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GameLink's Must-See Porn Lists

In order to determine GameLink's Must-See stars and films for any genre, first we start with the obvious classics, groundbreakers and history-makers in the category. Then we poll the GameLink staff for personal favorites, we throw in a few dark horses and whittle the list down until we have the GameLink Must-See Lists.

It's a tough selection process, and sometimes one is a heartbreaker to get rid of, but we think we end up with a unique and worthwhile gazette of stuff you should see. Is your own favorite not on the list? Let us know, and maybe your vote will be the one that kicks your favorite movie or star into the Gamelink Must-See Lists so everyone else can find out what you know about quality porn!

Fashionistas - number 2 on Gamelink's Top 100 Porn Films

Top 100 Adult Movies List
A list of 100 movies has room for a lot of different criteria, and we decided to put everything we could into it. Here you'll find world records, classics old and new, timeless stories and incandescent sex, groundbreaking performances and top sellers. Check out GameLink's picks for the Top 100 Adult Movies of all time.

Marie Luv

25 Hot Black Pornstars: GameLink's Must-See List

From ebony to mocha to golden-brown, black just doesn't cover the stunning range of beautiful skin colors black pornstars have, but it's the word we're stuck with. Whether you like the lure of the "forbidden" or you love the variety of hues to be found in ethnic porn, you can't deny that the black girls - sistas, redbones, or whatever you want to call them - have it going on.

Buttwoman Iz Bella

Top 10 Belladonna Movies
There are run-of-the-mill performers in porn, the thousands of girls who make up the mass of the industry, and then there are girls like Belladonna. She started as an adorable teen, became an insatiable ass-queen, built herself a reputation as a girl who could get away with anything onscreen, then moved into directing and became one of adult’s most acclaimed and outrageous makers of porn. These are our picks for the Top 10 Belladonna Movies

Cuckold Fantasies

Top 10 Cuckold Porn Movies
Cuckolding is all the rage these days – when a woman has needs that her husband just can’t satisfy, and she wants to show him how a real man fucks, she calls in the pros – big hard cocks that can give her what she wants – and teach that sissy hubby a lesson at the same time. Whether she goes out for the evening and comes back with a sloppy load for him to eat or makes him watch from the corner…the cuckolding is the point! Check out our list of the Top 10 Cuckold Porn Movies

Nina Hartley Classic Porn Movies List

Nina Hartley Classic Porn Movies
Nina Hartley hit town in 1984 and was an immediate sensation. She was a vital part of the thriving San Francisco porn scene and she went on to become a legend. But Nina was once a fresh, young newcomer, and we do sometimes like to look back at Nina’s prizewinning ass in its early days. Here are 10 of our favorite Nina Hartley classic porn movies and some recommendations from Nina herself.

April Flores from the Top 10 BBW Pornstars List

Top 10 BBW Pornstars
Like concert t-shirts, BBWs come in all sizes (boy, do they!). BBW pornstars are the top of the heap when it comes to the confident, full-figured women that fat admirers (FA's) lust after. Why waste your time on a starving waif when these zaftig maidens are waiting to enfold you in their warm embrace? If you love fat girls, then you must check out GameLink's must-see list of the Top 10 BBW Pornstars.

Top 10 Jenna Jameson Movies

Top Ten Jenna Jameson Movies
Jenna Jameson was the face of the industry for the mainstream world -- a smart, capable, sexy woman who could build a company, cross over into legitimate movies and TV, and fuck like a crazed minx in her porn movies. Jenna is the biggest pornstar we've ever seen, and she changed the business forever. Check out our list of the Top Ten Jenna Jameson Movies.

Pirates #2 - Stagnetti's Revenge (Blu-ray)

Top Ten Blu-Ray Porn Movies
The advent of the Blu-ray DVD format grants the porn viewer an unprecedented amount of detail. Sometimes that isn’t necessarily the best thing, considering the subject matter, but the best of the new generation of Blu-ray porn movies are made with that very feature in mind. Some directors go above and beyond the call of duty to give the viewer a movie that uses every inch of the screen, a movie that makes the most of the format, and we’ve picked out ten of the best for you on Gamelink's list of Top Ten Blu-Ray Porn Movies.

