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GameLink Girl: Kay Parker

September 29 , 2006


by P. Weasels


Here at the Naked Truth, we watch a lot of porn. A lot. And when we see a girl who has that perfect combination of beauty, personality and enthusiasm, we have to stop and take another look. Once we take that second, third and fourth look, we want to share our girl with you. Enjoy!

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Among the porn legends who surpass simple stardom in stature, there are a select few who go a little a farther even than that - men and women who came to symbolize a concept. John Holmes was the Big Dick, Linda Lovelace was the Cocksucker. Marilyn Chambers was the Fresh Young Girl, and Kay Parker? Kay Parker was the Mother. It just so happened that in her most famous films, she was the mother who fucked her sons, but she was, first and foremost, porn's first MILF.

Kay started her career when her friend John Leslie invited her to take part in one of his movies; she declined, but the hook was set, and she playing bit parts and non-sex roles. Before very long at all, she had accepted an explicit role, in Anthony Spinelli's Sex World. Others followed, and before long, Kay was one of the industry's most hotly sought-after porn queens At the height of her popularity, Kay even made a brief appearance in the mainstream movie The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas.

Kay Parker Kay Parker

Born in Birmingham, England in 1944(!), Kay brought both a maturity unusual in porn - she was 33 when she started - and an Old-World elegance to her roles. It didn't hurt that she also brought an incredibly ripe 37-24-37 body to the table, either. Her fans loved both that and her incredible energy - in her first scene ever, she got so out of hand that she chipped a tooth, an ouchie that stayed with her for the rest of her career. Directors loved her for the touch of class she bought to the screen, and she was one of the most requested co-stars by male performers. She worked well into the 1980s in explicit roles, and earned spots in both the XRCO and AVN Halls of Fame.

All of her charms, as well as a surprising talent for acting, came together to make her the ideal candidate for the role that defined her, that of the mother in Taboo. Her soft, ripe beauty, reserved grace and smoldering sexuality made her perfect for the role of a recently separated woman slowly discovering her own attraction to the forbidden. She reprised the role in three immediate sequels Taboo #2, Taboo #3 and Taboo #4 as well as making non-sex appearances in the ninth and eleventh iterations of the enormously popular series, the last coming nearly fifteen years after her landmark role.

In 1994, Kay also directed an educational video called The Tantric Guide To Sexual Potency, in which she explains (but does not demonstrate) the principles that she currently espouses in her new life as a New Age metaphysical counselor and lecturer, and in 2001, she wrote a book about her life and experiences both in and out of porn. Kay remains a popular cult figure, with compilations of her best work, like The Very Best of Kay Parker and The Kay Parker Collection appearing regularly. Aside from compilations, a surprising number of her 60+ movies remain readily available - Sweet Young Foxes, Private Teacher, and The Seven Seductions of Madame Lau are only a few of this legend's legacy.

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