Mobile FAQ - Streaming Porn on your iPad, iPod, iPhone & Android Devices

Introducing… a smarter mobile porn solution: streaming iTunes/mobile movies on your mobile device!

Our new mobile streaming means no files to store on your mobile device, no long downloads, no worries about someone finding your library or running out of storage space on your mobile device, and best of all, No Subscriptions! If you have one or one thousand iTunes/mobile movies, we store them all for you to access at any time from your mobile device or desktop.

We have over 15,000 iTunes/mobile movies available for streaming, and we add more each day. If you’ve purchased iTunes movies from us in the past, your entire iTunes library is now available to stream from your mobile device!

Ready to try it? To access our streaming iTunes/mobile movies, visit our regular URL on your mobile device – iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android powered devices are all supported – and you’ll be redirected automatically to our mobile site. Sign in like usual, or sign up if you’re a new customer.

Are you already an iTunes Downloads user? Now you have two ways to get movies on your mobile device: streaming files directly from ‘the cloud’ on your mobile device, or downloading iTunes-ready .mp4 files to your desktop and synching the downloads to your smartphone or mobile device.

To access your Streaming iTunes Library/mobile library on your mobile device:

1. Visit the website on your mobile device and click the Straight or Gay button to enter.
2. On the very next page you will find a link - My Mobile Library.
3. Click to enter and log in.
4. Once logged in you will see your library of mobile movies ready for you to start streaming. Just click Play!

Our streaming iTunes/mobile movies will work over a 3G connection, but we suggest you use a WiFi connection whenever possible for the best viewing experience.

Don’t have any iTunes-ready/mobilemovies in your library yet? To quickly see all the streaming iTunes/mobile movies available for purchase on your mobile device, just click the Mobile Video On Demand link.

Are you an Apple user? We’re helping you put porn on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch! To add an icon to your homescreen that acts just like an App, visit our site in the Safari Mobile browser and click the + button on the bottom of the screen to create a bookmark. Then click the Add to Home Screen button to create an icon on your home screen that acts just like an app, instantly opening the site! Now you never have to worry about Apple not allowing you to purchase adult Apps in the iTunes store!

But wait, there’s more: our new mobile site also offers all the products from our non-mobile site! You can still purchase all the great products you come to us for: toys, DVDs and other video formats are all available for purchase in our mobile store.

Have more questions? Browse our Help Pages or email Customer Service.