Mia Khalifa: You Decide

By: P. Weasels

Controversy is always good for porn, and porn is good for controversy. Accidental and unauthorized" celebrity sex tapes sell like dirty hotcakes with tits, and porn stars with a gimmick are just as appealing. ميا خليفة‎‎, better known to you as Mia Khalifa, chose to use her heritage; born in Lebanon, she moved to the United States with her soon-to-be-disappointed parents in 2000. In 2014, at the age of 21, she embarked on a porn career that ended almost before it began - after a Score agent saw her working at a hamburger joint, she spent three months performing in seven movies and twice as many webscenes before retiring from hardcore, declaring her porn career to have been her rebellious phase.

Even so brief a stint in porn aroused passion in people who have opinions about religion and culture - as much as the porn world loved her for her big tits, cute face and willingness to break taboos (although not the anal one), the world of zealots hated her; she received death threats after performing a scene in a hijab, which made her the most-searched porn star on the internet for a brief but heady time. In an interview with The Washington Post, Khalifa said the controversial scene was satirical and should be taken as such, which just goes to show that famous people, even if they have a bachelor's degree in history, can still be willfully naive and mind-bogglingly dumb. She framed the scene as a statement about women's rights in the Middle East and, however facile and ingenuous it might have been, it increased her searches by five hundred percent, more than a quarter of which came from Lebanon itself.

The girl who became known as the Hijab Porn Star is out of hardcore; if you hate her and think she's a disgrace to her nation or love her and think she's a sexy advocate for free speech and human rights, you can still find her doing webcam work, or you can content yourself with her work to date.

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