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GameLink Girl: Lindsay Meadows

November 13 , 2006


by P. Weasels

You may not recognize the name Lindsey Meadows. You may not have seen much of Lindsey Meadows. But settle back with a tub of popcorn - or a tub of lube - because you're about to. "I want to be different, not be like every other girl. I want to stand out and be my own girl," she says. I was lucky enough to get some of Lindsey's time for an interview, and that was lucky indeed. Although Lindsey's credit list includes only twenty or so movies right now, she says she's done eighty scenes in the last eight months, many of them for Wicked, Playgirl and Penthouse, like her turn in Bad Wives (Penthouse XXX). Although most of the ones that are out now are from gonzo movies, she says she's done plenty of feature work, and we'll be seeing it hit the market soon.

Lindsey is a bare five feet tall and weighs in at 98 pounds; her body is a curvy but trim 32A-24-35, and the first time I saw her, in Craving Big Cocks #11, I thought she must have been a trained dancer or a gymnast. Take one look at her belly and fall in love. She says, though, that she hasn't done any training and doesn't particularly work out to keep herself looking so good. "On occasion if I'm bored or pissed I'll do crunches, but I've never set foot in a gym." Lucky girl, but lucky us, too. And although she has a great body, it would be a mistake to assume she's just another nice ass. With an unconventionally pretty face that might you remind a little of Chloe, Lindsey can look bright and girlish, but she can be sultry and provocative, too. She's enough of a looker that you'll see her on more than a few covers, like those of Who's That Girl #2 and Teen Dreams #12.

Lindsay Meadows Lindsay Meadows

Born in Cleveland, Ohio in April of 1982, Lindsey didn't start working in porn until she was 24 years old, although she was a dancer for a few years before that. Why did she get into the business? "I was sick of dancing and hustling guys for their kids' college funds. I needed a change and I needed to get laid. I figured 'I'm single and probably will be for a while so why not get paid and laid?' It seemed logical and a lot safer. I also just felt I was ready to do it." More than ready - if enthusiasm is any yardstick of how much someone needs to get laid, she must have been off guys for quite a while. Check out, for instance, the way she works her hips in her scene with Mark Wood in Secretary's Day, and you won't be able to doubt her claim that she loves her work.

She doesn't do interracial, she doesn't do blow bangs, she doesn't do creampies...for now. She's coy on the subject - there are things she does in her personal life but won't do in film "till the price is as high as it will go. It's all about marketing," she says. Is there anything she won't do? "I will never do anal, because I don't like it. If I don't like something I definitely will not do it." That's a relief, because she takes such obvious pleasure in from her work that it would be a shame to have to see her grimace through an anal scene. Much better to watch her smiling while she does what she likes, as in her scene in Her 1 st Monster Dick or in New Chicks Cum First.

So you won't find her in a lot of "extreme" titles or doing gangbangs or double anals, but that only lends point to her determination to stand out. "I like a lot of passion. The best scene is when you forget the cameras are rolling and you forget anyone else is there. I like clawing and making noises only an animal would make, spitting and licking. Raw passion." And she's never short of passion. When I showed her what I said about her in the first of her movies that I reviewed - "Lindsay Meadows is a particular standout, with a beautiful slim body and an even more appealing smile that stays bright through the whole scene - she's obviously delighted to be doing what she's doing," - she said, simply, "Yes I am." And you can tell - watch her in Oral Assistance #3 or Slut Mania and you'll see that winning smile, and you'll see what she means when she says "I want people to see me and see that i am enjoying myself and can be dirty in a classy way."

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