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Shy Love Interview:
A Exclusive

by Miss Bounce
September 11, 2007

Shy LoveShy Love is well on her way to icon status in the adult industry. With more than 210 porn movies under her belt and reputation as an anal queen, Shy Love recently expanded her resume from pornstar to director, producer and talent agent. GameLink's own Miss Bounce had the opportunity to speak with Shy Love on September 11, 2007.

Miss Bounce:  This is Miss Bounce with And I'm here talking to Shy Love. Shy, can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about yourself?

Shy Love:  I'm Shy Love, an adult actress, director, and producer, and I recently added the title talent agent.

Miss Bounce:  And can you tell us a little bit more about your talent agency? You just started that?

Shy LoveShy:  I just started my talent agency about six, maybe eight months ago. I started it because I was a girl in the industry with male agents and I felt that a lot of girls weren't getting the attention that they needed and the respect that they needed and didn't get the understanding that they needed due to the fact that male agents are yes, sometimes in front of the camera, but not as a female. And a female view is just going to be different.

So basically, I started it to help the girls not only to become better performers, but to get better jobs and spots that were more suited and fitting to them instead of being thrown into just anything whether or not the girl would be comfortable or not.

Miss Bounce:  That's great. And what's the name of your talent agency?

Shy:  It's Adult Talent Managers. And the website is

Miss Bounce:  And I know you've been in the news a little with that because you actually also represent gay talent. Is that correct?

Shy LoveShy:  I do represent gay talent. The gay talent is not crossing over into the straight market in any way. They are just going to be in the gay market. At this point in time there really isn't any agent that represents gay talent. And typically what they do is they search for them on the web and fly them out to do a scene. And I thought this would be a good way to show respect to them that they're just as important as the straight talent is.

Miss Bounce:  Terrific. And how's the feedback been on that so far?

Shy:  The feedback has actually been very good. I've had a lot of companies who are now getting ready to shoot a lot of various bisexual and gay lines and they've been calling me quite a bit telling me, "When are you getting more guys?"

Miss Bounce:  That's awesome.

Shy:  Absolutely amazing.

Miss Bounce: And as far as the female talent you represent, you do have some pretty big names that you are representing. Can you tell us a little bit more about the girls that you have?

Shy:  Yeah. Recently the biggest name that we signed to Adult Talent Manager has been Krystal Steal. She and I met and basically exactly what she wanted is what I could offer her. So I just recently signed Krystal Steal.

I also signed as a contract girl, Memphis Monroe, who is now with the talent agency. I have a new girl, which is going to be a very big surprise, who just signed a contract with Epic. And then I have, again, Lisa Daniels, who's been announced for quite awhile. And she also was absolutely a really great performer.

Shy LoveMiss Bounce:  That's terrific. And in addition to running the talent agency, you also direct films. Is that correct?

Shy:  Yes, I do.

Miss Bounce:  And what do you think you bring to films when you're directing that other directors don't?

Shy:  It's not that I bring something they don't. It's when I shoot, I honestly shoot the things that I'm sexually attracted to. I guess the good thing about me is, other than looking like a female, my mentality is very much male like. I know what I like. And when I shoot I give for both aspects, for both viewers.

Miss Bounce:  Excellent.

Shy:  And most people think that females have a tendency of being more soft and submissive and they're slightly wrong. Most girls I know are very dominate, aggressive women that know what they want and like watching certain things just like males do.

Miss Bounce: I definitely agree. So, speaking of what you like, can we talk a little bit more about what gets you off?

Shy:  Let's see, in my personal relationship or in camera, because I have two different personalities that come off on-camera and in my personal relationship. But what I like in one is not what I typically like in the other.

Shy LoveMiss Bounce:  Really? Why don't you tell us a little more about that?

Shy:  At home I do play a lot with other girls. I do have a boyfriend. And a lot of times I do threesomes. But at home, I mean, there are days, don't get me wrong, where I want the love, the passion. I want to feel like the person that's completely and utterly deep in love with me when I'm making love. But at home I'm also a little bit more aggressive than I am on camera. At home I like to be choked and thrown against the wall and I like to be the submissive.

Where on camera I don't get choked or thrown against walls. And typically I'm not the submissive person. I'm more of a dominant. And I control the entire situation. So, it depends. In my personal life I like it when a man takes complete control and shows me who's the boss. And on camera I like a guy who allows me to show them that I'm the boss.

Miss Bounce:  Do you think that has to do with the level of trust there?

Shy:  I mean, I definitely think it has to do a lot with the level of trust. And there are times when I am directing a scene that I usually take it over the top a little bit more than usual because I know I have the chance to call it and say, "This is not going to happen. This is my set." So, usually when I'm directing, it permits me to be a little bit more aggressive and allows me to push the buttons on myself a bit more. But I'm pretty sure that the reason why I'm a little bit more tame on camera is because of the trust factor.

