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Top 10 Jenna Jameson Movies: GameLink's Must-See List

More than any other woman in the history of the adult world, Jenna Jameson defined porn for the public at large. Linda Lovelace was an instant but momentary sensation, Ginger Lynn is an enduring legend, but Jenna Jameson was the face of the industry for the mainstream world -- a smart, capable, sexy woman who could build a company, cross over into legitimate movies and TV, and fuck like a crazed minx in her porn movies. Jenna was (and still is) the biggest pornstar we've ever seen, and she changed the business forever. Here’s our list of the Top 10 Jenna Jameson Movies that are essential movie-watching for any Jenna fan.

Up and Cummers #11

1. Up and Cummers #11

Jenna’s all-the-way boy-girl debut is the first scene on this disc; with Randy West, an old campaigner behaving like a Cub Scout who’s just glimpsed his first naked girl, you can see Jenna’s appeal. Fresh, natural, and unspoiled, this is the one to watch if you long for the days of a young Jenna Jameson. Slip the disc in, lean back, and be transported.


Up and Cummers #10

2. Up and Cummers #10
No matter what else you see of Jenna Jameson, now or then, you can’t ignore her first scene ever. Even though she was already a rising star on the exotic dance circuit and in magazines, these two scenes with Kylie Ireland and Randy West show her at her freshest and most nubile – it turned out she was a natural in front of the camera, both with fellow superstar Kylie Ireland and with Randy West, who only got a blowjob in this one but brought her back for the next volume of the series.


Virtual Sex With Jenna

3. Virtual Sex With Jenna
What could possibly be better than a one-on-one date with Jenna Jameson, a date on which you are absolutely sure to score, and in which you can do just about anything you want to with the biggest pornstar ever? Not much, which is why it was so great that Digital Playground, always the top dog when it came to putting in the effort to make a quality movie, went all the way with this revolutionary concept and gave porn fans the ultimate choose-your-own adventure. They really made the most of the potential of the new DVD format, and the result was a blockbuster.



4. Conquest
Long before the stunning success of Pirates, Wicked’s buccaneer epic was setting the pace for adult movie features. Like Pirates, Conquest was reported to have had the biggest budget ever for a porn movie, and Wicked did not stint on costumes, sets, or props. Jenna was already a superstar at this point, and everything about the production was worthy of a film with porn’s biggest star in it.


Flashpoint X – Anniversary Edition

5. Flashpoint X – Anniversary Edition
With Asia Carrera, Jill Kelly, Sydnee Steele and of course, Jenna herself, Flashpoint was nothing less than star-studded. It was also just one of a slew of Brad Armstrong-directed Jenna Jameson movies from Wicked that set a new standard for the feature. Gone were the days of the plumber and the pizza guy – instead, special effects, scripts and action were on the table in just about every movie. This porn take on Backdraft kept the bar high.


Belladonna's Manhandled #3

6. Dream Quest
Another post-hiatus mini-comeback movie, Dream Quest was also another big-budget Brad Armstrong turn with a stellar cast including Asia Carrera, Bridgette Kerkove, Jessica Drake, Stephanie Swift and Jenna. Jenna was married to Armstrong at the time, and he lost no opportunity to capitalize on her star status, making epic after epic starring his wife and moneymaker (to his credit, they usually turned out well). Dream Quest is exactly what it sounds like – a fantastic journey through a magical world where anything can happen. Naked.


The Masseuse

7. The Masseuse
A remake of an earlier Paul Thomas film, The Masseuse was a hit partly because of the chemistry between Jenna and her new beau, Justin Sterling, but it was also well-written and beautifully shot, with Savanna Samson and Tina Tyler in supporting roles. Jenna also came home with AVN awards for Best Actress, Best All-Girl Sex Scene and Best Couples Sex Scene for this one, so it’s clear that the level of acting was on par with the heat of the sex (other awards for The Masseuse included Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Film).


Hell On Heels

8.Hell On Heels
For the fan of Jenna’s Sapphic skills, no movie could be a bigger draw than Hell on Heels, a seven scene effort in which Jenna gets busy with, among others, Felecia, Stephanie Swift, Sydnee Steele, Asia Carrera, Shayla Laveaux, and former real-life girlfriend Nikki Tyler. It marked Jenna’s return to porn after a brief hiatus, and it was a welcome relief.


Janine Loves Jenna

9. Janine Loves Jenna
This trip-to-Hell movie, in the mode of The Devil In Miss Jones, follows Jenna’s descent into the underworld, where she is seeking her lost lover, one of the other biggest stars around, Janine Lindemulder. Although not as cohesive as some of the big features Jenna had been part of, it had great sex, was richly filmed, and the combination of Jenna and Janine was irresistible.


I Dream of Jenna #2

10. I Dream of Jenna #2
Genuinely funny porn movies are hard to come by, at least intentional ones, but the sequel to the original I Dream Of Jenna was a knockout in every sense. With a stellar cast including Belladonna, Gauge and Aurora Snow, the sex was sure to be good, and the addition of a really funny script and a set of hilarious bloopers put it over the top. Jenna made her usual appearance with then-husband Justin Sterling, but she also shows up in a big all-girl orgy and a great girl-girl with Angel Cassidy.



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