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Top 25 Best Couples Porn Movies: GameLink's Must-See List

Trying to find porn that will appeal to you and your lover might be difficult, but we're here to help. In this list you will find a broad range of genres and styles of film — everything from real-life couples having sex to adult movie classics. There are horror porn movies that will make you want to hold your lover close and porn movies that make sex fun with a comedic twist.

The key to finding a good movie is experimentation, so we encourage you to keep an open mind and try to find a movie that will really appeal to you and your honey. Use this couples porn guide as a jumping off point — and once you find that magic first film, check out the rest of what that studio has to offer, see what other films the stars you like have been in, and fully investigate the genre. There are plenty of couples porn movies out there, you just have to know where to look. Start here with our picks for the Top 25 Couples Porn Movies.

Cry Wolf

1. Cry Wolf
A twisty tale of betrayal, friendship, hardcore sex and psychodrama, Cry Wolf will have you and your partner guessing for the whole time, not to mention adjusting your pants (both of you). Monique Alexander and Marcos Leon put it all out there with the help of a great script, an excellent supporting cast and some fine cinematography. It’s good to see people who call themselves porn actors actually acting.

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Tristan Taormino's Chemistry 4: The Orgy Edition

2. Tristan Taormino's Chemistry 4: The Orgy Edition
Who could resist the lure of a half-dozen pornstars in a mountain retreat, set loose to do whatever they want for an entire weekend? If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like for a pack of professional fornicators to make their own connections and do their own thing with no limits, watch Chemistry 4: The Orgy Edition to find out.

Watch Tristan Taormino's Chemistry 4 on VOD

The Opening of Misty Beethoven

3. The Opening of Misty Beethoven
One of the original greatest classics of the porn world, this movie might seem tame today, but it features real acting, fantastic cinematography, and authentic locations worldwide. This porn update of Pygmalion and My Fair Lady is one of the best examples of what porn was like when people were still really trying to make art sexy.

Watch The Opening of Misty Beethoven on VOD


4. Eternity
This tale of a love that spans centuries features a great script, awesome costuming, a compelling story, and the considerable talents of Jessica Drake, Stormy Daniels and Randy Spears, not to mention Keri Sable and Eva Angelina. Sumptuous cinematography and deft directing by Brad Armstrong make this costume drama a treat in every way.

Watch Eternity on VOD


5. Compulsion
One of the funniest comedies to come out of a studio renowned for its comedies, Compulsion tells the story of a support group junkie who meets his true love in a mountain lion attack survivors’ program – and it just gets funnier from there. Randy Spears and Carmen Hart star in a delightful little piece of fluff that might change your expectations about porn comedy. Do NOT miss Evan Stone in his prized tiger costume.

Watch Compulsion on VOD

Love for the First Time

6. Love for the First Time
Randy Spears and Carmen Hart come together again, this time in a sweet and gentle comedy about the first time. Strictly speaking, this is a parody of The 40-Year-Old Virgin, but it takes on a life of its own, and it has all the great sex you wanted to see in the real thing – and more. Great supporting performances from Barrett Blade and Mr. Marcus.

Watch Love For The First Time on VOD


7. Faithless
The eagerly anticipated hardcore debut of Miss USA 1991, Kelli McCarty, who has been teasing viewers with softcore and soap opera performances for the last twenty years or so. She’s been honing her acting skills and saving up a truckload of sexual energy, all of which gets released at once in her explosive scene with Steven St. Croix. Kelli McCarty steams and sizzles through the whole thing.

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The Texas Vibrator Massacre

8. The Texas Vibrator Massacre
Curl up on the couch and hold each other tight – this rocking horror porn triumph will have you looking over your shoulders for vibrator-wielding maniacs! Rob Rotten has put together a genuine tribute to one of the greatest slasher flicks ever made, and it’s fantastic from start to finish. From the punk soundtrack to the great camerawork to Roxy Deville’s AVN award-nominated performance in the lead role, this one never lets up!

Watch The Texas Vibrator Massacre


9. Fashionistas /Fashionistas Safado the Challenge/Fashionistas Safado Berlin
Arguably one of the greatest achievements in the history of porn, the Fashionistas saga fuses BDSM, hardcore sex, drama and fantastic cinematography to produce a piece of art unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Well over 13 hours of some of the best porn ever produced, as attested to by dozens of adult industry awards and sales that continue to be stellar six years after its release. Belladonna, Rocco Siffredi and Taylor St. Claire give the performances of their lifetimes.

Watch the Fashionistas series on VOD

Brad Armstrong’s Flashpoint X – Anniversary Edition

10. Brad Armstrong’s Flashpoint X – Anniversary Edition
One of Jenna Jameson's most popular and famous films, Flashpoint is a plot-heavy drama that incorporates very hot sex into a serious plot and set a new standard for the feature. Gone were the days of the plumber and the pizza guy – instead, special effects, scripts and action were on the table in just about every movie. This porn take on Backdraft kept the bar high.

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11. Pirates and Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge
Comedy, adventure, skeletons and some of the hottest sex ever committed to film – what more could you ask? These films, some of the most expensive, elaborate and critically awarded movies in porn history, are as close to Hollywood-quality as porn gets. Porn’s biggest stars came together in these two pirate epics, including Katsuni, Jesse Jane, Janine Lindemulder, and dozens of others.

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12. Conquest
Conquest is one of Jenna Jameson's most famous films and possibly the first of the 'pirate porn' genre. Long before the stunning success of Pirates, Wicked’s buccaneer epic was setting the pace for the couple’s movie feature. Like Pirates, Conquest was reported to have had the biggest budget ever for a porn movie, and Wicked did not stint on costumes, sets, or props.