Miss Bounce:  So, you do have an open relationship in your personal life?

Shy:  It's open, but not open -- if that makes any sense. No, my boyfriend cannot sleep with any girl when I'm around. He can't flirt with them. He can't get lap dances. He can't do any of that when I'm not around.

Miss Bounce:  But when you're there...

Shy LoveShy:  When I'm there -- when I want, not when he wants -- the open relationship is there. I bring girls in, because I love women. And I know them. I love going to strip clubs. I love getting lap dances. But those things happen only when I'm around.

Miss Bounce:  All right. And do you guys use toys too?

Shy:  No. I have a thing against toys. I haven't found one that's even slightly comfortable or even feels good.

Miss Bounce:  So, not even vibrators or...?

Shy:  No. Why have that, when you have the real thing?


Miss Bounce:  Do you find it difficult because you do perform on film to create that intimacy at home as well?

Shy:  I'm such a passionate person and have such a giving heart that that intimacy at home... I mean, it takes me awhile to trust someone in my personal life. I've only been with three guys. So of course that intimacy part is difficult. But once I do give it out, they'll... I'm a very emotional person -- more than most people actually would know.

Miss Bounce:  And are there any sexual experiences that you haven't yet had but want to?

Shy:  The only thing, and I've been trying to do it for six years and it still hasn't happened, is one guy, me, and five other girls basically controlling, dominating, and doing whatever we want to the guy and everything else. It has to the guy that I'm with. And in six years I've been with two different guys and it still hasn't happened.

Miss Bounce:  And why five girls?

Shy:  Honestly it's just the fact that we all get tired of the other one and the fascination of getting six women who are sexually attracted to each other completely dominating a male, which never happens. And being completely comfortable in the entire environment and just having fun.

Typically it's easy to get one girl you're sexually attracted to, but to get six girls in one room all attracted to each other as well as one man -- that never happens.

Miss Bounce:  Yeah. [laughs] It's hard to imagine.

Shy:  The fascination with making something that doesn't happen, happen.

Miss Bounce:  Do you watch porn at all in your personal life other than...?

Shy LoveShy:  I do not watch porn. I have nothing against porn. I'm a performer and I'm a director and I know what happens and I know how it goes. A lot of these people are my friends or associates. And it's not a turn-on for me. I'm more of an HBO/Showtime/soft-core porn kind of girl, because I don't know half the girls in there. So that's more of a turn-on to me, where now I can turn on porn and say, "Oh, I already know, I was just with her last night." I don't get turned on by watching my friends.

Miss Bounce:  So you actually do hang out with fellow pornstars on your own?

Shy:  I do. And those are the girls I would be most attracted to, and those girls are all good friends of mine, and it's just not my thing. [laughs]

Miss Bounce:  Can you tell me about an embarrassing or funny moment that's happened when you're filming?

Shy:  Embarrassing or funny. God, there's so many things that happen! I'd say one of the funniest things that happened to me was when I brought my dog on to set. Actually it was two times -- it was the first time I brought him on set, the girl left him out of the cage, and he's like, "Oh, I want to play, I want to play!"

We're shooting, and in between the scenes, somehow he runs away from the girl, jumps onto the guy that's on top of the girl, and licks his butt. I had to sit on set for about an hour brushing his teeth, freaked out that my dog had been infected. It was going to be the worst day of his life, so that was probably one of the funniest.

And then the second time, we put the dog out on the patio in the backyard, with a scarf. I was just doing a snow shoot, and it's in Hollywood, and you know how the yards have the big hills and stuff like that. And the dog jumped off the balcony, into the hills, into the cliffs, and starts rolling down. And like an idiot, there's Shy jumping off the balcony, rolling down the hill, just to get this dog. And I'm crying, "My dog is going to be hurt!"

Miss Bounce:  Oh, no!

Shy LoveShy:  And I stopped filming just to get this dog. So everybody sees me rolling down the hill, and then at the end climbing up this huge hill, holding my dog. Has me in tears, making sure he was OK. And, yes, no one helped -- they all just sat there and laughed.

Miss Bounce:  And you were OK.

Shy:  Oh, I was fine. I was a little concerned about my little puppy.

Miss Bounce:  What kind of dog is it?

Shy:  He's a miniature Pin.

Miss Bounce:  Oh, wow.

Shy:  Very tiny and fragile.

Miss Bounce:  I have a few questions from fans that I'd like to ask you.

Shy:  OK.

Miss Bounce:  Let's see -- what gets you off, be it during sex or otherwise?

Shy:  Not during sex, when I'm not just having sex. Honestly it turns me on just to lie on the couch, watch TV, and having a guy caress me with his hands. It's very passionate and sweet. During sex, I would honestly say what gets me going the most would probably be either him eating me out, or me lying on my back and him controlling it; but basically I'm gagging on his cock, until the point that he can't hold it anymore and he comes. So it's weird. I'm either extreme or very, very romantic.

