Wait, What?: Five Movies That Surprised Us

By: Val Williams
When you watch a lot of porn, you see a lot of the same things over and over again - in spite of the fact that there are new girls coming into the business every day, after a while the bodies and the activities and the plots can blur together. So we look for new things - new people, new companies, new ideas. But it's porn and innovation can be in short supply. Still, though, there are people in the business doing things that can turn your head. Herewith, five of our favorite movies that took us by surprise and made us perk up.
  • Compulsion (Wicked)

    1. Compulsion (Wicked)

    Studio: Wicked

    "Compulsion" might have been the first porn movie I ever watched that made me laugh out loud becasue teh director wanted me to laugh out loud. Randy Spears is a comic genius as always, but the details in the background of this tidy little comedy are also priceless. Barrett Blade as a white Rasta twelve-step meeting leader, Spears and Hart with their great chemistry, and Evan Stone in his tiger suit are things you won't forget.

  • The Accidental Hooker

    2. The Accidental Hooker

    Studio: Wicked

    Porn doesn't have a reputation for subtlety, but "The Accidental Hooker" will show you that it can be done. I really can't say much about this Wicked affair without giving things away, so all I will say is that you should watch it. It's a skillful, solid movie, and if the sex is about Wicked standard stuff, that still means it's pretty damn good.

  • Game of Bones (Zero Tolerance)

    3. Game of Bones (Zero Tolerance)

    Studio: Zero Tolerance

    It's not like Game of Thrones doesn't have enough titty in it, or enough sex, or enough of anything that appeals to the visceral and prurient, but sometimes you want to see the penetration. For those of you who are willing to sacrifice a little...let us say, production value quality for some hardcore, "Game of Bones" definitely delivers, and Lee Roy Myers knows how to make the best of a budget. Wait till you see the dragons. If you want to be surprised by a porn movie, this one really brings the funny.

  • Indirect Relations

    4. Indirect Relations

    Studio: Pretty Dirty

    What with the glut of step-brother, step-mother, step-sister, and of course step-father porn on the market right now, it's hard to make a case for "family-themed roleplay" being surprising in any way. Or you'd think so, but then comes "Indirect Relations," the movie that asks the question "What if we wanted to make it really creepy?" Well, here's what.

  • The Texas Vibrator Massacre

    5. The Texas Vibrator Massacre

    Studio: Loaded Digital

    Gore porn really isn't my thing, so I was pretty surprised when I found myself enjoying Rob Rotten's tense, compact horror movie. Atmospheric and disorienting, this effort from porn's punk prince features a strong, distinctive visual style. a sterling performance from Roxy DeVille and a cast of freaks, and an attitude that dismisses tradition out-of-hand. It's not sophisticated, but it is definitely not ordinary.

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