Lisa Ann: Superstar

By: P. Weasels

Few performers have enjoyed a career as long as Lisa Ann's, and fewer still have come to the attention of the general public to the same degree. This uberbusted brunette started out in porn in 1993, starred in forty or so titles in the next three years, and then suddenly retired, after an STD scare in the industry. For seven years, no more was heard of her (although plenty was seen, as she was working as a stripper), until she returned to porn with a few lesbian and non-sex titles - four in the early 2000s - and finally a return to boy-girl in 2007 Still, she would have been a footnote in porn, but her breakout role - and how many porn stars get a breakout role after fourteen years? - arrived when Hustler tapped her to portray Sara Palin in their 2008 parody "Who's Nailin' Paylin?", in which a pair of glasses and great timing catapulted her into the public eye. After that (and three sequels), it was a steady rise to superstardom, including a 2009 induction into the AVN Hall of Fame. Lisa Ann officially retired from porn again in 2014, although content keeps showing up on the new racks. Oh, and speaking of new racks, she got a breast reduction after her retirement.

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