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GameLink Girl: Brandy Talore

October 16 , 2006


by P. Weasels

Born in Ohio on February 2 nd, 1982, Brandy Talore's been in the business for just under two years. She started at age 22, but her youthful face and sweet, soft curves make her seem much, much younger, a trait that lends an added spice to her Lolita-esque charm, enough that she is frequently called on for teen-themed movies, and believably so. Her delightful girlish nature doesn't end when she gets up and wipes off, though - she claims on her Myspace profile that her favorite books are The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham - and if you remember Highlights Magazine, well, she likes that too. No word on whether she'd prefer Goofus or Gallant.

But first things first: it's pronounced "Taylor," like the guy who makes your clothes, not Talore, to rhyme with galore. Galore, by the way, is the perfect word to describe Brandy's bounty. Some girls would be just a mere slip of a thing at 5'2" tall, but Brandy is so curvy and so ripe that it's hard to believe she doesn't take up more space than she does. If you look at the covers of Built for Sex #2 or Natural Knockers, she looks like she's considerably taller, but it's an optical illusion. And speaking of covers, of the more than 70 DVDs featuring Brandy that Gamelink currently stocks, she is prominently showcased on the covers of an astounding 53. And speaking of prominently showcased...

What is it about Brandy that's landed her on so many covers? Well, it could be her fresh, almost illegally youthful face (you could get arrested just for looking at her on the cover of I Got The Biggest Tits #7), or the fact that that face is almost always bearing a radiant smile - take a look at Boobstravaganza or Big Rack Attack and see if that's not the face of a happy girl. It might be a bigger clue, though, that of the aforementioned seventy-plus movies featuring Brandy, 51 are busty-girl films.

Brandy Talore Brandy Talore

Brandy doesn't do girls (much - she did make an appearance on one of JM's infamous Violation videos), she doesn't do anal, she doesn't do DPs, she doesn't do a lot of spitting or slapping or choking...but she has what many fans argue might be the best and biggest set of natural tits in the business. The number is 36, but it's the letter that means the most - or in this case, letters: D. Oh, wait, no, it's, it's DDD, as in damn, damn, DAMN! Brandy's got more Ds than a math class full of English majors, and she's not afraid to show them off at all. The rest of her body looks positively petite in comparison (and in real world terms it is - she only weighs 130 pounds), but fans of big-girl bodies can get a look at her with a little meat on her bones in Scale Bustin' Babes #18 and Scale Bustin' Babes #20. "Scale Bustin'" is hardly fair, but it's still nice to see a girl who looks healthy; no-one will ever accuse Brandy of being a starved little waif. She's been a poster girl for big-boob movies in her time in the industry, appearing in no fewer than four volumes of Super Naturals - #2, #3, #4, and #5, which might as well just be called "Brandy Talore Video Magazine". She's also been a favorite in films from Score, the home of the busty queen, showing up in Busty Ladies of Wrestling, Hardscore - 100% All Natural XXX and Score Xtra #6, among others.

On being judged for being in porn, she says "nice" people can say anything they want, as long as they also comment on how well she gives head. How long will she be around? Hard to say, but if her enthusiasm level stays the same, we can hope for a good long run - Brandy deserves to be one of the industry's legendary tit queens. As she says herself,. She loves being a porn star, and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, and when the voices in her head tell her to stop doing porn, maybe she will...or maybe not.

Brandy's Movies


Super Naturals #2

Socal Coeds #3

Natural Knockers 2

Big Cocks in her Little Box 4

Natural Knockers

Huge Boobs Galore

Super Naturals 5

I Got the Biggest Tits 7

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