Beer and Titties: The Best of Spring Break Porn

By: Val Williams
Spring break is a magical time, the sparkling sweet spot for American youth when you're old enough to drink legally but not old enough to be held responsible for the appallingly stupid things you do when you've had far too much to drink. It's a time when boys are old enough to earn the money to buy things that will get girls to take off their tops and a time for girls to take their tops off before they've learned to be ashamed of their aging bodies. Nobody has any inhibitions, and they won't have anything to regret until the end of the week, when the pictures start to surface. It's a golden time.
  • Shane's World - Wildest Spring Breaks

    1. Shane's World - Wildest Spring Breaks

    Studio: Shane's World

    Shane didn't always film her movies on spring break - sometimes it was winter break, sometimes it was summer, sometimes they were just crashing schools in the middle of term - but she and her crew of merry, mostly-stoned delinquents carried the spirit of spring break with them wherever they went. This collection shows them at their least responsible and most fun.

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  • Casey Parker's Lake Mojave Adventure

    2. Casey Parker's Lake Mojave Adventure

    Studio: Shane's World

    Remember Casey Parker? She got in touch with Shane and allowed as how she figured she could be just as much fun as anyone else Shane knew at going to spring-break-y places and taking her clothes off in front of delighted strangers, and goddamn if she wasn't right. This perky little blonde busted into porn, made a dozen or so movies, and busted right back out, leaving us with the memory of a dazzling smile and a pair of perky little tits, like a dirty Tinkerbell. Check out her houseboat adventure.

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  • Spring Break Fuck Parties #6

    3. Spring Break Fuck Parties #6

    Studio: Team Skeet

    Spring Break Fuck Parties is just what it sounds like, except that instead of being truly spontaneous and off-the-cuff, these encounters are staged. Still, with girls like Alaina Kristar, Alex Little, Alex Tanner, Aubrey Gold, Brittany Shae, Dillion Carter, Emma Ryder, Gia Paige, Piper Perri, Valerie White and Kandice Caine pretending to have all kinds of wild spring break party fuck adventures, we could care less if it's real!

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  • Absolute Spring Break

    4. Absolute Spring Break

    Studio: Wayne Enterprises

    Oh, speaking of real, here's the real thing. It's not what you'd call hardcore, but it's absolutely straightup unvarnished drunk American youth, on the beaches and the streets. Spring break is about beer, but even more than that, it's about tits, and there's not much of a better way to get tits out in the open where they belong than the liberal application of beer. Real girls, real boobs, real hot. It's like Mardi Gras in the daytime!

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  • Shane's World #24 - Spring Break

    5. Shane's World #24 - Spring Break

    Studio: Shane's World

    The filming of Shane's World #24 was non-stop partying where the margaritas kept flowing and the girls were out of control! As soon as the plane landed the girls were ready to bang and wouldn't even give the guys the time to unpack before they hit the streets. This is definitely some wild spring break fun to heat up this cold winter! Starring Blair Segal, Felecia Ryder, Jesse V., and Samantha Sterling.

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