Cry Wolf from the AVN Award Winners of 2009 List

AVN Award Winners 2009
The red carpet nip-slips have been fully documented and the fancy dresses and stripper heels have been hung up. It’s the porn industry version of the Oscars! Hosted by Belladonna and Jenna Haze, the porn glitteratti turned out to honor the best movies of the year. So who took home a coveted AVN Award? Find out in this year’s list of the 2009 AVN Award Winners

The Texas Vibrator Massacre from Gamelink's Top 10 Porn Movies of 2008 list

Gamelink's Top 10 Porn Movies of 2008
Thousands of porn movies are released every year, but who has time to watch them all? We do! We watched the good porn, the bad porn, and the in-between so you don't have to and these 10 movies came out on top. These are the Top 10 Porn Movies of 2008 as picked by the Gamelink editorial staff. We don't have a big awards show named after us, but we've got opinions, dammit!

Jandi Lin from our Fresh Picks 2008 list

Fresh Picks 2008
2008 was a great year for the starlets, with some fantastic babes showing up out of nowhere with big (and well-deserved) contracts, some industry veterans finally getting the recognition they should have been getting all along, and some beautiful girls who just happened to hit it big. Here's our list of the hot new pornstars of 2008...Go to the Fresh Picks 2008 List

Vanessa Del Rio from our Big Clit Pornstars list

Top 10 Big Clit Pornstars
A woman’s clit is the center of her pleasure, and something every man should know how to take care of. Some can be hard to find, but thankfully there are girls whose parts are friendly and outgoing, Here, then, is a list of porn’s big clit pornstars...Go to the Top 10 Big Clit Pornstars List

The Simpson Twins from our Porn Twins list

Top 10 Porn Twins
The following sets of twins – all of them hot, almost all of them blonde, and all of them very very naughty indeed – are about as close as we can get to making that twins fantasy come true...Go to the Top 10 Porn Twins List

Richard Mann from the Big Black Cocks list

Top 10 Big Black Cocks
Big Cocks balance out all the big tits and big asses in porn. And nowhere will you find bigger cocks than on black men. The legendary virility of the black stud finds its full expression in porn. We're talking about big black cocks that are twice the length of an average man's penis. These black cocks are the biggest things around!.....Go to the Top 10 Big Black Cocks List

Amateur Porn Scenes List

Top 10 Amateur Porn Scenes
There's nothing as hot as Amateur porn -- the proof positive that the people on the street are just as hot and horny as any adult star in the business. Your friends and neighbors -- maybe even you -- are getting it on all over the place.....Go to the Top 10 Amateur Porn Scenes List

Porn For Women

Porn For Women Top 100 List & Article
Women -- and a lot more than you think -- watch porn for the same reasons as men: curiosity and fantasy exploration, masturbation or couple sex inspiration, education, and entertainment. We created this article to help women understand the types of porn, stars, studios and titles they might find arousing...Go to the Porn For Women Top 100 List & Article

Audrey Hollander

Top 10 Hot Redheads in Porn
From the golden strawberry blondes to the fiery oranges to the deep, sultry auburns; it's the way the curtains so often match the drapes, it's those peaches and cream complexions (and the dusky ones, and the tan ones...) and everything else. Here, with a list of ten of our favorites -- redheads of every shade, for every taste...Go to the Top 10 Redheads in Porn List

The Perfect Secretary

Top 10 First Anal Scenes
What is it about a fresh, untouched virgin ass that just demands plundering? We don't know, but we do know that a porn star's asshole is her greatest gift to give. You have these hotties to thank for some of the best first time anal scenes ever....Go to the Top Ten First Anal Scenes List.

Hustler's InTERActive

Top 10 Tera Patrick Movies
There are a few women with a legitimate claim to the title of Hottest Woman in Porn, but Tera Patrick's might be the strongest. These ten movies show Tera in every phase of her career, at her best in gonzo, fetish, and features...Go to the Top Ten Tera Patrick Movies List.

