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October 23 , 2006


by P. Weasels

North Carolina-bred Carmen Hart is a breath of fresh air, with a delightful down-home Southern lilt that will remind you of whatever nice associations you have when you think of things Southern. Whatever those things are, mind you, be prepared to have then replaced by an entirely new set of images once you see Carmen Hart on screen.

As befits her position as one of Wicked Pictures’ elite contract stars, Carmen has avoided the hundreds of low-rent gonzo raincoaters and increasingly extreme scenes that many starlets have to perform in to stay on top of the heap. What she has done, and very appealingly, is appear in a slew (well, a relative slew, anyway) of glossy Wicked films, like the (more-or-less) silent gem 1000 Words, a cleverly put-together story of the courtship of two photographers (don’t be afraid of the words – they’re the proverbial thousand that any picture is worth). She also holds down a meaty role in Wicked’s epic Manhunters, playing the sweet and goofy comic relief in a gritty tale about some badass female bounty hunters. If you don’t believe she could look tough, check out the extras and behind-the-scenes footage, in which she gleefully pops off a full magazine from an automatic rifle, then grins manically at the camera.

Brandy Talore Brandy Talore

Born in March of 1984, raven-haired Carmen is only 25, but she bypassed the starlet phase of her career and went straight to seasoned actress. She’s already so well established that no less a luminary than Michael Raven helmed the (admittedly tongue-in-cheek) documentary Becoming Carmen Hart. Her exotic beauty, due to more than a hint of Native American ancestry (her folks come from the biggest tribe east of the Mississippi River, the Lumbee) seems like it might be at odds with her friendly charm, but she manages to be, in a decidedly un-superstar way, approachably beautiful. Although she is a talented singer and has won more than her share of awards in that arena, she opted to dabble in other arts, piling up awards as a dancer even as she pulled down honors as a calendar and magazine model.

When she decided to turn her intelligence and drive into a career in adult, it was only a matter of time (and not much of that) until she was flirting with stardom. Well, not so much flirting with it as shoving it up against a wall and humping its leg – she signed a contract with Wicked almost immediately on her entry into the business, and most of her films have been features that have given her a chance to display her comedic acting talents as well as her fabulous body. In Gossip, she plays a sweet and sassy hairdresser, she’s a sexy nurse in Made in the USA, and in Honky Tonk Girl she’s…well, a honky tonk girl.

Although from just hearing her voice you might think of Carmen as a comfortably appointed girl, rounded and maybe a little plump, she’s toned and sleek, with a trim natural 34B-24-36 figure on a 5’5” frame; all that toned sleekness, though, doesn’t keep her from boasting of her favorite feature, her self-described “nice round ass”. Even before she was winning awards as an exotic dancer, Carmen was keeping herself trim by playing softball, step dancing and (here’s an attractive thought) cheerleading. If all that sounds unbearably winsome and sweet, you can get back to earth by watching her scene in Brad Armstrong’s Fuck, in which she presides over an eight-person orgy on a banquet table – that’s the kind of thing that can take your mind off somebody’s wholesome purity.

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