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Scene It? Naomi in Mademoiselle

Every week, our editors watch over 500 new adult releases. That's our job, looking for scenes with that rare combination of chemistry, intensity and lust that make for great porn: breakthrough moments that puts you on the edge of your seat. In Scene It?, we bring you these stand-out scenes we love, and tell you why you'll love them too!


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It's not often that you get to watch a voyeur at her pleasures, but that's how this scene works: voyeuristic beauty Sophia Santi is spying on Naomi and Marco Banderas...but don't let the occasional cutaways to Sophia's observation (and masturbation in an antique chair) distract you. They simply tease, and only momentarily interrupt the action at the heart of this scene. So sit back in your own chair and relax, if you can, because this scene had me squirming in my seat.

Speaking of seats, John Leslie (who directed Naomi for the aptly named "Naomi, There's Only One") said he's never seen one "more perfect" than Naomi's, and that's saying a lot, given his decades in adult cinema. This film's director, Robby D., lovingly shoots her round, firm ass from many angles, all flattering, including atop Marco's very happy cock in a compelling anal cowgirl ride. Overall, the scene is beautifully shot and well-lit, straightforward and unselfconscious.

The opening scene of Mademoiselle starts at 1:16; Naomi is privately (oddly and inexplicably) playing with a child's doll on a nice, clean, white bed. She asks if the doll is hungry and leaves the room to get a banana. Marco (who has been spying on both dolls from around a corner) enters the room for a little (slightly macabre) mischief, ripping off the head of Naomi's baby doll. Naomi returns with her banana, feigns distress for a moment or two, giggles, and soon they're rolling around the bed kissing and groping. By 3:20, their shirts are off and he's licking her nipples...

At 3:54, Naomi is down to high heels (which she uses to kick the doll head off the bed) and a thong. A bizarre cutaway shot of the doll head on the floor gives the actors a chance to strike a new position, and you'll be glad they did. When the camera returns to Naomi at 4:17, her body is wriggling in the early throes of passion, literally shimmying on Marco's face.

Around the 5-minute mark, they're engaged in a nice side-view 69 (though he has to work her thong out of the way with his tongue). A minute later, she peels off that pesky undergarment, and just how long and lean this woman is becomes truly apparent. By 6:45, she's slid down to focus solely on sucking him, licking, moaning and slurping with pleasure.

By 8:35, Naomi's lips are locked on Marco's cock, and the eye contact is fantastic. For those that find eye contact during blow jobs exciting, this moment is hot (if much too short). There's also some tongue play and deep throating. At 9:30, after the camera practically makes love to her taut, muscular body, Naomi climbs on top and begins to ride. (There's no doubt these two are pros – they don't miss a beat or struggle to get his shaft inside her pussy, and they've ever so deftly turned 20 degrees so we have the perfect view of the in-and-out.)

For the next few minutes, Naomi twists, turns, humps, churns, writhes and rides; a nice mix of wide shots of the twosome are intercut with close-ups of her body parts (take your pick, they're all gorgeous) – her shaved pink pussy, her lips through brunette tresses, her tight tummy. It's impossible to look away, as the heat builds.

At 13:20, they engage in some very tight spooning, essentially doggy-styling on their sides – the angle to camera is again near-perfect, as we can see her ecstatic face and her clean-shaven vagina even better. At 15:01, we briefly cut back to Sophia (remember her?), who's understandably hot and bothered, with our couple fully engaged on a big-screen TV behind her and a black rubber dildo in her mouth. But just as we can see that's what's going on...

We return to our happy couple, Naomi getting him extra hard with her hands, then turning around to reveal a freshly lubed backdoor ready for reaming. She goes into a doggy stance, again turning just so, to let us see the insertion.

You'd think Naomi had a clit in her butt the way she starts wailing... "oh baby, yes... you're gonna make me cum..." And cum she does.

Another cut-away to Sophia (it's OK to ask why, I did), and Naomi climbs on top for the beginning of a joyous anal cowgirl ride. (Giddyup, girl!) By 20:30, she's thrusting herself up and back down on his shaft, showcasing that fine ass for another minute and a half. She climbs off to spit on it for lubrication's sake, then back on for more of the same. Grinding gives way to more orgasms – she clearly enjoys a cock deep in her ass.

Another cut-away to Sophia, and welcome back to Naomi's Ass Show. At 23:25, she spins around to take it reverse cowgirl in the rear. Quickly she's back in ecstasy – and we hear about it. Breathing, high squeals, smacking of their bodies together, her pleas to "fuck me", and finally, at 25:20, she comes out loud, her long body shuddering.

A last cut-away to Sophia, and it's time for Marco to blow. At 25:40, he stands in silhouette while Naomi kneels, facing the camera. He strokes a moderate load into her mouth. A few drops of the pop shot graze her chest and she rubs them in. After some smiles and sucking to be sure she's fully cleared his pipes, she quietly swallows it all. By 26:40, the scene ends.

(This scene is not yet available as a pay-per-minute scene. But you can watch the entire VOD now, or buy the DVD – Mademoiselle features other noteworthy scenes, including one with the angelic Hannah Harper.)

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