Watch Conquest on VOD

Island Fever series

13. Island Fever series
Shot in tropical locations with beautiful people and absolutely no plot, the Island Fever series is for the couple who wants less talk and more action. The sun and sand are great backdrops for the hardcore, but not over-the-top sex in these movies. The gorgeous cinematography, perfect bodies and sexy slow-motion close-ups make these movies just right to get you both hot while you’re watching and then blend into the background if you get a little feverish yourself.

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Dinner Party 3

14. Dinner Party 3
When a dinner party becomes a place to share your intimate fantasies, a lot of sexy things can happen. In The Dinner Party, couples tell one another their secret desires and they play out on screen.

Watch Dinner Party 3 on VOD

Marie and Jack – A Hardcore Love Story

15. Marie and Jack – A Hardcore Love Story
Marie and Jack are a real couple who have agreed to reveal their most intimate moments on film. They discuss their relationship in an interview section that splices with the kind of sex only a couple can have.

Watch Marie and Jack – A Hardcore Love Story on VOD

O: The Power of Submission

16. O: The Power of Submission and The Surrender of O
A brand-new take on a classic masterpiece of erotica, this XXX reimagining of the original story of O has been updated for the new millennium in O: The Power of Submission. The Adam & Eve version of Pauline Reage’s tale of dominance and submission stars Carmen Luvana, Kylie Ireland, Adrianna Nicole, Justine Jolie, Nina Hartley and more, and it was directed by modern master of the BDSM video Ernest Greene (also known as Mr. Nina Hartley). The role of O was picked up by Bree Olson in the sequel, The Surrender of O, which continues where the previous volume left off. Unparalleled sensuality and great production values make this series a can’t miss.

Watch O: The Power of Submission on VOD  | Watch The Surrender of O on VOD

Debbie Does Dallas

17. Debbie Does Dallas
A must-see for any porn watcher, this famous film is a very lighthearted story of cheerleaders raising money the really old fashioned way. If you long for a movie with natural-looking bodies (complete with pubic hair!), Debbie Does Dallas is a good bet.

Watch Debbie Does Dallas on VOD


18. Manhunters
Manhunters is the story of four extraordinarily hot bounty hunters who fit in full and healthy sex lives in between some very dangerous adventures. Aside from a great variety and number of sex scenes, Manhunters manages the tricky task of making its characters and action seem real while still maintaining a blistering heat. Special features include some fascinating mini-documentaries, but the real appeal for couples will be the great story.

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The Visitors

19. The Visitors
Creepy, eerie and fascinating, The Visitors is a tidy little alien adventure featuring some of Wicked’s best performers. Kimberly Kane holds up her end and more in this story of a girl whose friends may not be what they seem. It will keep you on the edge of your seat – or the edge of the bed, depending on where you watch it – both aroused and enthralled. Couples will be glad to have company when it’s over.

Watch The Visitors on VOD


20. Tailgunners
This over-the-top World War II spy comedy has it all – goofball antics, feminism, thrilling exploits, and decent special effects, not to mention great performances from Adam & Eve’s Austyn Moore and Carmen Luvana. Tailgunners will be a treat for the history buff who doesn’t mind a liberal treatment of the past, and for the couple who likes a dose of comedy with their hardcore fucking.

Watch Tailgunners VOD

Velvet Tension

21. Velvet Tension
This story of an investment broker whose dealings go beyond the purely financial was made by women for women and their partners. A light plot supports some great action with Julian, one of porn’s most popular studs, playing the part of a man who puts his sex life on the line in a very unusual deal that opens the door to whole new heights of sexual freedom.

Watch Velvet Tension on VOD

Eyes Of Desire

22. Eyes Of Desire
Directed by porn pioneer Candida Royalle, Eyes of Desire takes her softer style to the next level, incorporating a voyeuristic plot and some of the best talent in the industry into a truly remarkable film.

Watch Eyes Of Desire on VOD

Pornomation #2

23. Pornomation #2
If you’ve ever given any thought to the sorts of things that you just can’t see in a live-action movie – well, you’re not alone. The husband and wife team of Sagemonn and Karynna has turned a truly kinky imagination and a talent for very explicit computer animation to the project of making the hottest adult cartoon ever – and they just might have succeeded. Aliens, robots, bizarre creatures and more bizarre situations will make you wonder what you’ve been missing by sticking to plain old porn.

Watch Pornomation 2 on VOD

Barbara Broadcast

24. Barbara Broadcast
Considered by some to be one of the best adult films ever made, Barbara Broadcast is a big departure from the films of today. This light cornball comedy features Annette Haven, CJ Laing, Sharon Mitchell and Constance Money in a tale of celebrity, sex and celebrity sex in a wacky town where anything goes. The production values alone are worth your time, and the fresh faces, natural bodies and good acting are icing on the cake.

Watch Barbara Broadcast on VOD

The New Neighbors

25. The New Neighbors
The New Neighbors is a dark comedy about how a new element in the neighborhood can totally change the entire vibe – when a pair of delightfully wicked people shows up in a quiet suburb, all hell breaks loose in a frenzy of fuckery. Everyone in the community gets his or her naughty side exposed in an orgy of seduction that includes moms, dads, best friends, stepbrothers and sisters, and even a passing nun. Don’t miss it!

Watch The New Neighbors on VOD


Think we missed something? Want to tell us about your favorite couples porn movies that you like to share with your lover? Email us!

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