Porn Star Madness Matchup: Brooklyn Chase vs. Nikki Delano

By: Val Williams

                                        Brooklyn Chase                                                                                 Nikki Delano

Height:                                                            5'2                                                                       5'2"

Weight:                                                           110                                                                      110

Curves:                                           32DD-25-37                                                                      32C-23-34

Hair:                                                     Brunette                                                                       Brown/Blond

Birthplace:                            USA (San Diego)                                                                      USA (Brooklyn, NY)

Birthdate:           March 14, 1986 (Pisces, 31)                                                                      April 12, 1986 (Aries, 30)

Best Award:            (Nominated) Best Boobs                                                                      (Nominated) Best Ass

Best Tattoo:                  Wings on upper back                                                                       None

Career:                                        2012 (5 years)                                                                      2011-2016 (5 years)

Movies:                                                           174                                                                      116


Our first matchup for March Madness is between Brooklyn Chase and Nikki Delano, and it's a good thing we're talking porn and not basketball, because these two are both a little below the average, at 5'2" each. Still, Muggsy Bogues spent 14 years in the NBA at 5'3", so who are we to say they couldn't hack it? Brooklyn and Nikki, who come from opposite ends of the country, match up pretty well against each other: both weigh a scant 110, have brown haor (although Nikki's tends to go blonde from time to time) and both have similar figures - Nikki looks pleasingly ripe at 32C-23-34, while Brooklyn's got some sexy curves herself at 32DD-25-37. Brooklyn, who was born in San Diego, and Nikki, who hails from Brooklyn (sometimes life is like that) are pretty close in age, too - both were born in 1986 within a month of each other. Brooklyn, who has a couple of tattoos, looks a little tougher, but Nikki's a scrappy New York girl, so you can't count her out. Brooklyn has the edge so far in her filmography - they've both had five-year careers, Brooklyn has made just over 170 movies, where Nikki's taken it easy, with only 116 credits; who knows, though - maybe youth (Nikki's 28 days younger) might tell over experience. We wish them both the best, though! 

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