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Wait, What?: Five Movies That Surprised Us
By: Val Williams - 09/07/2017
There are people in the business doing things that can turn your head. Herewith, five of our favorite movies that took us by surprise and made us perk up.
Recommended for Me: They’ll Probably Work for You Too
By: Val Williams - 08/01/2017
Regardless, it never fails to entertain, and if you haven't checked your own list lately, you should, because you might find some cool stuff. Like, for instance:
X- Art: The Perfect Mix
By: Val Williams - 07/26/2017
X-Art's sexy seduction, gorgeous stars, and beautiful production values make for a perfect combination of hot hardcore and sensuous seduction.
Toys Will Be Toys: Five Awesome Doc Johnson Toys
By: Val Williams - 07/19/2017
Lots of companies specialize in one kind of toy or another - silicone, anal toys, vibrating items, whatever - but there's nobody like Doc Johnson when it comes to producing a range of toys that lets you go anywhere and do anything.
A Little Something Extra: Five Awesome Transsexual Movies
By: Val Williams - 07/11/2017
What is there to say about MTF transsexuals, except that they represent the best of both worlds in porn - a gorgeous woman with a big hard cock? What more could you ask?
Everything Under the Sun: Five Awesome Public Sex Titles
By: Val Williams - 07/11/2017
The great outdoors isn't just for camping, hiking and fishing, so strip down, grab the closest person, and start playing in the sun. Fucking in public is pretty risky, but that's part of the thrill.
Five Great Movies in 4K: That Makes 20 Ks!
By: Val Williams - 06/26/2017
Trust me, it's better than whatever you've got now. Unless you already have 4K, in which case, I bet you can't wait till we can get you your porn in 5K.
Oh My Splosh! Five Wet and Messy Titles
By: Val Williams - 06/23/2017
Some girls - the dirtiest girls, the ones who love to get really filthy, love to be covered in ooze and glop and slime and sweat and spit and jizz, and they'll do anything to get more of it.
Bad Girls in the House: Five Awesome Babysitter Movies
By: Val Williams - 06/15/2017
OMG the babysitter! Seriously, you have a crush on your babysitter when you're a kid, and then you grow up and get to start hiring hot chicks to take care of your own offspring...
Trans-Substantial: Five of Our Hottest TS Movies
By: Val Williams - 06/13/2017
Out of the taboo shadows and in the limelight these days, these lovely, lusty ladies are ready to dominate, be dominated, fuck and be fucked, suck and get sucked, and all of it in amazing high-def - transsexuals are here to stay!