MILF pornstar Friday tops GameLink's Big Boob MILF Hot List

Big Boob MILF Hot List
Everybody loves big boobs, and everybody loves an experienced woman, so what could better than a double handful of quality MILF vixens with more than a double handful of enormous, soft, pillowy tits? These older babes have been around the block a few times, so they know exactly what they want. Get ready for ten of porn's hottest Big Boob MILFs...Go to the Big Boob MILF Hot List.

Naomi's big ass

Big Asses List
Everybody loves an LA face with an Oakland booty, and there's no place you'll find more of it than porn. The sisters aren't the only ones that'll get you sprung (although they are so plentiful that they have their very own Big Black Asses List) -- there's plenty of badonkadonk on the white girls, too. Here are ten of the best...Go to the Big Asses List.

Ayana Angel's big black ass

Big Black Asses List
It's hard to choose the best big asses in porn when there are so many to look at, but we think our ten favorite black ghetto booties will tickle your fancy, too. Best of all, you can watch these big black asses in action right here, right now...Go to the Big Black Ass List.

Annette Haven

Classic 70s Pornstars List
Classic 70s Pornstars -- The seventies was porn's golden age, and no decade was more exciting for porn and porn fans. The women on our list were the golden girls of that golden age, porn's first real celebrities...Go to the list.

John Leslie's Brianna Love - Her Fine Sexy Self

2007's Best Adult Films List
2007's Best Adult Films -- A hybird complilation of our favorite films and those rated highest by you, the customer, this is GameLink's definitive list of the best adult movies released in 2007. If you're not sure what to watch or just want to know what's hot, this list is a good place to start...Go to the list.

Ashlynn Brooke

2007's Fresh Picks List
Fresh Picks -- It's always exciting to see a new face -- and body -- in porn. Wide-eyed and eager to please, these new pornstars really made a name for themselves in 2007. Whether they got into porn for the thrill, for money, for curiosity or even for revenge, these up-and-cummers got us super-hot in 2007...Go to the list.

Here Cumz Santa

Christmas Porn List
Christmas Porn -- Christmas porn is for those who prefer their holidays to be naughty and nice. Hot girls in cute little Santa suits; big, stiff candy canes; toys for twats, and more. Watch all your favorite ho, ho, hos in hot, raunchy, hardcore action and celebrate your holiday season with movies from GameLink's Christmas Porn List...Go to the list.

Sasha Grey is our pick for Female Performer of the Year

AVN Awards 2008 - GameLink's Top Ten Predictions
AVN Awards 2008 -- The nominations are in. On January 12, 2008, at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, porn stars from near and far will gather for the 25th annual AVN Awards. We can only speculate at which stunning stars will come away with glistening crystal trophies -- and that's exactly what we have done here...Go to the list.

The Cordless Waterproof Jack Rabbit rates high on GameLink's Must Have Sex Toys List

Sex Toys: GameLink's Must-Have List
Sex Toys -- Sex Toys are all about having fun in the bedroom. Whether you're playing with yourself or with others, sex toys can enhance your sex life and add a new level of naughtiness to your carnal carnival. GameLink's Must-Have Sex Toy list includes sex toys that are enjoyable for women, men and couples, along with a few suggestions to help you along the way...Go to the list.

Jenna Jameson tops GameLink's Club Jenna Pornstars List

Club Jenna Pornstars: GameLink's Must-See List
Club Jenna Pornstars -- Founded in in the year 2000 by pornstar Jenna Jameson and her husband at the time, Jay Grdina, Club Jenna quickly established itself as a top-notch studio with the hottest contract stars around. Although Club Jenna's stable of stars has seen changes over the years, Jenna Jameson proudly maintains, "Once a Club Jenna contract girl, always a Club Jenna contract girl." ...Go to the list.

You'll find Adriana Sage on GameLink's Lesbian Pornstars List

Lesbian Pornstars: GameLink's Must-See List
Lesbian Pornstars -- While most of these ladies aren't lesbians in real life, you wouldn't know it from watching them on-screen! These sexy pornstars love to particpate in lesbian activities like licking pussy, sucking on nice big tits, and donning a strap-on for some lesbian strap-on sex. If girl-on-girl gets you all hot and bothered, check out these top lesbian performers! ...Go to the list.

