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July 20, 2007
by P. Weasels and Miss Bounce



With 188 films under her belt, Penny Flame is one of the most sought-after girls in porn -- and not just for her talents on screen. Penny's bright nature and sunny disposition have made her a favorite among fans and other stars alike; she's a little crazy -- the good kind of crazy -- and always down for an adventure.

Penny started working in adult in 2003, at the age of 19, and for a while her career was pretty low-key -- after a nearly squeaky clean stretch doing only female-solo stills (she wouldn't even use toys!) she dipped a toe into film with masturbation scenes in movies like Stocking Secrets #1 and #2, Jack's Playground #1, and Couples. A 2005 AVN award for best solo scene in Digital Playground's Repo Girl helped give Penny the confidence she needed to take the next step, and it wasn't long before she was a staple in the world of boy-girl gonzo.

Penny's appeal stems partly from her disposition, but don't forget her stunning body -- she's 5'3" tall, but she carries a 36C-25-35 set of curves around on that little frame. With chestnut hair, brown eyes and a spray of freckles across her pretty face, Penny has a girl-next-door look that just gets hotter when you see the hijinks she gets up to. Take a look at our video interview with Penny on the set of Girlvana #2 -- in sweats and a bra, sitting and having a quick cigarette in a lawn chair, Penny's the picture of the sloppy-sexy girlfriend, a tomboy who's all girl when it comes down to the bedroom.

Penny Flame Bouncing Her Tit

Penny Flame Masturbating

Speaking of smoking, Penny does like to light up now and again (and maybe again after that). She's established herself as porn's premiere advocate for marijuana legalization, and she's backed it up by directing her own series of videos for Shane's World, nothing less than a quest for the perfect high. Blazed and Confused is up to three volumes, and going strong, as Penny and Jack Venice seek out the great marijuana havens of the world and immerse themselves in the local culture.

Penny's not your stereotypical stoner, though (well, depending on the stoners you know); she has quotes from Baudelaire and Henry Miller on her MySpace page, and her work ethic is unquestionable. She says she loves gonzo, with its quick turnaround -- four hours or so for a typical scene -- but she also likes acting in features, with their demanding schedules; sometimes a feature shoot will take up 14 or 16 hours a day, but Penny welcomes the chance to do some real acting. As a consequence, she's a regular in real movies with plots as well as all-sex fare -- James Avalon, director of Darkside, said "Penny Flame's the best actress -- and sex actress -- I've come across." You can also find her in Debbie Does Dallas Again, as well as movies like Double Trouble and Fashion Underground.

In spite of her slow start and her contention that she's a dirty girl ("I am nasty -- I am a nasty girl. I had no idea how nasty I was until I started doing a lot more gonzo"), Penny shows up in a lot of high-end productions that showcase the glamorous girls of porn. For every Whores Don't Wear Panties #2 or Cum Swapping Sluts #9, there's an Innocence - Baby Blue or a Fem - Bella Justine.

Penny seems, however, to have found her niche at Shane's World, where she has not only directed Penny Flame's Blazed and Confused #1, #2 - Maui Wowie!, and #3, she has been their poster girl in movies like How to Get More Pussy, The College Guide to Threesomes, and Penny Flame's Out of Control.

She's young, she's hot, she's just starting out as a director, and she loves her work -- expect to see plenty more of Penny for a long time to come.

Penny's Movies


Stocking Secrets #1 and #2

Jack's Playground #1

Repo Girl

Girlvana #2

Debbie Does Dallas Again

Double Trouble

Whores Don't Wear Panties #2

Penny Flame's Out of Control

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