hurt, are you not working for a while?

Brea Bennett: No, I have to be off of it for about four to six weeks and which is fine, you know, I am going to lie low a little bit and see what doors open for me for the next, you know, for my future in the industry, till the end of the year.

P. Weasels: Till the end of the year, do you have plans at the end of the year or is there...?

Jenna Haze spreads Brea Bennett's pussyBrea Bennett: No, just seeing what happens until AVN Awards and yeah, I am very excited for the new opportunity, being free and you know that the name that I have created for myself and...

P. Weasels: I notice that you did, I was looking at your movies and you did a lot of just girl-girl, but recently you've done a couple of other things, right?

Brea Bennett: Yeah, it was a fun kind of contract, so I only did girls and then this part of my contract was to do guys and I agreed to that and I did my best at it.

P. Weasels: Do you have any opinions about that, when you, before you were under contract and you were only doing girls, was that your own choice or did you just feel like it was a better marketing decision or...?

Brea Bennett: Oh, it's like that was my choice. I mean, obviously when I got into the industry I only wanted to do girls. I do girls rather well and love girls and I am a dude trapped in a chick's body and I have a man's mindset. I mean, when I am hanging out with my guy friends and I am like, "Damn! Check out those chicks, " or whatever though.

As far as doing guys, I mean it's not like I wanted to. You know, it's not like, "Oh yes, I get to do guys now". That was just a work decision and a business decision at the time. Maybe in the future I'll do it again but I mean, it needs to come naturally for me and right now, I am going to start with what I started with in the beginning, which all my fans actually prefer, doing girls right now.

P. Weasels: OK.

Brea Bennett nakedBrea Bennett: I am excited to re-brand my name.

P. Weasels: What would you say you would like to be best known for?

Brea Bennett: As far as what?

P. Weasels: Just when people think of, say, Belladonna they think of anal sex or really extreme stuff. Or when people think of, I don't know. There are certain stars that are associated with certain things.

Brea Bennett: Right.

P. Weasels: What do you want your image to be? Who do you want to be for your fans?

Brea Bennett: For my fans, since the beginning, people know me as being myself and being extremely personable, and I'm just an extremely normal person. I think that's something new to people in the industry. People are so fake, and I'm not just talking about plastic surgery; I'm talking about personalities. They're not really who they say they are or they don't come across as someone who's genuine and, I've actually hung out and had dinner with fans, because I'm cool like that. My fans are very important to me, and I want to be known as someone who's pretty normal. I think that's appealing.

P. Weasels: I think so, too. So kind of a girl next door thing?

Brea Bennett gets fucked in Brea Bennett - My PlaythingBrea Bennett: Yeah, but I mean even more normal than that, because the girl next door is more of a fantasy. I'm just pretty normal, you know? There's nothing special about me except that I'm normal, and I guess that makes me special. [laughs]

P. Weasels: So you stand out by being extra-normal?

Brea Bennett: [laughs] Yeah.

P. Weasels: OK. How did you get into the industry? Were you thinking about it as a career? Did you luck into it?

Brea Bennett: No, I never grew up saying I wanted to be a porn star. Never. I grew up being a singer; I still sing. I'm doing an album right now. I'm writing a couple songs as we speak. I'm getting into the industry. It was kind of an opportunity at the time that it happened, and I became very successful at it. I don't get into something unless I'm going to give my all; it's either all or nothing. So that's what I did.

P. Weasels: Once you were in, what was your opinion of it as a career? Are you thinking about it as something you're going to do until you retire? Do you want to use it as a springboard?

Brea Bennett: I think that the adult industry, if you use it correctly as a tool, it can be a good gateway and a door-opener for different opportunities in different careers. I don't want this to be my only career. I'm pretty multifaceted and multi-talented. I can act, I can sing, I can dance--well not now with my ankle, but other than that, I think--like anything--it's a good stepping stone.

Brea Bennett squeezes her nipplesP. Weasels: What did you want to be when you were growing up?

Brea Bennett: A musician.

P. Weasels: Yeah?

Brea Bennett: Yep.

P. Weasels: A singer or to play an instrument?

Brea Bennett: I play guitar, and I sing, and I write. Mostly singing, though.

P. Weasels: Do you have an outlet for that? Is it just the stuff you do by yourself, or do you have any kind of goal for publishing it or recording or anything like that?

