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Every week, our editors watch over 500 new adult releases. That's our job, looking for scenes with that rare combination of chemistry, intensity and lust that make for great porn: breakthrough moments that puts you on the edge of your seat. In Scene It?, we bring you these stand-out scenes we love, and tell you why you'll love them too!


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Sex and the Sybian features two of the greatest inventions of the last millennium — the Sybian, and Gianna Michaels. If you haven't seen either one in action, you've been missing out. The Sybian machine is an unassuming pommel-horse shaped device that is more or less a dildo mounted on an industrial-grade vibrator; it has a saddle that attachments can be fitted to, and it is pretty much a stone-cold lock to produce a tsunami-sized orgasm in any woman at all. Gianna, on the other hand, is a much more impressive-looking piece of work -- almost six feet of spectacular woman, with more curves than a west coast highway and a smoldering gleam in her eye that erupts into wild action at the drop of a hat. Putting Gianna on a Sybian fuck machine, in terms of explosive potential, is like putting a bomb on...well, another bomb.

Slinky, sexy and built like a cartoon, Gianna sashays onscreen at 00.35.58, clad in high heels, fishnets, garters, black bra and panties and a dainty little frilly lace collar, Gianna is ready for action right away — there's just a few seconds of lingerie tease and then she's aboard the infernal Sybian sex machine, legs spread and holding the controller. The thing has various grades of sound, depending on how fast it's going — it starts off purring like a kitten, and it goes up through Sunday-morning lawnmower and dogfighting P-51 Mustang, and Gianna puts it through its paces. She's not a slow starter, and she drives it up through its gears pretty quickly, going from moaning to having a screaming Sybian orgasm in about two minutes -- par for the course on a Sybian dildo ride.

The real treat is watching her body move while she's riding the Sybian-- she's got an all-natural set of 34DD tits that might remind you of big-boob legends like Christy Canyon and an ass that the ancients would have explained with a myth involving the moon, or maybe a couple of moons. At the very beginning of the ride at the 37-minute mark, you can see the Sybian saddle working between her legs, looking oddly like a manta ray, but after that it's not the dildo action that will hold you. Gianna with her head back and that rack thrust out and bouncing is so hot that you'll have no thought for the Sybian porn machine, and watching her look down between her tits as she works her clit is just stunning. She ramps up the power, and a couple of minutes later, at 39.20, she's squealing like crazy. The guys in the wings can't stand it anymore, and at just about 40 minutes, the sex part of her Sex and the Sybian scene gets underway.

Three guys rush in, rampant, and all of a sudden Gianna is confronted with three cocks for a gang bang. There's some confusion about who's in charge, which Gianna solves by announcing that it's about her and smacking one of the cocks to put a stamp on it. Funnily enough, what they want to do (fuck her mouth really hard) is pretty much exactly what she wants them to do, and once she's established who's in command, she tells them to get on with it, demanding that they pull her hair, get their cocks all the way down her throat for a hardcore blow job, and generally pushing the pace. Gianna likes to get used mercilessly, and it's always a treat to hear her telling the guys that she wants it even harder, no matter how intensely they're already giving it to her. She's an aggressive wildcat, and woe betide the stud who can't keep up.

At 43.22, she starts up the Sybian machine again — apparently sucking cock is fun, but it's not paying the bills, clit-wise; she keeps slurping but starts to get her fingers into the action again. Still on the Sybian, she leans back onto the couch and offers her tits up (my favorite quote of the entire scene: "You wanna fuck my tits? Hop on!" followed, as she is using both hands to squeeze them together to create a cock-tunnel "You want me to work 'em for you? You don't know how to work tit or what?"). At 45.05, the Sybian riding is ramped up to lawnmower speed again, and Gianna is asking "Do you wanna beat me? Have I been bad?" as the guys frantically lunge toward her. They don't know what they want, they're that horny. Fortunately, Gianna's still in the driver's seat, both literally and metaphorically, working a couple of cocks at a time, practically devouring them as the scene ends.

At 48.30, she starts spanking one of her stuntcocks for not fucking her mouth hard enough, and he actually has to jump out of range. The whole time, her incredible sweater-meat is bouncing around like a pair of punching bags — and speaking of punching bags, at 49.41, when one of the guys tentatively slaps at her, she asks him if he wants to slap her and tells him if he does he should "Do it like a man!" The Sybian toy is still buzzing away underneath her, and when the slapping starts, she really gets into it again, even slapping his balls to goad him into being rougher. At 51.01, they're laughing about it, a great moment of unforced levity, but it doesn't interrupt the action at all.

The rest of the scene consists of Gianna sucking voraciously on a rotating cast of cocks — they switch in and out almost at random until they take her off the Sybian and get her on her knees to receive the popshots. The change of venue allows for some different positions — Gianna on her back on the table getting her face fucked, hanging her head off the edge to take it deep — and the three guys take advantage of her until the 55.57 mark, when the loads start coming. Gianna doesn't let them off easy, sucking every last drop.

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