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by P. Weasels and Miss Bounce


Jesse Capelli kissing Sydney MoonJesse Capelli has known since she was a little girl that she liked other girls, and now that she's all grown up, she still does. She likes them so much in fact, that she gets paid by ClubJenna to have sex with them -- she signed a multiyear contract in 2005 with the world's most popular porn star, Jenna Jameson, to do that and nothing else.

As you might expect, she loves her work -- and so do we. The future star of Chatte Magnifique and Jesse Loves Pain was born in Vancouver, British Columbia (that's in Canada, if you're curious) on May 21, 1979. That makes her a Gemini, and if astrology weren't utter bunkum, we'd tell you that that makes her a saucy, sexy, athletic estrovert. The truth, however is much more mundane. Jesse is a saucy sexy, athletic extrovert just because that's the way she is, and the stars have nothing to do with it. Stop you, with your astrology.

Jesse Capelli spreads her pussyJesse, star of three dozen movies in a career that started in 2000, moved from Vancouver to LA "for the pussy", as she puts it. Jesse is a poonhound on a scale that puts most guys to shame -- her onscreen endeavors are just the tip of the iceberg. You can get a glimpse of what her life in bed is like by checking out most of her movies -- Girls In Training #2, for instance, or Laurent Sky's Jockin' Jesse.

Although Jesse spent the first part of her career doing softcore panty and stocking fetish videos and cheesecake like Sex Symbols, Lingerie Lust, and Filthy Rich Girls, Jesse took to the hardcore screen like a duck to water. However, for eight years now, she's maintained an all-girl-no-boy policy, and it looks like the closest any guy is going to get to those delicious girl parts will be by utilizing Jesse's UR3 Pocket Pal or the more elaborate and complex Jesse Capelli Gimme a Hand Ur3 Pussy and Ass.

Jesse Capelli naked in cowboy hatJesse's not your ordinary lipstick lesbian, though -- a tomboy as a kid, Jesse spent quite a bit of her early life in various athletic pursuits -- gymnastics, soccer, in the early years, and boxing later (hmmm...). Boxing? Yep. She says she's never lost a fight -- not even outside the ring. She has more than one story about dustups at parties and bars, and the star of Jack's Playground 10 and Sophisticated Sluts would probably not be so appealing if she'd been taking a lot of fists to the face, so we tend to believe her.

Jesse Capelli has so few scars, in fact, that the big one on her backside tends to stand out -- a perfectly round blemish that she claims she got in utero, when her mother had a bicycle accident and jammed the end of a handlebar into the nascent Jesse's ass cheek. Could have been worse, we suppose. As it is, you can see that her natural 34D-26-36 body - those curves look good on her 5'8", 120-pound chassis -- is virtually perfect, especially when juxtaposed, as it often is, with the bodies of other attractive women; see Welcome to the Valley 6, Pussyman's Decadent Divas 26 or Hustler's Centerfolds 4 for details.

Jesse Capelli looking glamorousSo what else is up for the woman Jenna Jameson called "incredibly driven", "passionate", "a psycho about pussy", and "in a league with Janine when it comes to girl/girl"? Well, Jesse said in an interview that she figured she's probably be done with porn when she was 30 -- and even though she doesn't look it, Jesse is creeping up on her big day. At 29, she's on top of the world, and we can only hope that when the fateful 3-0 arrives, she'll change her mind. Until then, stock up on copies of Just Jesse, The Jesse Factor or Jenna's The Provocateur -- Jesse Capelli.

Jesse Capelli's Movies


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Jesse Loves Pain

Laurent Sky's Jackin' Jesse

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