Orgies, Eye-fucking, And Oak Aging at the AEE

By: Gram Ponante

AVN GamelinkNo one attending the Adult Entertainment Expo does it by accident (unless you’re the occasional Horrified Family of Four I spotted a few times in the Hard Rock Hotel — Mom looking livid, Dad looking sheepish but also holding out hope that he, too, might be confused for a webmaster from Scottsdale who made some money for Julia Ann or Kylie Ireland back in 2002, the daughter wondering why she had to finish her homework before getting to come to Vegas if ample evidence existed of free dinners at Nobu available to women who very clearly hadn’t graduated and who were tucking their asses back into their skirts right there on the elevator next to her, and the son forgetting Minecraft for the first time ever), but even the most devoted fans share that boy’s childlike sense of wonder at so many women tumbling forth from their tight enclosures.

The AEE did not disappoint, with classic sirens still working (Nina Hartley, Julia Ann) mixing it up with intriguing comebacks (“Just” Jesse, the former Jesse Jane), and newly minted, market-savvy vixens like cougar Kendra Lust and ingenue Jillian Janson, each of whom made individual fans feel wonderful for 45 seconds at a time, which was way longer than Starbucks barristas have to feign interest.

Gamelink AVN 2015 (To be clear, most porn stars love their fans and know the expense each one has undertaken to get to Vegas for this yearly pilgrimage. But the rigors of pouring oneself into a tight outfit and heels, tottering down the low-pile hotel carpeting to the elevator, then negotiating a crush of eyefuckers and Tokyo subway gropers before arriving at her 3-hour signing perch inside one of the convention halls is enough to test the resilience of anyone.)

But it was not just porn stars on display in Vegas. No, the AEE throws open its doors to anyone who can cash in on the porn star lifestyle. What does that mean? Well, cell phone chargers and custom-made oak casks for home distilling, of course!

But Grams, you might ask, wouldn’t attractive car lease purveyors, credit repair services, vape equipment merchandisers, and tattoo removal clinicians be more up the alley of the pornorati?

AVN Gamelink Sure, but instead some really aggressive cell phone charger-vending sharpies were there, right next to sedate gentlemen selling oak casks for home distilling.

GAMELINK AVN 2015 Off-campus, parties both private and public raged. My favorites were the ones in cheap hotel rooms where little bits of grass-roots pornography flourished. Daisy Ducati told us of spontaneous orgies, and adult stars drifted in and out of events, because every Vegas party seems to have so much more potential to inspire fucking when a pornstress shows up. She’s like Johnny Appleseed where the seed is, well, a different kind of seed administered to the head and neck, sometimes hair.

AVN Gamelink Capping the week was the AVN Awards. Hosted by comedian Danielle Stewart and porn co-hosts Tommy Pistol and Alexis Texas, this show was easily the most efficient, entertaining, and professional adult awards show I have ever seen. Staged at the Joint, the Hard Rock’s 3-tiered performance venue, the awards are produced with an eye toward broadcast on Showtime later in the year. Since the Showtime deal went into effect five years ago, each succeeding AVN show has become tighter. Stewart’s knowledge of the industry and self-deprecating but confident delivery made this a great show — despite no fewer than three porn stars beginning their acceptance speeches with the words “Oh shit.”

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