You'll find Gina Lynn on GameLink's Lesbian Strap-On List

Lesbian Strap-On: GameLink's Must-See List
Lesbian Strap-On -- Even when ladies want nothing but pussy, they don't mind having a big cock in the mix. That's where modern technology and strap-on dildos come in handy. Here's GameLink's Lesbian Strap-On List -- these strap-on ladies can fuck another woman just as hard as any man, and look great doing it! ...Go to the list.

John Holmes ranks high on GameLink's Big Cock List

Big Cock: GameLink's Must-See List
Big Cock -- The biggest and the most reliable cocks in the business belong to the stalwarts that you see in every movie. Here -- in no particular order --is GameLink's Big Cock List, a tribute to those hardworking men with big cocks who are always up to the task...Go to the list.

Belladonna tops GameLink's Must See Blowjob Queens List

Blowjob Queens: GameLink's Must-See List
Blowjob Queens -- There's nothing better than a blowjob, and nobody is better at it than pornstars. After all, it's their job to practice! Here are ten of our favorite blowjob queens...Go to the list.

Taboo tops GameLink's Must See MILF Porn List

MILF Porn: GameLink's Must-See List
MILF porn -- Everybody's known a MILF -- it might have been your best friend's mom, it might have been your girlfriend's mother, maybe even someone closer than that. They're MILFs -- mom's you'd like to fuck, and they're huge these days. Get a load of these mature ladies in GameLink's Must-See MILF movies! ...Go to the list.

Mademoiselle, number 6 on GameLink's Must See: Voyeur Porn list

Voyeur Porn: GameLink's Must-See List
Voyeur porn -- Sometimes it’s more fun to watch than it is to join in! Whether it’s a hot glimpse of a young couple through a window, a wide-open shot of a girl masturbating in her backyard, or the illicit thrill of watching somebody’s stolen celebrity sex tape, everybody loves to watch once in a while...Go to the list.

Jewell Marceau tops GameLink's Bondage Queens List

Bondage Queens: GameLink's Must-See List
Bondage Queens -- Some girls are a little kinky, some girls like a little anal -- and then there are the bondage queens; they go above and beyond the call of porn. Instead of lingerie and lace, they like leather and ropes; they like to be trained and restrained, and they like their sex in the dungeon. Whether they’re dommes or subs, tops or bottoms, these kinky bondage babes like a little something extra -- or a lot! Go to the list.


Masturbation Porn Princesses: GameLink's Must-See List
Masturbation Porn Princesses -- Whether she's using a vibrator or a dildo, or even lubing up and sticking an anal toy like a butt plug up her ass, these women know how to get themselves off and look good doing it. Check out GameLink's list of ten stars who love to masturbate here, and then head over to our female solo section to join in the fun yourself! Go to the list.

Gia Darling

Shemale Pornstars: GameLink's Must-See List
Shemale Pornstars -- What's not to like about shemales? The best of both worlds comes together in the hottest trannies in porn -- gorgeous bodies, beautiful faces, and hard cocks. These T-girls bring everything to the table and give their all -- every curve and every inch. They'll do guys, girls and each other with equal abandon, and you can never tell what's going to happen to who! Here, then, is our list of the top ten transsexual pornstars in the business. Go to the list.


College Girls: GameLink's Must-See List
College Girls -- College is when girls get into their experimental phase, and girls like these love to experiment -- all-girl trysts, gang bangs and orgies, anal sex, exhibitionism -- all the stuff they couldn't try in high school is fair game now. From classic 18 to 19 pornstars to the newest and freshest faces in the business, GameLink’s college princesses are ready to rock your world! Go to the list.


Anal Queens: GameLink's Must-See List
Anal Queens -- You’ve heard about them in the locker room, you may even have known one in college -- they’re anal queens, women who can take everything you’ve got in the backdoor, and maybe everything your best friends have, too. Not just anal, not just double penetrations, but sometimes even double anal isn’t enough for these goddesses who love it in the ass! Go to the list.

Tera Patrick

Big Tits: GameLink's Must-See List
Big Tits -- We could write a list of synonyms for tits a mile long -- hooters, boobs, sweater-meat, jugs, and oh, the list goes on -- but it doesn't matter what you call them, does it? Some are real, some are enhanced, some stand up proud and tall and some hang down, but all big boobs are the stuff of legend. Here's a list of ten girls with twenty great big tits.Go to the list.