Shy LoveMiss Bounce:  You have to have the balance. And this is a pretty personal question -- but what do you fantasize about when you masturbate?

Shy:  I don't masturbate, I'm sorry to say that.

Miss Bounce:  Really?

Shy:  I do not.

Miss Bounce:  [laughs] You get it enough where you don't need to, huh?

Shy:  Well, I have a boyfriend that I see once a month for a week, maybe once every other month, and when he is in town I'm having sex about five, ten times a day. So by the time he's gone, I'm so exhausted that I can wait.

Miss Bounce:  Yeah, I'll bet.

Shy:  So in my personal life, when I'm with someone, I'm so sexual and I have sex like all day long, that I'd rather not masturbate. I'd rather have the real thing. It feels so much better.

Miss Bounce:  Do you prefer to perform in gonzo, or plot-based movies?

Shy:  Honestly, I would say both. I mean, there are times when I just want the gonzo, straightforward, you know, you go and do your thing, you call it a day and leave. And it's a short day. But you know, it's fun creating a character that you're not, and becoming that person on film. So I like both. If I had to choose I honestly could not choose which one I would prefer.

Miss Bounce:  And this is one of my favorite questions -- what are you wearing right now?

Shy LoveShy:  Honestly, I am wearing a pair of beat-up white jeans and a tiny, tiny, tiny little pink jacket that says, "West Coast Divas -- Supporting the Fire Department in New York." Because today is 9/11. My boyfriend is a firefighter, well, retired firefighter, and his brother died during 9/11. So today I'm supporting the troops -- supporting all of them, you know. It's a tough day for everybody, so today I'm walking around with a fire department shirt.

Miss Bounce:  Are you down in Southern California right now?

Shy:  I am in Southern California right now, hoping that I was in New York with everyone. I just had a hundred firefighters ride cross-country just to go to New York for 9/11, and I wish I was on those motorcycles with them supporting them, and I can't be, so that kind of sucks for me today.

Miss Bounce:  Do you like to ride motorcycles?

Shy:  I do. I am a fanatic about motorcycles. I love to ride them, race them -- most people see the little girlie girl on camera or in person, but I'm totally a biker chick.

Miss Bounce:  And so do you like rock-n-roll and leather, too?

Shy:  I'm a total rock-n-roller, leather type of person. I just don't do it on camera because this is a look that everyone wants. So periodically the fans get to see that side of me, which is total rock-n-roll chick on a motorcycle, riding a Harley and saying, "Let's go, let's have a beer."

Miss Bounce:  And I hear that you are actually a fan of the show Heroes.

Shy LoveShy:  I am! I am! I'm like fascinated with that show! It's like my favorite, favorite, favorite show of all time. I have a new show that's starting to compete with that, so hopefully it doesn't get any better, but I don't know. Imagine a world where everybody has superpowers. It's just one of my favorite shows.

Miss Bounce:  What's the new show that you like?

Shy:  The new show I've been totally into is Californication.

Miss Bounce:  Ah, I haven't seen that one yet.

Shy:  I have a crush on the guy, 'cause he was from X-Files, and I used to be an X-Files fanatic.

Miss Bounce:  David Duchovny.

Shy:  Yes, and he's in that show, and he's such a sarcastic little prick in the show, and I love it.

Miss Bounce:  So is he your celebrity crush?

Shy:  He's one of them. I would say my second celebrity crush would be Matthew McConaughey.

Miss Bounce:  So what do you think the future of porn is?

Shy LoveShy:  Oh, God -- porn has changed so much since the first day I got in, that it's so hard to determine where it's going to lead now. Hopefully it stays strong and keeps going forward. But a lot of stuff is converting to Internet, and I see that features and gonzo are dying down, and Internet is growing stronger and better. So I think we've come to an age of technology where Internet and DirecTV and cable are going to be our main source of porn.

Miss Bounce:  Can you tell us a little bit more about any projects that you have upcoming, or that you're working on right now?

Shy:  Yeah, I can. Finally, my "Shy Goes To Jamaica" movie is in editing and it should be released in January [2008]. This was a movie we shot in Jamaica, all reality-based, brought fans out there, one of the fans got lucky and had sex. I am getting ready to do "Shy's World Volume II" in another country. And I have a reality thing that I'm getting ready to potentially do -- it has to do with me never being part of the sorority kind of thing. I have that, and I have a potential show that will be airing on mainstream TV. That's the next project that I've been working on and I've been dealing with the producers and stuff, to get the final paperwork done.

Shy LoveMiss Bounce:  And can you tell us any more about that, or is that all top secret?

Shy:  I won't release it until the day it's confirmed and signed. I don't trust anything until it's on the dotted line.

Miss Bounce:  I can understand that. Well, I wanted to thank you very much for talking with us today.

Shy:  Thank you so much...Anyone looking for me or want to see what I'm doing today, come look at me at

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