Brea Bennett: Right now, I just started in the studio, and a long time ago I did a CD with my father, and I know what it's all about, being in the studio and producing music and the hard work that goes behind it. I've been writing music since I was seven; I've been in the studio since I was 12. I don't know...

P. Weasels: What kind of music?

Brea Bennett: I can sing anything. I started with opera. I can sing anything from opera to kitty.

P. Weasels: [laughs]

Brea Bennett: So, I have a pretty good voice. A lot of people in the industry say, "Oh yeah, I do music. I do that." It's not one of those things; it's not a cliché.. I'm using this as a new form of moving on to starting my music now.

P. Weasels: OK. You're not working on anything right now. Do you have anything on the schedule for when you can get up and walk around again?

Brea Bennett in Brea Bennett - My PlaythingBrea Bennett: I haven't exactly put an official press release out that I'm free, but I'm going to take this time to sit and relax and think about a new place to find and see what company is going to contact me and is interested in me and kind of weigh my options and be smart about my business decisions, like I have in the past.

P. Weasels: You just finished doing an interactive title, right?

Brea Bennett: Right.

P. Weasels: And what was that called?

Brea Bennett: It's called: "My Plaything: Brea Benett."

P. Weasels: And that was for Digital Sin right?

Brea Bennett: Yes, for New Sensations Digital Sin.

P. Weasels: OK. Was that your first interactive title?

Brea Bennett: Yes it was. It was a lot of fun to film. It was unlike anything I've ever done.

P. Weasels: Yeah? Was it one of the ones where you have a real co-star?

Brea Bennett: Yes.

P. Weasels: Who was it?

Brea Bennett: I worked with Erik Everhard.

P. Weasels: Is that your first time working with him?

Brea Bennett: Yes.

P. Weasels: So, tell me a little bit about it. You said it was really fun. What was fun about it?

Brea Bennett in Brea Bennett - My PlaythingBrea Bennett: I think that fans of the "My Plaything" series are going to be extremely stunned when they see this addition to the series, because according to the people at Digital Sin, it's supposed to be head and shoulders above any of the others that they've ever released, because this one actually has sets, and they haven't had a set on "My Plaything" since I believe the first: "My Plaything: Jenna Jameson."

So they went head and shoulders above anything else. They put so much money into this and so much time into this: new technology, High Definition. It really shows a lot about me because I'm a big Nascar fan and the theme of my movie is Nascar.

P. Weasels: How did you work that into the movie?

Brea Bennett: We actually had a real Nascar on set and we built a big garage with all the tools and the wrenches and oil and grease and all that dirty stuff that guys like to see on hot girls.

P. Weasels: Did it have a little bit of a plot or is it just the setting?

Brea Bennett: It's just the set basically, and the dialog obviously goes along with the whole racing theme, and it's really cute. You'd have to see it to understand what I'm talking about. I'm really proud of it.

P. Weasels: I'm sure I will! So do you have any good stories, funny or exciting stories from the set?

Brea Bennett in Brea Bennett - My PlaythingBrea Bennett: The only thing is that I'm just super excited about how much time the crew, we all put into the whole set and the whole post production and what it's going to turn out and I'm really excited to see how it turns out.

P. Weasels: How long did the filming take?

Brea Bennett: It took two days and they were 18 hour days.

P. Weasels: Oh wow.

Brea Bennett: Yeah.

P. Weasels: OK, is there anything like I said any stories you want to tell? Anything else you want to say about it.

Brea Bennett: They can see me. They can choose in the movie. They can either see me as a good girl or a bad girl. What positions, solo-masturbation, boy-girl, teasing, behind the scenes and stuff. I'm a pretty dork, I'm a dorky person so they get to see that.

P. Weasels: I hear you're very normal.

Brea Bennett: [laughs] Yeah.

P. Weasels: What was your favorite part of it?

Brea Bennett: The set definitely because it shows so much about me.

P. Weasels: Was there any particular scene that was your favorite?

Brea Bennett in Brea Bennett - My PlaythingBrea Bennett: Probably the solo-masturbation and the pussy licking because the camera goes right up into my pussy and it's like the guy or girl who's watching the movie is actually between my legs pleasuring me and I thought that was pretty awesome.

P. Weasels: OK. Is there anything you'd like to say to the fans at Gamelink?

Brea Bennett: Thank you for all your support. You guys mean the most to me. Without you guys, I would not be where I am today.

P. Weasels: All righty. Well, thanks for your time.

Brea Bennett: Thank you!

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