Must-See MILF Pornstars at GameLink

MILF Pornstars: GameLink's Must-See List
MILF -- You may not know what MILF stands for, but you've seen them: your high-school buddy's hot mom, the babe in the supermarket buying dinner for the kids... A MILF is a Mom I'd Like to Fuck (and you probably would, too), and plenty of these cock-hungry matrons are being ignored by their husbands and waiting for you to give them what they really want. Go to the list.

Must-See Tall Pornstars at GameLink

Tall Pornstars: GameLink's Must-See List
You may have heard that all pornstars are tiny little things, about the size of a Barbie Doll -- so imagine your surprise when you check out our list of towering porn goddesses. Every single one of these Amazons is at least 5'10" tall -- and that's not even counting the inevitable high heels. Here, then, is our list of girls you can really look up to. In fact, you have no choice. Go to the list.

GameLink s Hottest Squirt Queens

Hottest: Squirt Queens
Squirt Queens — The female Peter Norths of the adult film world, these squirt porn beauties will hose you down with their own squirt orgasm juices. Some of them were female ejaculate pioneers, some are so new on the porn scene that you may not have heard of them, and some just mega squirt from their vaginas like firehoses, but they're all Squirt Queens! Go to the list.

GameLink s Hottest Asian Porn Stars

Hottest: Asian Pornstars
Sleek, sexy and sultry, Asian women have always been viewed as mysterious and fascinating, but porn has opened up the mysteries of the East and made the women of the Orient accessible in a whole new way. Magically, they've lost none of their allure; women from every country of the Pacific Rim remain just as riveting as ever. Go to the list.

Gamelink's Busty Porn Stars

Hottest Naturally Busty Pornstars
Surgically enhanced breasts might be a mainstay of porn, but there's nothing quite like a girl with naturally huge, gorgeous tits. In this list, we celebrate the girls who are shakin' what their mamas gave them. Go to the list.


GameLink's Hottest Blond Porn Stars

Hottest Blonde Pornstars
From Marilyn Chambers to Jenna Jameson, from dishwater to platinum, blondes always stand out. If you like it hot, you'll love our list of the 25 sexiest blondes of all time. Go to the list.


GameLink's Must Have Porn Movies for Couples

Must Have Porn for Couples
Trying to find porn that will appeal to you and your lover is often difficult, but we're here to help. The key to finding a good movie is experimentation, so we encourage you to keep an open mind and try to find a movie that will really appeal to you.See our choices for the Top 25 Must-Have Couples Porn Movies List .


GameLink's Spooky, Scary Halloween Porn

Must Have Halloween Porn
GameLink has put together a list of spooky, scary, supernatural porn to spice up your All Hallow's Eve. Get ready to have more than your hair stand on end when you get into the Top 25 Must-Have Halloween Porn Movies!


GameLink's Must Have Creampie Porn Movies

Must Have Creampies
Defined as an internal cumshot, creampie XXX can be found in many different forms. In addition to the standard vaginal creampie (cream pie), you also have anal creampies, oral creampies, creampie eating (also known as felching), interracial creampies, Asian creampies, double creampie, and pretty much any other combination your dirty mind can imagine... Go to the list.

GameLink's Must Have Strap-On Movies

Must Have Pegging
The term "pegging" originated from a contest in the widely syndicated sex advice column, "Savage Love." Meaning "women penetrating men with a strap-on," the term and the act has gained huge popularity in recent years. Go to the list.


GameLink's Must Have Latin Porn

Must Have Latina Pornstars
Brazilian porn, Mexican porn, Puerto Rican porn, Spanish porn — when it comes to Latina porn from south of the border, you simply can not go wrong! Get fired up with our top 25 Latin porn films starring some of the spiciest latin porn stars around. Hot Latin anal, Latin creampies, Latin DPs, Latina lesbians and more... Go to the list.

