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Top 10 Hot Redheads in Porn

What is it about redheads? It can't be their fiery Irish tempers -- there are hot redheads from Canada, Germany, and America, on the list. And it's not the tempers that attract us anyway -- it's the gorgeous hair, from the golden strawberry blondes to the fiery oranges to the deep, sultry auburns; it's the way the curtains so often match the drapes, it's those peaches and cream complexions (and the dusky ones, and the tan ones...) and everything else. Here, with a list of ten of our favorites -- redheads of every shade, for every taste.

Kylie Ireland

1. Kylie Ireland
This star, with her voluptuous body and deep red hair, has been a fan favorite ever since her debut in 1994. Actress, director and possessor of a smoking hot pair of D-cup tits, Kylie has been on fire since her arrival; her flaming red hair is only a part of her appeal.

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Audrey Hollander

2. Audrey Hollander
Audrey has to be the greatest combination of pretty and dirty ever to hit porn -- her angelic face disguises a truly devilish nature; Audrey, married to porn star Otto Bauer, is famous for being ready to do pretty much anything with anyone at anytime. Her cloud of bright red hair reminds a lot of people of Queen Elizabeth the First, but if they know anything about history, she would remind them more of Catherine the Great.

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Katja Kassin

3. Katja Kassin
Although many fans know her by her deep red hair and pretty face, Katja Kassin is even better known for the contours and fullness of her spectacular ass. She's a German by birth, but she's no Nordic ice-queen -- fiery and passionate, Katja is one of porn's most exciting performers.

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Annie Body

4. Annie Body
With a long, ringletted fall of almost-orange hair, Annie Body is a toned, athletic porn star with a fantastic body and a set of astonishing DD-cup boobs that nearly overbalance her (her other measurements are 32-20-30, and she's only 5'2" tall). She's one of the queens of low-end gonzo, showing up in dozens of low-budget vignettes and all-sex films, but she's also a kinky girl who can play both top and bottom.

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Cherry Poppens

5. Cherry Poppens
A curvy little redheaded starlet, Cherry Poppens has an adorable baby-face and a very grown-up pair of pierced nipples on her sexy C-cup tits. Cherry has been in porn since she was 20, playing babysitters and the babysat, teens and teen doms, all the while smiling winningly and taking it on the chin. Cherry is still going strong -- although she's 26 now, so she should start playing redheaded MILFs any day now.

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Emily DaVinci

6. Emily DaVinci
A slender, athletic native of Montreal, Canada, Emily had a five-year career that lasted from 2002 to 2007. She performed in about 75 movies, doing a lot of anal and earning a reputation as an enthusiastic cocksucker. Unlike a lot of redheads with long, flowing locks, Emily wore hers in a short, almost punky cut that set her apart from a lot of the other starlets and made her instantly recognizable.

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Justine Joli

7. Justine Joli
Also known as Swan and Swan Hope, Justine has made a career out of girl-girl scenes, high-end softcore and kinky fetish movies. Her flaming red bob comes and goes, but it's what most people remember about her, and it sets her apart from both the porn stars and the fetish stars alike. Justine is still working, and she has a devoted fanbase in both mainstream porn and on the web.

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Tiffany Mynx

8. Tiffany Mynx
Tiffany started her porn life as a blonde back in the very early 90s, had a long careeer in the newly burgeoning gonzo school of porn, retired for a few years and finally returned, reinvented, as a redheaded MILF with the traditional huge MILF jugs. With more than 400 movies on her resume, a libido in overdrive, and a body that still rivals the curves of any younger star, Tiffany remains one of porn's hottest stars.

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Aiden Starr

9. Aiden Starr
A mere 4'11" tall and weighing 90 pounds, Aiden is one of porn's smallest stars, but she shines pretty bright. Her sharp features, big C-cup tits and sharp wit make her noticeable in any crowd of porn stars, but her light strawberry blonde hair really makes her stand out. Aiden does guys and girls in mainstream porn, but she also has a dedicated following in the world of fetish, in which she can play any number of roles.

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Ginger Lea

10. Ginger Lea
An auburn-haired porn star with a trim, fit 34C-24-34 body, Ginger is a newcomer to porn, but not a newcomer to sex. This redhead didn't get into adult until the age of 32, but she made up for lost time, making 40 movies or so before slowing down. Ginger is the perfect combination of older woman's libido and younger woman's freshness.

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