X- Art: The Perfect Mix

By: Val Williams
X-Art's sexy seduction, gorgeous stars, and beautiful production values make for a perfect combination of hot hardcore and sensuous seduction. With some of the best looking stars acting out fantasies tailored to your wettest dreams, these scenes and movies will quickly become some of your favorites. Don't miss out on their unique blend of X and Art!
  • Couples Fantasies (X-Art.com)

    1. Couples Fantasies (X-Art.com)

    Studio: X-Art

    Secret for some, silent for others, mild for some and wild for others - every couple harbours hidden sexual fantasies. Couples Fantasies combines kink and romance in this collection of lusty lovers in a no-holds-barred collection of powerful sex and expertly crafted scenarios. A gorgeous young pair greets each other hungrily in the morning, two lovers turn a picnic into a sexual feast, a sexy redhead does a striptease for her man, and much more.

  • Malibu Moments (X-Art)

    2. Malibu Moments (X-Art)

    Studio: X-Art

    Everyone meet Amelie! This adorable and sexy beauty is a 22 year old cutie with Latin roots; shares some special Malibu moments with X-Art regular Tyler. Watch as these two young hotties' natural chemistry comes t the surface. Tyler goes down on her and she returns the favor until they can't hold back, and they get to action on the living room rug in front of the fire until he finishes all over her perfect ass.

  • Deep Blue Passion - (X-Art)

    3. Deep Blue Passion - (X-Art)

    Studio: X-Art

    When Ryan surprises Alexis with a sexy little gift, she's delighted and decides to slip it on...just in time, as Ryan walks through the door! One look at her and her delicious, perky natural tits in the lacy lingerie is all he needs to send him over the top. Ryan knew exactly what he was doing - the sexy lingerie has Alexis waremd up and ready to play, and she shows her appreciation with some sexy cocksucking, then rides him to orgasm after orgasm.

  • Introducing Clover (X-Art)

    4. Introducing Clover (X-Art)

    Studio: X-Art

    Come to bed with Clover and watch her have an awesome, REAL orgasm. Indulge in this beautiful girl, her perfect breasts and petite body. Watch her quiver with pleasure. Imagine you are there. The sweetest fantasies become reality in this dreamy, sexy interlude with a gorgeous, sensuous blonde and her delicately teasing fingers.

  • Roommates (X-Art)

    5. Roommates (X-Art)

    Studio: X-Art

    Abby and Carla are both cute, petite and blonde, and they live together in a beautiful apartment. They both model to pay the bills, and life in a small apartment with two sexy blonde models is exactly what you'd think it would be: constant seduction. These perfect young girls can't keep their hands off each other, even at breakfast, when Carla just has to sit down in front of Abby and offer herself up for the morning meal.

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