GameLink's Must Have Amateur Porn

Must Have Amateur Porn Movies
Amateur porn movies are one of the most popular types of XXX films out there. Providing a voyeuristic thrill, amateur porn has a homemade porn movie feel, with all the foibles that go along with inexperience fucking in front of a camera. Amateur couples, amateur swingers, amateur porn auditions, amateur handjobs — the energy and enthusiasm found in amateur movies is always a treat... Go to the list.

GameLink's Must Have Porn Paradies

Must Have Porn Parodies
With names like The DaVinci Load, Sex Trek IV: The Next Orgasm, and Edward Penishands, you know you're in for a fun time when you're watching a porn parody. Porn spoofs entertain as well as titillate, making them an excellent choice for an adult party or when you're craving some hardcore porn but want a little storyline to go along with it...Go to the list.

GameLink's Must Have Squirting Porno Movies

Must Have Squirting Movies
The elusive and famed act of female ejaculation, squirt porn is the current fetish du jour. While squirt XXX is nothing new (stars like Fallon were pioneers in the 1980s), squirting really made a splash when mega-squirt queen Cytherea hit the scene. See her squirt, along with other girls that squirt, in our carefully selected top 25 Squirting Movies... Go to the list.

GameLink's Must Have Asian Porn Movies

Must Have Asian Movies
There have been a lot of hot Asian pornstars over the years (Katsumi, for one), and whether a lady's a top Asian porn star or an amateur, the appeal is massive. Look no further for the hottest Asian interracial cumfests, Asian MILF porn, delectable Asian schoolgirl porn, and famous Asian porn from Japan, china, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand and all over the Pacific Rim... Go to the list.

GameLink's Must Have Tranny XXX Movies

Must Have Tranny Movies
When it comes to transsexual porn, expect full-on chicks-with-dicks — she-males with nice, hard she-cocks. Beautiful babes with the best of both worlds, these gorgeous girls with fully functional cocks fuck and suck men and women alike. See male transsexuals and female transsexuals frolic alongside famous transsexual pornstars like the ravishing Vanity on our list of the top 25 best tranny movies... More Info

GameLink's Must Have Instructional Sex Vids

Must Have Instructional Movies
There's a lot to choose from when it comes to sex instruction videos. Sex tips for men, sex tips for women, anal sex instruction, oral sex instruction, lesbian sex tips — there's a sex instruction DVD to help you become an expert. Nina Hartley is a top sex instructor, and you'll see many of her fine films on our list, along with advice for using a strap-on, swinging tutorials, bondage techniques and more... Go to the list.

GameLink's Must Have Feature Porn Films

Must Have Porn Feature Films
Epic events, feature-length porn movies pull out all the stops to create a full on movie-going experience. Plot based, with elaborate costumes, full soundtracks, famous pornstars, and big budgets, XXX Feature Films are just like mainstream movies, but chock full of hot sex! These films really suck you in, and once the action starts you'll have a hard time tearing yourself away... Go to the list.

GameLink's Must Have Gangbang and Orgy Movies

Must Have Gangbangs & Orgies
Gangbang porn and orgy porn movies are no-holds-barred, hardcore fuck fests. Fucking and sucking cock after rock-hard cock, gangbang girls like Annabel Chong and Annie Cruz can't get enough, even taking on up to 251 men in one day. Like gangbang XXX, naked orgy participants writhe in passionate group sex. Here we present to you la crème de la crème of porn gangbangs and sexy orgies... Go to the list.

GameLink's Must Have Interactive and POV Porn Movies

Must Have Interactive & POVs
Interactive and Point of View (POV) porn is one of the newest innovations in the sex industry. Interactive porn online and interactive porn DVDs put you in the driver's seat — it's like a porn computer game! POV porn is one of the hottest crazes in gonzo porn. In POV XXX, the camera is positioned to make you feel like you are participating in the hot sex action. Here's our top 25 favs... Go to the list.

GameLink's Must Have Golden Age Classic Porn Movies

Must Have Golden Age Porn Classics
Here we focus on 70's classic porn, with all your favorite classic pornstars. Classic 70's porn is some of the best vintage and retro porn — titles like Deep Throat, Debbie Does Dallas and Behind the Green Door are now commonly known films even in the mainstream movie world! Like raiding dad's classic porno stash, these titles are some of the best XXX porn movies you'll ever watch... Go to the list.

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