Here's Ten Of Our Favorite Eurobabes For You To Fap Over This Weekend

By: Naked Truth

Europorn seem to be the dirtiest, doesn’t it? It seems like you can’t swing a cat without hitting some astonishingly hot eurobabe who can take three cocks in her ass and two in her pussy at the same time, all while maintaining a languid air of ennui that would put a debutante to shame. Back in the nineties, all porn was American and European porn stars were rare and precious things, and almost everybody in porn looked the same, but thanks to Rocco Siffredi, John Stagliano, and Marc Dorcel now we have an astonishing variety of smoky-eyed and buxom performers to choose from. So here’s to the belles de France, the Schönheiten der Deutschland, the bellezze di Italia, the ljepote Ceškoj, and the krasavitsy Rossii, so let’s celebrate the continent with a list of ten amazing Eurobabes.

  • Nikita Belluci movies and scenes at

    Nikita Belluci

    Nikita Belluci hails from Paris, the jewel of the Continent, unless that's Vienna. Whichever it is, the sophisticated yet very dirty Nikita does her hometown credit. This 5'4" brunette has been in the business since 2011, and she's a favorite in features and the gonzoest of gonzo alike.

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  • Manon Martin movies and scenes at

    Manon Martin

    Manon Martin, fresh outta Bordeaux, France, is still wet behind the ears (among other places) as far as porn goes, having only started in 2014, but this sexy little brunette is already on everybody's radar because of her high profile at Marc Dorcel's movies.

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  • Lola Reve movies and scenes at

    Lola Reve

    Lola Reve's tweets are all in French - not surprising, given that she's from someplace called Montpellier, and not any of the fifteen towns with that name in the US. No, not even the Frenchish one in Quebec - so we can't read it, but she looks like she's having a lot of fun (yes, we're willing to use Wikipedia to research these things, but not Google Translate). This adorable blonde started working in 2013, and we hope she likes the business enough to stay for a while.

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  • Anissa Kate movies and scenes at

    Anissa Kate

    Anissa Kate, like many Eurobabes from Southern France, boasts some North African heritage - in her case, Algerian, which explains the sultry, exotic geometry of her fuckable face. Hailing as she does from Lyon, the gorgeous, busty Anissa is heir to the grand cinematic tradition of the Lumiere brothers, who invented the cinematographe there in 1895. Wouldn't they be amazed if the could see what their invention has become?

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  • Anna Polina movies and scenes at

    Anna Polina

    It might seem like we're top-heavy with French girls (of whom Anissa Kate was the top-heaviest), but we're out the other side of France and into Russia now, home of Anna Polina, who hails from St. Petersburg. Much like St. Petersburg, which used to be called Leningrad, Anna Polina used to have a different name, although we don't know what it was just offhand, and we don't feel stalkery enough right now to go find out. And does it really matter? We like her just fine, no matter what she calls herself. In fact, We think we would love to spend some time vacationing in Polinagrad.

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  • Tanya Hyde movies and scenes at

    Tanya Hyde

    We believe Tanya Hyde to be a native of England, although some sources report that she is actually a man named Trevor from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. While we realize that if this is true, it would stretch the bounds of both "Euro" and "babes" to nearly their breaking points, still we are a modern company and believe in the inclusion of all viewpoints. Although Tanya is alleged to have appeared in some hardcore in the '90s, she has been exclusively a director of BDSM-themed films since then.

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  • Aletta Ocean movies and scenes at

    Aletta Ocean

    Getting back to places and people that are indisputably European and babes: Aletta Ocean. Due to her origins in Budapest, Hungary, her identity as a Eurobabe is secure as far as we're concerned, although given that she has also performed under the names Dora, Doris, Doris Alien, Artemis Gold, Aletta Florencia, and Aletta Alien, secure identity hardly seems to be this sexy, buxom brunette's first concern.

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  • Ally Style movies and scenes at

    Ally Style

    Like Aletta and many of her Eastern European compatriots in porn, brunette Czech hottie Ally Style also shares and inability to settle on a name, so if you loved watching her as Ally Style, you might also try finding movies starring Alena, Ally Styles, Joanna Black, Nikola, or Eli. We wish you luck, and let us know how it goes. Have fun storming the castle!

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  • Tarra White movies and scenes at

    Tarra White

    Tarra White also hails from the Czech Republic; Ostrava's loss is the world's gain, though, as she has left her hometown for greener, or possibly just richer, pastures. Given the number of her aliases - Marianna, Susie, Tarra Light, and Chrissy - it is possible she left Ostrava one step ahead of the law. She can hide out with us if she needs to, though - we can always use another 34DD-24-35 dirty blonde around the place. And she is a very, very dirty blonde.

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  • Valentina Nappi movies and scenes at

    Valentina Nappi

    At 5'3 and 34C-24-36, Valentina's a bouncy little sexpot. With a saucy smile, a wanton hip and an amazing capacity for anal hijinks, Valentina was probably the cutest girl in her hometown of Scafati, Italy, but luckily, she left to chase fame. Well, she found some, even if it's not what the local priest would have recommended.

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