Well, No, She Doesn’t Have To…: Roxanne (Hall)

By: P. Weasels

"Roxanne" is a song about a whore, and no Roxanne was ever more of a whore than Roxanne Hall. Sting wrote the song about French prostitutes outside the hotel the police were staying in during a 1977 tour. The name itself - and I agree that this has pretty much nothing to do with porn or even whores, but it's interesting - is a Westernized version of the name Roshanak (or, in the original Persian, روشنک‎‎, if you like that kind of thing - it means "shining light).

If you've ever seen Roxanne Hall - tall, slinky, blonde and invariably looking (especially next to the kind of guys who were routinely seen lumbering aboard her through her heyday in the nineties) like a classy rich girl who'd decided to spend some time slumming it - you can easily imagine her lounging outside an alleyway in Paris waiting for a quickie to come by. If you haven't, you can get a pretty good idea by watching any of the more than five hundred movies she starred in between 1993 and 2014.

She was also the kind of girl who you could imagine that quickie falling in love with - she was gorgeous, with a face like an angel, a slim, natural body, and a fetching British accent, and she was the kind of singlemindedly rapacious trollop who could make you feel like you were special even though she was dealing out exactly the same kind of sweaty, sleazy, no-holds-barred fucking to everyone else with the right money.

You could easily find yourself telling her "Roxanne, you don't have to sell your body to the night - you don't have to wear that dress tonight!" without understanding that Roxanne likes that fucking dress, because it shows off her nipples and just barely covers her ass, and that's the way she wants it, because that's what brings the boys in. She actually doesn't have to walk the streets for money, and she doesn't care if it's wrong or if it's right - she lives for the thrill.

"I wouldn't talk down to ya," you might say to Roxanne Hall, "I have to tell you just how I feel - I won't share you with another boy!" And then you'd be talking to Roxanne's back, because she wouldn't be putting away her makeup. She'd be thinking about which lipstick would show up best under the red light. You told her once and you might not think you're talking down to her, but you won't have the chance to tell her again, because Roxanne's going out the door like that, and she doesn't care if you're there when she gets back.

P. Weasels

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