Details Matter: Five of Our Favorite Plot-Based Movies

By: P. Weasels

Porn wouldn't be porn without the tits, the ass, the pussy, the cock, but it can get a little boring sometimes. It's nice when someone puts some work into making a movie a little more interesting than the last one you might have seen, when they try to make a film you'll remember for longer than it takes to get the lube off your hands and stow away the toys, Some people do, and sometimes they make comedies, sometimes epic adventures, sometimes dark, brooding films, and sometimes combinations of all those things. Sometimes we want movies that give us more than two hours of gynecology, so here are five movies that expect more from us, too.

  • How the Grinch Gaped Christmas by Burning Angel Entertainment

    How the Grinch Gaped Christmas

    Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment

    You will probably never see another movie in which all the dialogue is in Seussian rhyme, unless Joanna Angel decides to make the 500 Cocks of Bartholomew Cubbins or Hop on Step-Pop. We can only hope, but until that time, there's this, which features Joanna in green paint as the prowling, growling, horny Grinch who hasn't been getting fucked enough. It's hilarious, but the sex never lets up, and Joanna, Alby Rydes, Amber Ivy and Krissy are the sexiest Whos you'll ever see.

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  • Compulsion by Wicked


    Studio: Wicked

    Some of the movies on this list are absolute giants, huge releases with huge budgets, but sometimes simplicity is a virtue, and this little gem from Wicked is one of my favorites. unlike a lot of couples' porn, it doesn't really parallel a major release in terms of plot - it's a quiet little comedy about a couple of damaged people who cross paths in a support group for survivors of mountain lion attacks, and it features two of porn's funniest actors - Randy Spears and Carmen Hart. Compulsion is sweet and funny and goofy - it's a rare porn movie that's funny on purpose, but this one's it. Also, bonus, Evan Stone in a mountain lion costume.

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  • Fashionistas by Evil Angel


    Studio: Evil Angel

    If John Stagliano makes a thousand more movies (and given the standards in porn, he might), he will probably never top The Fashionistas, his 2002 monster hit. Not only was this a really involved movie with a plot (the plot of Cyrano de Bergerac, to be precise, and if that's not shooting high in a medium that all too often settles for "good enough", I don't know what is), it was a landmark movie in terms of content - it was the first major movie to marry sex and BDSM, at the time a risky undertaking at best. At nearly five hours long, Fashionistas is a fire-breathing dragon of a movie, and entirely worth both your time and your money.

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  • Pirates by Digital Playground


    Studio: Digital Playground

    A sprawling epic if ever there was one in porn, Pirates wasn't the first adult movie to feature special effects, but it's the best. This award-winning monster was the biggest movie of 2005 and 2006, and deservedly so. It's a movie that Digital Playground put real effort into, with great sets and cinematography, a real script, and some serious porn star power, featuring the best of two studios' contract performers - Carmen Luvana, Devon, Janine Lindemulder, Jesse Jane, Austyn Moor, and dozens more.

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  • Marriage 2.0 by Adam and Eve

    Marriage 2.0

    Studio: Adam and Eve

    Ambitious and un-pornly philosophical, Marriage 2.0 is almost an educational film about nonmonogamy and the modern relationship. The sex is hot, but it's not your standard jackoff movie, with long stretches of plot and dialogue tied together by intimate sex scenes that build character and drive the story. This isn't about cumshots or gaping, and it's not a movie that you should dip in and out of - sit down and watch the whole thing.

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