Special Moments: Real Sex, Real Love

By: P. Weasels

If you watch enough porn you start to get a feel for what's real and what's staged, and while most of the performers in the adult industry are in it because they love the fucking, sometimes the same old thing can get a little monotonous. So we look for things that are real - stars whose orgasms are so comprehensive that they couldn't be faked, amateurs whose love is clear and manifest, activities that no-one would engage in if they weren't really, really enjoying it. As St. Anselm of Canterbury said, anything that's real is inherently better than anything that's not, and although he was speaking theologically, porn is also a great place to prove the theory, so take a look at these five titles featuring real couples and real sex.
  • Xana and Dax - When Opposites Attract by Comstock Films

    Xana and Dax - When Opposites Attract

    Studio: Comstock Films

    She's blonde, blue-eyed, and buxom. He is dark and lean. She's an experienced woman who knows what she likes. He's young and eager to learn. What makes this unique real life couple tick? It's all about the connection. Kissing, undressing, oral sex, analingus, mish, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, cum-eating?that's how you'd describe Xana and Dax's scene if you were a porn-by-the-numbers reviewer. But there's so much more to their encounter than just a series of hot acts and positions. In seeing Xana and Dax making love, and hearing them talk about loving each other, you'll feel a heat and passion, a carnality and connection, that's rarely ever captured on film.

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  • The Tantric Guide to Better Sex by Sinclair Institute

    The Tantric Guide to Better Sex

    Studio: Sinclair Institute

    There's one educational title on this list, just in case you want to do some research on how to get deep into it yourself. The Sinclair Institute has been pumping out really useful instructional videos for a while now - most of them on subjects much less complex and spiritual than tantric sex - so they're definitely the place to go when it comes to exploring new ground. It may or may not pique your interest in getting tantric yourself, and if you really do want to get into sexually fueled spiritual enlightenment it'll take more than an hour of video, but this is a great place to start.

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  • Amy Fisher Caught On Tape by Red Light District

    Amy Fisher Caught On Tape

    Studio: Red Light District

    Amy Fisher, if you remember, was the Long Island Lolita, and she still has a thing for older men. Celebrity sex tapes can be kind of a crapshoot, but this one is a rarity - shot deliberately for porn viewers by a real couple, it's an odd choice for a list about tender lovemaking, but hear me out. Amy Fisher and her husband aren't the sexiest or most skilled porn stars ever, but they have a real relationship, and even the things they do that are staged are still kind of charming - like eager kids showing off. Amy is sexy and eager, and that goes a long way.

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  • Open Couples by Adam and Eve

    Open Couples

    Studio: Adam and Eve

    Sure, these people are all really hardcore porn stars, but here's the twist - its superstar women, Mia Malkova and Anikka Albrite are married to their costars, Danny Mountain and Mick Blue. This shocase for these award-winning porn stars is a window into the private lives of people who are in love but work in an industry where it's their job to have sex with other people. Check out this tender and loving but still deeply explicit exploration of what turns porn stars on about each other and how their sexually complex lives work, told from the points of view of both husbands and wives.

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  • Marie and Jack - a Hardcore Love Story by Comstock Films

    Marie and Jack - a Hardcore Love Story

    Studio: Comstock Films

    Marie and Jack is a glimpse inside the private sex-life of married adult stars Marie Silva (aka Aria) and Jack Bravo. Shot in revealing documentary style, the film offers an intimate look at Marie and Jack's physical and emotional relationship. As explicit as any XXX feature, the sex is raw, tender, beautifully shot and lovingly edited.

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