Recommended for Me: They’ll Probably Work for You Too

By: Val Williams
Here at Gamelink, we have some kind of complex algorithm that lives in our machines - I think it's alive, anyway: I confess to not knowing exactly what an algorithm is - that happily tells you what you should watch based on, I guess, what you've already watched. Or something? Anyway, it's good for alerting you to things you might not have seen if you were just casually browsing. My own list of recommended titles is a little skewed because it reflects not just things I like on my own, but things that I've bought as part of my history as a reviewer and former customer service agent. Regardless, it never fails to entertain, and if you haven't checked your own list lately, you should, because you might find some cool stuff. Like, for instance:
  • Best Break Up Therapy Ever

    1. Best Break Up Therapy Ever

    Studio: Pervout

    There's this hot tattooed ex-girlfriend Lux who's getting hypnotized, and this guy named Lance who can't get over her, and this hot blonde new girlfriend Anya, and they all come together at the therapist's office, and the therapist says the best way for Lance to get over Lux is to fuck Anya in front of her, which doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's porn, but then Lux comes in wearing a strapon, and she's hypnotized to do whatever Lance and Anya want, and the therapist takes her own clothes off, and everybody's getting fucked and goddamn! Thanks, Gamelink algorithm!

  • Naughty Alysha's My Whore Life #12

    2. Naughty Alysha's My Whore Life #12

    Studio: Sticky Video

    So there's this chick, Naughty Alysha -= I don't know if that's her birth name or what, but it sure is accurate - and she's what we call a pro-am, which basically means she's an independent. She's a Southern blonde with awesome fake tits and an unstoppable sex drive, and the main thing she's famous for is traveling around the country and fucking her fans, or just random strangers if no fan is available, and believe me, she is not famous enough. This movie, the twelfth in a series of films where she chronicles random fucks, crazy adventures, and her general horniness, which is considerable and very entertaining. You can't beat a woman who needs to get fucked the second she gets in the door of the hotel room. Don't forget, there are eleven more of these.

  • Jay Sin's TS Playground #24

    3. Jay Sin's TS Playground #24

    Studio: Evil Angel

    After 23 other iterations of Jay Sin's TS Playground series, I don't even need to look to know that I'm going to like this one. I only recognize one of the names - Sheylla Wandergirlt - but I have seen enough of these to know that I'm going to like the ones I don't know, too. I don't like everything Jay Sin does - I can do without the oil and the pussy-stuffing and the gaping - but when he turns his very meticulous hi-definition cameras on the world of MTF transsexuals, I trust him to deliver a quality product, and he has never failed me yet.

  • Aiden Starr's Bisexual Pick Ups #2

    4. Aiden Starr's Bisexual Pick Ups #2

    Studio: Evil Angel

    Bisexual porn can be a crapshoot; there's a sweet spot between twink and bear where you find men that will play with other guys but still seem relatively straight; you can call me a reactionary, but I like my bi men to seem pretty straight - it's more about stereotypes than it is any ilk of homophobia, and Aiden Starr hits that spot for me most of the time. In addition to really enjoying watching her personally, I like how she is bringing things like pegging, bisexuality and a kind of sensual femdom to the mainstream in a way that few other people are.

  • LeWood's My TS Heartthrob

    5. LeWood's My TS Heartthrob

    Studio: Evil Angel

    I met Francesca Le once at a porn convention, and she was really nice; it was especially cool for me because, back in the days when porn wasn't that easy to find and when you had some, you hung onto it and watched it over and over, a gangbang movie with her in it was one of the first porn videotapes I ever owned, so talking to her was like meeting a character from a book you've read a couple of dozen times. I like it that she's transitioned to directing, and I like that she's doing stuff that's not just run-of-the-mill porn junk. "My TS Heartthrob" is about T-girls fucking cis-girls, and it's pretty good. You should check it out.

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